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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fiat Mammon

Fiat Mammon

Baron Bodissey 

The discussion about the source of the European Union’s power (or lack of it) is continuing in the comments section of yesterday’s post “Political Power Grows Out of the Central Bank”.
The commenter copywriter responded to disagree with me about the power of the central banks. His full comment is here. However, I still maintain that the source of power for Western Civilization Inc. remains the fiscal system that has been so painstakingly constructed for the last 103 years.

My response to him is below.
OK, you tell me where the power comes from in the European Union, then. If it doesn’t grow from the barrel of a gun, and it doesn’t grow from the Central Bank, where, then, does it come from?
It doesn’t come from the voters, that’s for certain. Because no matter who they vote for, they get more immigrants, which they most emphatically don’t want.
As for dissidents — yes, there is plenty of ferment. People are angry. But anyone — and I mean ANYONE — who becomes a prominent voice of dissent, who sticks his head up above the common ruck, who gets noticed, is squashed like a bug. People are being arrested, tried, convicted, and fined for expressing anti-immigrant sentiments. Geert Wilders is about to go on trial in the Netherlands.
And even without being arrested, people are being squashed. People lose their jobs for having “racist” political opinions. In the UK, Sweden, and Germany, their children can be taken away from them. The Powers That Be can ruin your life. I know quite a few people personally who have experienced this fate.
At bottom, the process of ruining people’s lives is mainly a financial one. You lose your career, you can’t afford your digs anymore, you can’t have a car. The life you have known is taken away from you.
It’s not the Central Bank that does all this, obviously. But the fiscal policies that allow all this to go on are set at the top, and trickle down to the peons. Control via money begins at the level of the Central Banks, which are the primary engine of the New World Order.
The fiscal managers at that level are the power behind the politicians. The policies they demand must be implemented by those politicians, or they will be removed and replaced by others.
One of those policies is that there must be no impeding mass Third World immigration into the West. Politicians are obliged to implement that policy at all costs, no matter what the people who vote for them want. If they don’t, they are removed and replaced with someone compliant.
Donald Trump is the little dog who pulled back the curtain to reveal a man standing there pulling all the levers. Now we’re at the stage where the booming voice is frantically shouting “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”
As for what comes next, I can’t say. All I know is that Donald Trump is opposed by the entire political establishment, both domestic and international. They’ve told Americans they’re not allowed to vote for him, but Americans — ornery, as always — appear to be planning to do so anyway.
The Bush family — the most recent scion of which was Satan Himself in the eyes of the Democrat Party — is out there stumping for Hillary now. Doesn’t that tell you something?
When the Bushes and the Clintons coalesce into a single oligarchic entity, you know we’re living in apocalyptic times.
No, I can’t agree with you. The things you describe are all theater, and do not affect the substance of power in the West, which is fiscal. Real power grows from the fiat money system. That’s the means by which control is exerted.

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