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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Caution Francis Speaks: Unity is Achieved With Heretics By Patiently Walking Together?

Caution Francis Speaks:  Unity is Achieved With Heretics By Patiently Walking Together?
Vatican Radio  

The False Prophet will soon arise on the scene and put the final nail in the coffin and "formally unite" all humanity.  In Vatican Ii NewChurch they are still seeking truth and unity wilst the Catholic Church teaches we already have it!  Unity is achieved when heretics renounce their errors and join the Church.  This is all a setup.  Here is the article.

"Pope" holds private encounter with Pentecostal pastors 

"Pope" Francis has met with a group of Italian Pentecostal pastors, telling them that unity is achieved by walking patiently together.
The seven Pentecostal pastors, led by the Pope’s friend Giovanni Traettino from the Evangelical Church of Reconciliation, had a private audience in the Casa Santa Marta on Thursday afternoon to continue the dialogue begun by the pontiff’s visit to their community in Caserta two years ago.
During the informal encounter Pastor Traettino thanked the Pope for his role “as a brother and an ally” in accelerating the dialogue between Catholics and Pentecostals.
Pope Francis replied that he “felt in his heart” the need to undertake steps towards reconciliation, citing the examples of his meeting with the Waldensian community or with the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill. Unity, he said, is achieved step by step, through a patient and continuous journey together. Full unity, he said, will be achieved after “the Son of Man returns” but in the meantime, he stressed, Christians must pray, repent of their sins and walk together. (The Catholic Church infallibly teaches that we do not walk together with heretics for they are outside the Body of Christ)




From the New Age:
"The disciple Jesus (False Prophet) of 2,000 years ago has by now become one of the most senior Masters in the Hierarchy: the Master Jesus. During most of the current time he has lived mainly in Palestine. Since 1984, however, he has lived in Rome. The intention is that he will try to raise the Christian churches out of their state of crystallization and rivalry and, if invited to do so, to lead a newly united church. By doing so he hopes to resolve the many contradictions and misunderstandings which have arisen during the course of the centuries about his historic role and the teachings which he then disseminated as a vehicle for Maitreya.