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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Caution Francis Speaks: "I dream of a new European humanism"

Caution Francis Speaks: "I dream of a new European humanism"
New Humanism= Masonry.  The next step of the NWO Plan is secular humanism and this will occur in Rome under the False Prophet Master Jesus.
Loose translation provided... 

SARAJEVO, September 16, 2016 / 1:00 AM ( ACI Release ) .-
A "new European humanism", which serve "memory, courage, healthy, human utopia": it hopes Pope Francis in a message sent to Cardinal Peter Erdo on the occasion of the today's Mercy works in Europe, organized by the Council of Episcopal conferences in Europe (of which the Cardinal Erdo is president), held September 15 to 18 in Sarajevo.
A meeting - said the Pope - "reminds all believers solicitude towards those in need: poor migrants, refugees, prisoners, unemployed, sick in body and in spirit".

It is with the works of mercy that "the Church, caring mother, strives to reach out with love to the wounds of humanity and then heal them with the balm of mercy European". The Pope invited the bishops to involve more and more "the realities charitable and welfare" in proclaiming the Gospel.
A commitment that has to fall on renewed Europe. Pope Francis dreams of "a new European humanism", a process of humanization during which "Europe, the cradle of the rights and civilization, is called not so much to defend the spaces, but to be a mother-generating processes, so fruitful, because it respects the life and gives life expectancies ".
Pope Francis invites to "identify new roads and paths for those who live in or come to Europe integration capabilities, dialogue and rebirth to become a single family of peoples".
The Pope's message was sent on the occasion of the Sarajevo on Works of Mercy in Europe promoted by the CCEE Commission Caritas in Veritate and the following Ecclesial Organizations Working in Europe: Caritas Europe, COMECE Commission for Justice and Peace Europe, FEAMC, ICMC, ICCPPC, FEBA, EZA and UNIAPAC. During the meeting, the organisms are called to tell how they live their mercy.
Said Monsignor Duarte de Cunha, secretary general of CCEE, that "in the Year of Mercy, and together with this network of Ecclesial Organizations Working in Europe, CCEE has wanted to take the invitation of Pope Francis to show how an authentically lived faith , is transformed into works and then becomes answer, in the most appropriate and effective way, the needs of all the people we meet every day. "
Da Cunha points out that "there is indeed a close link between faith and evangelizing mission of the Church and works of charity. These church bodies bear witness every day with their service to the needy. In fact, for Christians, it is not possible to think of charity (the active mercy), without faith: it would reduce the ecclesial institution in mere Ong, nor is it possible to think the faith without charity: it would reduce faith to a prospect disembodied. Faith instead needs of the works: this tells us of God's mercy ".

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