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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Agenda 21 Franken Markets

Agenda 21 Franken Markets


Resource analyst and futurist Chris Martenson says “bubbles are everywhere,” and it’s the fault of central banks.
Martenson explains, “Italian 10-year debt is trading with a lower yield than 10-year U.S. debt. That’s because the European Central Bank (ECB) has created a massive bubble in the bond market. . . .
We’ve got housing bubbles all over the globe in Australia, Canada, the United States, Hong Kong, London and you name it. This is simple because, and there is no mystery about it, the central banks have printed lots and lots of money, trillions and trillions, and people have gone out and bought things with all that money, and it has driven up the prices of things.

That’s what the Fed wanted to accomplish.
  1. The only problem is when the Fed does this they want to say:
  2. Hey look, record high stock prices.
  3. Hey look, record high bond prices,
  4. As if this is a win for everybody and it’s not. There’s a lot of losers in that story.”
Martenson adds, “When you add up the losers in this story, it’s extraordinary:
I can point to the trillions of dollars of losses to savers, pensions, endowments and life insurance companies. You pick it, and I can show you trillions of losses in these categories. By the way, that’s about 99% of the people out there. . . . They have created this extraordinary pool of losers.
  1. Grandma got thrown under the bus.
  2. Fixed income people were thrown under the bus.
  3. Anybody who is trying to live on a middle income or even upper income salary was thrown under the bus.
Let’s be really clear, the Fed did not do this to create jobs, they did this to pick some winners. Who are the winners? They are the big banks, the speculators and the people who own the financial assets the Fed and other central banks bid up that are already super wealthy.


Ben Bernanke

The Fed and Janet Yellen are out there trying to pretend they have no clue how the super wealthy got wealthier.”

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