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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Against the New World Order But Not Vatican II?

Against the New World Order But Not Vatican II?
By: Eric Gajewski

I try to keep things simple here at TradCatKnight.  I know these times are filled with confusion and thus we all must highly sympathetic to some degree for those who cannot quite grasp this apostasy.  However, one of the more absurd arguments coming from those in the Conciliar Church, that is, those, still clinging to the Second Vatican Council, is this notion of fighting against the New World Order wilst still following the Council.  It is a grave delusion to think that what has transpired at the Council and since the Council in no ways is interrelated with the New World Order talked about “in the world”.  St. Anthony the Great warned of Vatican II wherein churchmen would finally succumb and join hands with the world.  Thus, how do the Conciliarist miss this building of the new City of Man under the guise of freedom and human dignity?  How do they miss that the Vatican II Popes when speaking on the New World Order in no way indicate that it is based upon the Social Kingship of Christ?  It is another one of those “lets sweep it under the rug” situation.  Or even worse, the Concilairist will cling to “he is not talking about THAT New World Order". Pure delusion.

In 1965, Pope Paul 6th made it quite clear that the Second Vatican Council was representative of the cult of man.  We, should know as Catholics that we do not belong to this cult (Masonry/Novus Ordo) but rather to the cult of God or Catholicism.  We should also know that it is not possible to reconcile the Revolution and Catholicism and yet this is exactly what Pope Benedict stated.  A Revolutionary Catholic?  This is unheard of and not possible and yet the majority still carry on in false obedience.  The overall plan of these Jews was to use FreeMasonry as a front to water down Catholic doctrine and/or simply implant new doctrines wherein men might follow this direction till ultimately they land under the False Prophet who will formally unify all religions.  The approved mystics who warned about Vatican II from Jesus and Mary themselves also agree with me, therefore, I stand on solid ground.  Two of the most notable were Blessed Anna Emmerick and Marie Julie Jahenny.  Our Lord and Lady several times warned of the Novus Ordo Missae and yet we still have those in the pseudo traditionalist camps saying it is licit and can be attended!  You must avoid these websites, apologists and priests.  

Consider also the reality that the Social Justice program of Vatican II is identical to the Social Justice “Messiah” coming Maitreya.  I had been warning this past year or so to pay attention to the new language the Vatican would use in efforts to prep (brainwash) people for the False Prophet and Maitreya and sure enough Francis and his cohorts have been using it.  This world is “sharing” it is the used car salesman word for Socialism.  The Council itself taught Masonic principles and has numerous heresies and since then this man centered religion (Novus Ordo) continues to clamor about “human dignity” at nearly every corner.  Peace the world gives you or peace Christ gives you?  In order to retain true peace at this point we must rely upon Our Lady’s word at Fatima and not at all to the Vatican.  

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Please stop saying you are anti-NWO but pro-Vatican II it makes you look quite silly and incompetent.  I realize that the critical thinking skills of most are not up to speed these days however it truly doesn’t take a lot of time to begin to put the pieces together of this “apostasy puzzle” IF you are willing to spend a little time to study and investigate.  But who wants to do that when I can just re-vomit what my local bishop says?  These people simply don’t want to have think.  God forbid!  Even the Vatican had to pull some strings after the Novus Ordo Missae came out and people started to catch on.  Now we call it the Mass of Paul 6th.  The New Mass remains illicit and schismatic.  It is frightening to even have to say this but I am sure that there will be a good number of these Concilairists who eventually take the mark of the beast thinking that “this can’t possibly be the world’s version of the NWO”.  It will sadly happen and they will sadly lose their souls.  In the end, I find myself running more and more into these types of people and at the same time I find myself running out of ways to try and talk sense to them.  Let us keep in prayer and be true Counter Revolutionaries by rejecting Vatican II wholesale including the New Mass. Ave Maria!

To the Novus Ordites still trying to defend Vatican II/New Mass

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