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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, September 23, 2016

A Faith That Keeps Us Safe!

A Faith That Keeps Us Safe!
By: Eric Gajewski
Luke 7:50 And he said to the woman: Thy faith hath made thee safe, go in peace.

I am sure we have all sat in the house of the Pharisee, who, after, we have finally found Our Lord, continues to accuse even after the sin is forgiven.  We all have critics and those who knowest not the inner workings of our heart and thus it is with great Faith we enter into "enemy territory" and proclaim this Faith before Christ.   Assuredly the sinful woman knew the house which She was entering was hostile territory BUT she did not care.  She left self love at the door and entered to demonstrate this Faith and Love to the only One who truly Judges.  Have you checked your self-love at the door today?  Or do you remain outside of hostile environment because you are afraid to wash the Feet of our King?  We know the gossip to come once we enter into the house but if we stay focused on Christ alone can we even hear the Pharisees around us speak?  Yea, let us all pray for a Faith that makes us safe even in the house of our accusers.

Do you come with gifts?  It is one thing to enter into this house and it is another to come bearing gifts.  Are we low enough in spirit to stay at His feet in contrition?  Are we that empty of self to use our own hair to wipe our own tears on His Feet?  Or do we just give Jesus lip service?  The woman truly entered into this house without any regard for her accusers and thus, we too, enter into the Confessional, with locked eyes onto our Beloved.  We all have accusers and yet we come with the gift of our whole self.  We come often with tears.  We come knowing our accusers stand all around us and yet we are safe.  We are safe because we have a Faith that moves not only Mountains it moves the entire earth.  We coming knowing of our sinful nature but likewise we know we are meeting with His Divine forgiving nature.

We enter often restless but we leave in peace.  Due to sin man becomes restless because our hearts are not at rest until they remain in Thee.  Thus why it is every Catholics goal to not only remain in a state of grace but to grow that Seed within.  We do not have faith in the world nor in men, especially the Pharisees who surround us.  We do not have faith in systems nor in technologies but we have Faith alone on Christ.  Jesus, is often surrounded by those who want to be around Him for “show” but very few truly Love Him enough to make a fool out of themselves before other men.  The Pharisees are close to Him in nature (in this example) but they are FAR AWAY from His Heart.  They offered Him nothing…no ointment nor tears, therefore, let us keep this in mind as we enter God’s own House.  Let us be reminded, that, we may be close to Him physically at Holy Mass but this does not mean we have brought that box of ointment nor our tears and ultimately our hearts.  His Heart is always present but what about yours?

So ask yourself today which are you?  The Pharisee or the woman.  Do you want to be around Jesus because you see a lot of others who want to as well?  Or does your heart remain with Him wherever He goes whether it is the Pharisee’s House, the Garden, the Pillar and even the Cross?  Do you have great Faith which in turn produces a great love?  Or do you have only Faith enough to stand at the door of the Pharisee and hear Him talk from the distance.  There is a difference and that difference is to be discovered in your ability to deny that self.  If you love yourself too much you will care too much about what the accusers are saying of you.  But if you love Jesus you will only see the lips of Christ move and hear His Voice alone even in the noisiest of all rooms!  Tune out the distractions and turn away from the naysayers.  You have great Faith therefore you are safe, Amen