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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, May 19, 2016

TradCatKnight Mail....

TradCatKnight Mail....

Here is some of the latest coming thru my inbox.... 

Mike King Interview:
Great interview. His research filled in many gaps in my knowledge about the events of WW1/2. I really hope your listeners grasp this information and take it to heart that we have all been duped by these Zionists, at least at some point in our lives.
There are 2 key links I believe that have been suppressed.
Communism is Jewish
Unless we get rid of contraception we will never get rid of abortion.
Then there is the question that the media won't even ask, Why hasn't ISIS attacked Israel? You and I know the answer, the jews created and are operating ISIS the Israeli Secret Service.
Salve Maria, Chris G.

Regarding your poll on attendance at a real Mass, missing one selection - 
Never.  No opportunity and it hurts.



Just finished Synagogue Rising and the world needs more of Hugh Akins and Eric Gajewskis.  God Bless you both.   Patricia F.

What church/mass should I be attending in Phoenix, AZ if I want the Latin mass? Sean M.
TCK : I am unaware of any independents or Resistance in  the area....

  Dear Eric,
       I wish to ask you for advice if you don't mind?
       Initially I was resistive of your to what you  were saying on
the Norvus ordo church. I honestly felt the whole  disturbance in the
church was the Latin mass.
   Since then I realize after listening to your programs and what I see
that the Church is in dire straits. So if you could kindly give me some
information on resistance groups in Australia  I would be most grate full.
   I thank you in advance.

   Kind Regards.
Grant F

TCK: See my private email I sent you...

Hi Eric,
I was wondering what your thoughts are on this concerning baptism.
“I baptize thee in the name of Our Lady, in the name of the Son, God Jesus 
Christ, and the name of the Holy Ghost, who was is and ever shall be.”

Thank you
Lorna T

TCK : This is some loony toons sedevacantist heretical website. Avoid it.

Dear Eric,

I'm fairly new to your work, and to practicing the Catholic faith. I was raised by non-practicing Catholics and went to Catholic schools. A) The faith wasn't instilled in me at home. B) Catholic education as a whole today is poor. C) I was completely immersed in our culture through movies, video games, tv shows, music videos, etc. So I was naturally lost to the faith at a very young age. I still remember the day I was first taught evolution theory as a child, was the day I was convinced the Bible was a conspiracy, because the Bible said God created man and woman, whereas my teacher taught me at a Catholic school the evidence was irrefutable, man evolved from an ape like species.

Not only this, I was taught Einstein's theory of relativity, I was taught sexual education from the age of 12, and I was even told by a teacher at 12 years old, that masturbation is healthy. He said it to our entire class during sex ed.

I feel robbed of my youth, and robbed by our Church in many ways. I feel like I've been asleep my whole life till finally coming to the actual truths of our faith, and seeing exactly what makes it superior to every other religion and culture known to man.

That's my background briefly...

Now to my questions:

I've read the Vatican II Council was officially a Pastor Council, not a Dogmatic Council. On those grounds, I'm not confident rejecting the whole Church as a result is legitimate. I know it's been used dogmatically ever sine, but again, officially speaking, Catholic truth is still Catholic truth. Her dogmas have not changed.

On these grounds, wouldn't people like yourself be better engaging in the Church and participating in mass etc, to 'be the change' and 'set the example' to fallen modernist Catholics?

Aren't we giving up if we don't stay and fight for our Church, in our Church?

If we all stopped going and our Churches and schools closed down, wouldn't that be counterproductive?

Didn't Christ specifically state, He has built His church on the rock of Peter, and the gates of hell would not prevail against it? Doesn't this mean, although our Church is fallen in its practices today, she is still Christ's church for her faithful? Her Sacraments are still valid (for those Catholics genuinely living the faith)?

I'm asking for myself too. I've lived an ignorant and sinful life, and have so many changes to make. I've failed in all my responsibilities, as a Catholic, man, countrymen. Satan got his hooks into me at a young age, predominantly alcohol and adult heterosexual pornography. But these vices have destroyed my development as a man, and I've had parents who always enabled me being a lazy failure.

I knew the world was fallen, and I'd been studying it for years. But when I finally found the truths of our faith, that was the first time I truly knew how fallen our culture and world is, and how fallen I am.

It's a devastating realisation to come too, because I've always been a sensitive person, when it comes to conscience. I've always wanted to be a good person and do right. I just got lost in all the brainwashing and social engineering, and without the truths of our faith and the grace of God, I didn't have the defences I needed to defend against it.

If the Church is truly so fallen that we can't even set foot in her doors, what does someone newly awaken and deeply damaged like myself do to grow, mature and heal?

Thanks so much for your time, and your work Eric. I love how you study the truth from all angles, and you're aren't like everyone else I know of, blinded by any one camp. By that I mean, you appreciate the truths Alex Jones gives, as well as the truths E. Michael Voris has shared, etc. You see the Judas' in the Catholic Church. You see the threat of Jewish elites, and islam, Masonry, etc. You look at it all, as I do. And I love that! The difference is, you are clearly mature in your faith, and have much more experience and history studying these matters.

God Bless,


1) No one has rejected the whole Church, one must reject the heretical teachings of wayward churchmen. 
2) Where the Catholic Faith is not a Catholic cannot be in terms of communing with Modernists this is a grave error of the pseudo traditionalist camps.  However, I, of course do teach and be an example to those modernists outside of what I have mentioned. The Conciliar Church buildings are largely about to transition into Apostate buildings under false prophet.  So no I think your wrong but you dont know the next step so it is not your fault.  
3) For healing: Keep the Faith attend only where the Faith is until the Modernists convert, keep praying rosary and wear the scapular, study alot, pray even more and never lose Faith.

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