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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Descent: Cult of God, Cult of Revolt/Man, Cult of New Age/Antichrist

The Descent: Cult of God, Cult of Revolt/Man, Cult of New Age/Antichrist
By: Eric Gajewski
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In a day where so many are deceived I have decided to write a little upon the topic of “the descent”.  What is this Descent?  And do we live in those times the early Apostles and Fathers warned us of in which so few would be keeping the Faith?  The Descent is moving away from what God intended with His Church (true Faith) and moving step by step away from His Sacred Heart until ultimately landing in the lap of the Antichrist (whom the world shall call Savior).  I shall be talking in more general terms, for, as you know, there have always been those, who have broken from the true bonds of Faith and have left the Church.  If you can imagine a staircase picture there being three stairs.  The top stair is Catholicism or the cult of God.  The next step down is the cult of revolt/man (Protestantism/Liberalism/Masonry), For simplicity sake I have combined all of these three rather than break down each altogether.  Lastly we have the final step at the bottom which is represented by the cult of New Age/Antichrist.

First, let us consider the top stair Catholicism.  Objectively speaking you cannot save your soul unless otherwise on this step.  This is God’s Will, that is, that all would be joined to Him in the fullness of Truth.  He has created only One Church and this true Church worships and adores the true God.  We must remain in this Faith that Christ has passed down through His apostles if we are to save our souls.  We must remain in this Faith even if it causes us to leave those mainstream buildings behind which are labeled Catholic and yet they are filled with the New Religion (heresy, compromise, impiety, etc).  Over time men filled with self decided to raise up against this true Faith and Church and begin to teach various heresies and thus started their own “church”.  Be assured, true Catholic, that, in your rejection of the New Religion of Vatican II, you have not “left the Church” as the theologically inept suggest (clergy and laity alike).  Is it Tradition ask no more says St. John Chrysostom.  Vatican II is not Tradition but the pastoral start of something “new” altogether which the legal authorities of the buildings at times admit.

Next, let us consider the cult of revolt/man.  You do not want to be in this category.  The notion one can please God without having the proper norm of Faith has been infallibly condemned by Holy Mother Church. Protestants refuse just authority and thus like the devils themselves are booted out of God’s grace.  Where the true Faith is there also is the Church (objectively speaking). When we revolt against Tradition we revolt against God himself.  Thus, churchmen, Popes included are susceptible. The Protestant revolt happened many centuries ago but in more recent times the infiltrated Catholic Church, filled with her enemies, have now managed to get across their Plan.  Thus at Vatican II they truly created the pastoral beginning’s of New Church or the “Counter-Church”.  If you think I am overstating I supply a direct quote to show how those following Vatican II are not following the cult of God.  But we call upon those who term themselves modern  humanists, and who have renounced the transcendent value of the highest realities, to give the council credit at least for one quality and to recognize our own new type of humanism: we, too, in fact, we more than any others, honour mankind; We have the cult of man. - Address of Paul VI, Council’s Last General Meeting, December 7, 1965, Italian Translation  http://www.traditioninaction.org/HotTopics/P004-ChurchMan1.htm

It truly has been a slippery slope from Truth into a world of lies and now the Modernists who have ransacked our buildings pass off their new religion under the guise of Catholicism.  This is why so many are confused.  What I am summarizing the Popes before Vatican II talked at length about and forewarned. The great revolt the Apostle spoke of has occurred and know it is only a matter of time before the False Prophet and Antichrist arrive.  Man had self has been placed on a throne which is exactly what the devil wants.  Civil rights turning from the Church and God and now being given to man throughout the world. Catholic monarchies subverted and the jew-masonic democratic republics installed.  It is just a matter of time before the Antichrist arrives to “save mankind” from all of its problems.  Problems which would have never occurred if men would have held onto Catholic truth!  But God loves us too much to take away our free will.  Protestants have an erroneous perception of the falling away because they themselves are already fallen away.  The falling away of great apostasy refers to the Faith that Christ left behind, the Catholic Faith, not this vague “faith in Christ” complex that all of these heretics promote. More specifically we can say we are in apostasy since the second Vatican council but really the great apostasy is when the dogma of faith will be lost in Rome under the False Prophet.  The Modernists of Vatican II are agents of antichrist, the promoters of this new religion, which Archbishop Lefebvre so rightly pointed out.  They are merely setting up the world religiously for the final stake soon to come.  Just wait till Antipope Francis “resigns” soon then let the fun begin.

Lastly, and soon to come we have the final step to the devils program the cult of the New Age.  With now doctrines fully progressed all of humanity can now be falsely united under the Fraud of all frauds.  Rather than help humanity, we know, via Scripture and Tradition, he will only further enslave humanity.  Maitreya is, in the very least, a new age false Christ, who will have full support of the U.N and Israel.  It remains to be seen of he is the one however there is far too much to suggest he is rather than he is not but time will tell.  We need not be overly concerned with it.  In this New Age Religion they will abolish the teaching of original sin, they will remove Christmas off the Calendar and promote Easter year round.  They will get rid of the Sacraments and install a 4 step self-realization/initiation program of which a phony seal of baptism will be given to those followers.  I have warned we are going from diabolical deception into straight “Twilight Zone” land and the signs point toward this process speeding up.  The New Age freaks await Planet X too.  This star sign will be revealed to the mases via mainstream media sometime in the last week of December (Im not suggesting this December but wouldn’t rule it out yet).  It will come when all chaos will be happening upon the earth on every level and in every sector.  Mankind will seemingly be forced into this acceptance but not if the Eagles have anything to say about it.  Yes, this sign of the Son of man will strike fear into the hearts of men but it will also be a sign that eagles are about to emerge. 

Let us make a key distinction which sedevacantists get wrong.  Vatican II NewChurch is heretical and we can say in a silent schism due to its pastoral nature BUT the apostate Church has yet to arrive.  The False Prophet has not arrived onto the scene and formally united all humanity together as one.  Blessed Emmerick makes that KEY DISTINCTION between the new heterodox church of Rome and the APOSTATE CHURCH OF DARKNESS.  This is something the sedevacantists love to leave it out because it kills their position (using this text). So then where is the true Church?  Let us not be mistaken that the VII Popes should have been deposed for being modernists but this has not transpired because the majority are fallen into modernism (cardinals, bishops and priests alike).  The ones who are somewhat aware do very little and the others who may fully know are too cowardly to speak up.  But nevertheless, I digress, back to my original point.  Look for the true Pope Benedict XVI to flee Rome (Vicar of Christ driven away from Rome taught in TRADITION) with some conservative cardinals.  The true Church’s headquarters will end in Fatima, Portugal.  This is not by coincidence given the gravity of the message of Fatima.  “The DOGMA OF FAITH will be preserved in Portugal”- Fatima  Benedict’s XVI successor will be doing the consecration of Russia because BXVI will die in his fleeing Rome.  Cardinals surviving these calamities all over will have to setup a conclave to elect a new true Pope.  This “descent” from truth to a world of lies will be remedied by the Immaculate and Sacred Hearts which will once again be re-established in the world.  Truth will then be re-established in the world and the true gospel of Christ will replace the Vatican II Modernists gospel of man.  We will walk back up the steps (if you will) “as a whole” and virtually every nation will be properly evangelized with nearly all nations converting back to the true Faith.  Yes we have a lot of work ahead of us eagles. Who is ready to join me?