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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, May 9, 2016

Proverbs 17:11 The Evil Man and Quarreling

Proverbs 17:11 The Evil Man and Quarreling
By: Eric Gajewski

Proverbs 17:11 An evil man always seeketh quarrels: but a cruel angel shall be sent against him.

Have you ever met individuals who all they want to do is argue and quarrel?  Indeed, in this Church crisis there are many opinions out there thus many debates arise but what about the individual who willfully seeks them out?  What about the man who constantly engages in quarrels? I admit very early on in this apostolate I used to spend a decent amount of time in debate but then I began to reflect more upon the Imitation of Christ and this Scripture verse.  The man dispositioned to fighting, arguing and quarreling does not bid the Lord’s work thus we must rather utilize this wasted time in prayer (silence and solitude).

Have you ever seen those who, after one minute of talking, want to set up some formal debate on whatever topic maybe discussed?  Can you say self and ego much?  It is quite sad to see so many getting caught up in this way of life but ever sadder to see that these individuals actually think they are making a positive impact for the Church.  Nay, it does not even have to be about the Church crisis.  Rather, it could be about what side dish to eat for dinner tonight or where to go to for some away time.  Those who feel the need to always get there way indeed are full of themselves.  The man who seeketh quarrels is not at peace within himself.  Yes he may know Church doctrine well but he assuredly does not know the Sacred Heart of Christ well.

I once dated a girl long before my conversion who always had to “be right” and dictate what would be done.  How gullible was I at that point to think this was normal in a relationship and indicative of all females. Or is it LOL?!  The puffed up walk about seeking and looking to argue to always prove themselves right.  I can only imagine what Our Lord had to endure with the Pharisees.  The point of this short piece is to call to mind how we all offend God by thinking we know it all and how we all need to check our own consciences to see if this is how we appear to others.  Yes, I am very opinionated and I will not waiver in my opinions on certain subject however there is no need to hunt down others like wild animals in attempt to try and prove the whole world wrong.  You see this type of disposition with certain sedevacantists like the Dimond Brothers.  These individuals are simply not right within.  

Scripture says a cruel angel will be sent against this type of person.  Please don’t be that person.  In the attempt to always appear right these souls are inwardly wrong.  If you have a tendency to “lash out” at others over the most unimportant things…..you have a problem!  Keep in mind at the end of the day the Saints were not infallible thus neither are you and I.  The lonely world of self is cruel and the quarreling which is raised to the surface first comes from within.  The evil man seekest quarreling wilst the man at peace is always content and does not need to appear right to the whole world.  A wise man once said, "Check Yo self before you wreck Yo self"