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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, May 20, 2016

Ecclesiasticus 5: Be Converted NOW

 Ecclesiasticus 5: Be Converted NOW
By: Eric Gajewski
 Ecc 5:8-9 Delay not to be converted to the Lord, and defer it not from day to day. For his wrath shall come on a sudden, and in the time of vengeance he will destroy thee.   

The modern world is full of men of “the now”.  We need our food in an instant. We need to gratify our senses quickly via pornography, drugs and alcohol. We need our entertainment quickly and apparently our salvation comes last (and only if we have time).  I believe if people really analyzed their "prayer to distraction" time they would find how terribly lax they are and yet without prayer we go nowhere interiorly.  Scripture, is quite clear, that, we are, not owed tomorrow but we are certainly not even owed the rest of the day.  Defer it (conversion and ultimately salvation) not says the Word because His Wrath often comes suddenly.

People carry on in this modern world as if God is “not going to do anything” when clearly one should see just how bad the times are.  Ecc 5:4  Say not: I have sinned, and what harm hath befallen me? for the most High is a patient rewarder.  In a certain sense these people are being punished by God allowing them to stay in their way.  Their end will be hell (without repenting) but since they have carnal eyes in this life their inner eyes are closed to this reality.  This is a great punishment already from God. The Word also says in these times people would mock any sort of talk of the coming of the Son of man because they are so prideful.  What is the reality of or times?  Modern man does not want to be converted they want to be comforted in their erroring ways and yet the man of sin never truly has inner peace.  We have hope that through the Rosary sinners can change their ways while they have time now but soon that time will be taken away.

How easily any one of else can fall back into a life of sin and return to our former ways and therefore we must continue to pray for one another.  Still further, how many are storing up possession’s for this period of chastisements ahead thinking that possessions will spare them any suffering?  This is delusional because Scripture says this.  Ecc 5:1 Set not thy heart upon unjust possessions, and say not: I have enough to live on: for it shall be of no service in the time of vengeance and darkness.  Ecc 5:10  Be not anxious for goods unjustly gotten: for they shall not profit thee in the day of calamity and revenge.  Possessions nor locale will save sinners from the Wrath coming on this side of lifes coin.

Modernist’s double- tongue.  The modernists occupying our buildings often speak of the false peace of our day and yet they are at war with God (objectively speaking).  Ecc 5:17  For confusion and repentance is upon a thief, and an evil mark of disgrace upon the double tongued, but to the whisperer hatred, and enmity, and reproach.  So many being deceived and/or are compromising and thus Our Lady weeps.  Our Lady at Akita warned us of these compromisers who would try to make deals and be recognized by those openly destroying the Church and thus it will be by the Hand of God which ultimately will ruin the day of the compromisers.  No compromise means, no recognition by modernists, no trying to fit in with the enemies of our Lord who have been building a “new church” which soon will give way to the Apostate Church.

The latest attack is that Jesus was a transgender...
Lastly, There is mockery of the holy in virtually every area of life most recently the family and marriage. If, in the times, when Catholicism most flourished, the majority, still went to hell (common/pious opinion of esteemed theologians/churchmen), it ought cause us to reflect and understand why our Lady is in so much sorrow these days. Souls falling into hell LIKE SNOWFLAKES in 1917!!!!! How much worse is it now? Souls falling into hell like a daily blinding snowstorm these days.
How many making it even into Purgatory these days? 1 out of every 100,000?
People simply don’t care anywhere. The lax and lukewarm are spit out. People who think they can pray 5 minutes a day and persevere unto the end only fool themselves.  One mortal sin will keep a soul from even Purgatory. Those who bounce from distraction to distraction in this world have virtually NO CHANCE outside a miracle of grace to save their souls. Pray to persevere unto the end and keep from the worldly.  Charity has not only grown cold in the world as Scripture says but the world now skates on that thin ice (that man has made ) above the chastisements to come.