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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Canadian Congregation of Nuns Funding, Promoting LGBT Activism

Canadian Congregation of Nuns Funding, Promoting LGBT Activism

The following report was submitted to the Lepanto Institute by a concerned Catholic in Canada, Christian Loew.  Upon reviewing Christian Loew’s research, it became immediately obvious that the Congregation of Notre Dame in Montreal, Quebec, Canada is acting directly in contradiction with Catholic moral teaching and the faithful need to be made aware of the situation.

 CND 15
The Congregation of Notre Dame was founded in 1653 by a French saint named Marguerite Bourgeoys.  The would-be-Saint  hoped to help build the colony of Ville-Marie (now Montreal). She dreamed of educating the women and children of New France and after many hardships she founded the Congregation of Notre Dame (CND) to do just that. In present day, the CND now boasts approximately 150 members and a storied history of more than 300 years of commendable service to the Church.
Unfortunately, in recent years, CND has dramatically deviated from its work of faithful service to the Church.  A careful examination of its website, twitter feeds, and the public statements of its sisters reveals that CND is not only promoting homosexuality, but funding pro-homosexual organizations.
According to CND’s webpage listing its various collaborations, CND works with an organization called LOVE – Leave Out Violence.

CND 03

In fact, CND isn’t just a collaborator with LOVE, it’s a GOLD-level sponsor, providing between $10,000-$24,000 to this organization.

CND 04

The problem is that while LOVE is an anti-bullying organization, much of its activity is in promotion of the cause of homosexuality.  For instance, in 2015 LOVE produced a pro-homosexual propaganda film titled, “That’s So Gay.”


On Twitter, LOVE has made multiple statements in support of transgenderism and homosexuality, such as the following:

CND 09 CND 08 CND 06

On facebook, LOVE celebrated the notorious United States Supreme Court Decision to force states to accept same-sex, so-called “marriage.”

CND 11 CND 10

There are many more examples of LOVE’s consistent and constant promotion of the homosexual agenda, making clear to all faithful Catholics that the Congregation of Notre Dame cannot morally finance this organization.  But it is, and with large amounts of money.
This is just the tip of CND’s work to promote the homosexual agenda, however.  At the conclusion of last year’s Synod on the Family, CND’s published a prayer for “LGBT ‘families”, authored by the heretical group Call to Action.   Earlier that same year, just two days after the US Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex “marriage,” CND posted the following on Twitter:

CND 12

The article linked to by CND was from the Jesuit Post titled #LoveHurts.  The article clearly celebrated the same-sex “marriage” ruling, saying:
For those who support it, yesterday’s ruling is against injustice and for equality. It is not, by any stretch of the imagination, against religion and for immorality. And there’s a danger if religious voices continue to react as if advocacy for same-sex marriage is in itself a form of religious persecution. It simply is not.
Sr. Susan Kidd, a CND nun and campus minister for the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI), posted the same article on her facebook page.  Just the day prior, Sr. Susan celebrated the same-sex “marriage” ruling with the following facebook post:

CND 13

Sr. Susan Kidd’s advocacy of homosexuality isn’t limited to just facebook, however.  In October of 2014, the National Catholic Reporter (One of the most heretical “Catholic” publications in print) published an article detailing her interactions with the UPEI’s Rainbow Alliance.  According to the article, titled, “Sister only shows love and acceptance,” one of the co-chairs of the campus Rainbow Alliance was somewhat reticent about having any contact with Sr. Susan Kidd because of her affiliation with the Catholic Church.  The article says:
“She was really eager to help us,” Cottrell said. “You can tell that she truly believes that everyone is God’s child and deserves love and acceptance, regardless of who they are.”
Unfortunately, Kidd says, when it comes to sex and sexuality, the church doesn’t always show this same love and acceptance. Instead, it defaults to debate – the stance that anyone disagreeing with the church is categorically wrong and must be brought around.
When asked about her involvement with the LGBT community in her work as well as her Congregation’s support of the pro-LGBT organization LOVE – Leave Out Violence, Sr. Susan Kidd (@SisterSueCND) responded:​
Your questions are very relevant, especially with the pastoral tone Pope Francis is encouraging all of us to embrace.    My ministry here at UPEI is so diverse in its scope, I take great comfort in the Holy Father’s leadership in these delicate areas of relationships and love
After citing several other examples and asking some further questions, Sister Susan has since declined to respond.
That CND is involved in the promotion of homosexuality is indisputable.  Whether this is a matter of poor formation or willful disobedience to the magisterial teachings of the Church is something the local bishop will need to investigate.
Contact Archbishop Christian Lépine and ask him to investigate the Congregation of Notre Dame.