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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

7 Excuses of the Enemy To Keep A Soul In Sin

7 Excuses of the Enemy To Keep A Soul In Sin
By: Eric Gajewski

Every day an individual steps onto the battlefield for Christ.  Every day a soul must keep his heart on course, that is, staying in a state of grace, so that he can have the hopes of sharing in eternal salvation through Christ.  The task is not easy for the devil has many tricks up his sleeves to try and convince the faithful that they are on the wrong path.  Light becomes dark and truth becomes lies in his kingdom of self.  No question the enemy of souls has a plan for you daily to try and trip you up therefore we must stand on guard at the door of hearts with our Rosary ready to do battle.  Here are 7 Excuses of the enemy to try and keep a soul in a state of sin (either already in mortal sin or otherwise).

Everybody else is “doing it”.  Take a look around do you not see that the majority are committing these types of sins.  Look at the smiles on their faces does it look like God has abandoned them?  If they can get away with it so can you.  Such are the disgusting tempts of the devil.  Truth is not a democracy nor does the sinner have true peace within.  Their smiles are fraudulent and remain on the surface (even the devil can grin).

You can always confess this Sunday.  Have fun this week you are stressed out you need some “relaxation”.  Just do it this once and you can always come back to God.  The priest will be waiting for you this Sunday.  Committing the same sins over and over is not a sign of weakness it shows you are simply human.  Such are the attacks of the devil upon an individual seeking to break free from self.

It is really not all that bad.  Seriously, one sin is not going to send you to hell.  God is not really that offended.  Look at friends and neighbors they don’t seem to mind.  Eating one apple will not kill you if God gets mad he shouldn’t have allowed you to be tempted.  Such are the suggestions of a ravenous fallen angel full of self.  Learn to combat these suggestions with the Rosary, fasting and Scripture.

You deserve it.  Your spouse does not give you attention nor does God.  You work so hard and no one appreciates you.  You are not paid enough just take little you are only borrowing. You need sex like you need water.  Nobody can remain pure for long periods of time.  Such are the wiles of the enemy who tries to puff your chest out in pride.  Stay in humility by reciting the Litany of Humility.

Live your life and repent on your deathbed.  You can have a whole lot of fun in this life and still have heaven.  Live in the now forget about God and morality there is o much to enjoy in the world.  You are going to regret not ever “living life to the fullest”.  Do not listen to the doom and gloomers.  God made this world enjoy everything in it.  Such are the lunacies that come out of the mouth of the fallen. You are not guaranteed tonight let alone tomorrow. How many souls are in hell for cashing in this check from the salesman of hell.

You will never become a Saint. Why bother you and I both know you will keep falling into this sin often.  Do not fight your passions.  Few ever get to heaven so why attempt.  The narrow road is to hard for you.  You are too weak.  God’s grace will never help you.  Such is the way of the devil to get you to fall into despair or even become stagnant in your spiritual life.

Oh! Did God really say that was wrong?  It is not wrong it is simply your misinterpretation.  If it were wrong why then do all of these people doing it seem so successful? Truth is relative it is different for everyone.  God didn’t say it was wrong he simply said another way is better.  Such are the misguiding whispers which come from heart locked in error forever.  You know the Path O’ Pilgrim but how so few are able to DAILY resist all these suggestions and plow forward in grace.  Christ awaits you in the very top of the Fortress of the Soul.