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Saturday, April 9, 2016

U.N. Troops Are Corrupt Sex Trafficking Pedophiles

U.N. Troops Are Corrupt Sex Trafficking Pedophiles

The watchdog group known as Transparency International recently examined the militaries of 30 nations that provide troops for the UN’s peacekeeping force. They found that the militaries that provide the most troops, are also among the most corrupt. The organization ranked their corruption levels on an A through F scale.

Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Egypt, Morocco and Togo all scored an F. Bangladesh, India, and Ethiopia, which all together contribute a quarter of the UN’s peacekeeping force, all scored D and E grades. The only country that scored above a D was Italy. The watchdog group suggested that poor training and substandard anti-corruption policies were largely to blame.

The report was made public just as new allegations of sexual abuse from peacekeepers emerged. 100 girls from the Central African Republic accused peacekeepers of prostitution, forced sex, and forced bestiality. These reports have been described as “just the tip of the iceberg.” As far back as January there have been reports of peacekeepers paying 13 year old girls as little as 50 cents for sex in the Central African Republic.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon expressed shock over these allegations, as he does every time they surface. However, Ban Ki-Moon shouldn’t be surprised at all about the corruption and sexual predilections of his peacekeepers. As an AIDs activist with Code Blue recently put it “Why in the world would Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon respond to these latest allegations with ‘shock’? It doesn’t shock any of us who’s been following these stories for the past ten years.”

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