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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fr. Kramer: Feeneyite Heretics Deny Catechumen Martyrs

 Fr. Kramer: Feeneyite Heretics Deny Catechumen Martyrs
Feeneyites= FAIL 
Sermon Included...

Ex Martyrologio: (According to the Feeneyites, the doctrine professed by the Church in this passage of the sacred liturgy is heretical!):
Brácari, in Lusitánia, sancti Victóris Mártyris, qui, adhuc catechúmenus, cum noluísset idólum adoráre, et Christum Iesum magna constántia conféssus fuísset, ídeo, post multa torménta, cápite abscísso, méruit próprio sánguine baptizári.

At Braga, in Portugal, [about the year 300, under Diocletian,] the holy martyr Victor. He was only as yet preparing for baptism, when he refused to worship an idol, and with great faithfulness confessed Christ JESUS, for the which cause he was put to many torments and beheaded, and so obtained baptism in his own blood.
Now, which is heretical -- the Church that universally professes this doctrine of Baptism of Blood in its liturgy and catechism, or the Feeneyites who deny this doctrine which the Church has professed explicitly since the middle of the Third Century?

Baptism of Blood and Desire (Traditional Catholic Sermon)