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Monday, February 15, 2016

The “Old” SSPX Exposes the Conciliar Revolution Now Occurring in the “New” SSPX

The “Old” SSPX Exposes the Conciliar Revolution Now Occurring in the “New” SSPX

Catholic Candle 

In an article section entitled “Catholic Resistance”, the “old” SSPX explained the devil’s strategy when making liberal changes in the Church’s human element, using a small group of “liberal enthusiasts” who “control almost all the structures in the Church”. This SSPX article states:

A second group, by far the largest, making up perhaps 80% to 90% of the faithful, tends to be apathetic. It never wanted the changes; it had little interest in the changes; but it will do nothing to oppose them. This is not something that should shock or surprise us; it is a normal fact of the behavior of any social group or organization. … This general attitude of practical indifference is the greatest asset of any group fomenting a revolution. Revolutionaries do not need active support, simply minimal resistance, and when they can impose their revolution from above, as has happened since the Council, then a successful revolution is virtually guaranteed.
Quoted from the March 1985 Angelus Magazine article entitled: “The Church Since Vatican II—Conclusion”
Is there anyone so blind as not to see how Menzingen is using the same strategy which the devil used in the conciliar revolution which began in the 1960s? As in the conciliar revolution, so in the present SSPX revolution, viz., 80% to 90% of the priests and faithful don’t want the changes but will do nothing to oppose them when they are imposed from above. The devil uses this strategy for the SSPX’s revolution because it worked so well in the conciliar church.