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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Shock Value: ISIS makes 4-year-old execute prisoners

Shock Value: ISIS makes 4-year-old execute prisoners
The latest propaganda (articles and videos) on "ISIS" (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service). 
The war on terror farce continues...
A 4-year-old British boy dubbed “Junior Jihadi” has once again been used in a revolting ISIS propaganda video — this time showing him detonating explosives in a car with three captives strapped inside.

Isa Dare — who was taken to Syria by his mom, Grace “Khadija” Dare — is seen with a young man who addressed the UK with a scarf covering his face.
“You will never fight us except behind fortified fortresses or behind walls,” he said, the Independent of the UK reported.

He then mentions spies sent to Syria and the killing of “our brothers” in the West.
“So today, we’re going to kill your spies the same way they helped you kill our brothers,” he said. “So prepare your army and gather your nations, for we too are preparing our army.”
The three doomed captives, wearing the familiar orange jumpsuits, first offer their “confessions” before being cuffed inside the vehicle.
Little Isa, clad in combat fatigues, makes an “OK” sign, presses a detonator to blow up the car and yells “Allahu akbar!” — “God is great.”
British Prime Minister David Cameron’s spokeswoman said officials were studying the vile video — insisting it was proof that ISIS is losing ground in Syria and Iraq.

“As we’ve said before, releasing such propaganda is an example of a terrorist group feeling under pressure,” she said.
The exploitative video is believed to have been shot in Raqqa, ISIS’ de facto capital in Syria.
Last month, Isa was seen gesturing toward what appeared to be the same car in another execution video.
Henry Dare, Isa’s grandfather, has accused ISIS of using the youngster as a “pawn” in its twisted propaganda.
The boy’s mom was raised as a Christian but converted to Islam before leaving her home in Lewisham in 2012 with baby Isa. She married Swedish jihadist Abu Bakr, who is believed to have since been killed.

ISIS threatens London with ‘doomsday’ attack so terrible it will ‘turn children’s hair white’

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) says it will focus its European terrorist operations on London, threatening to launch an attack on the British capital so terrible it will “turn children’s hair white.”
The extremist group published an article in its Arabic language newspaper al-Naba, saying a “doomsday” attack would take place on British soil. It claimed the UK would receive the “lion’s share” of its European terrorist attacks.
The stark warning comes in response to the government’s decision to extend its aerial bombing campaign against IS from Iraq into Syria, the article says. It also accuses Britain of issuing a “declaration of war against Muslims.”

Slain British jihadist Mohammed Emwazi, previously known by the moniker “Jihadi John” before his identity was revealed, is also mentioned in the article, which says his vow to wreak havoc in the UK will live on.
It also promises to carry out follow-up attacks to the Paris massacre in November which left 130 dead and more than 300 injured, saying Emwazi’s pledge did not end “with the blood of the soldiers of the caliphate who sent it to France in their own special way.”
The article finally references a verse of the Koran which discusses judgment day, saying the attack on Britain will be so horrific it “will turn children’s hair to white.
Yazidi ex-slave girls subjected to traumatic ‘virginity tests’ to prove ISIS abuse
It comes a week after a video of the nine Paris attackers was released by the terrorist group, in which threats are made to Britain.The video featured Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who is believed to have traveled to London before the Paris attacks.
In the video he says: “By Allah, we will come to you. Rather, we are already in your lands. We will slaughter you inside your homes.” The comments suggest there are already IS cells operating in the UK.
Security services are believed to be monitoring around 50 “high risk” extremists in the UK, whose phones are being tapped and who have travel restrictions placed upon them.
It is thought that around 800 Brits have traveled to Syria to join IS, with roughly half returning to the UK.
There are concerns jihadists are exploiting the refugee crisis to slip into the EU undetected by using fake papers, with the intention of carrying out attacks on British soil.
The Metropolitan Police responded to the threats, saying the “severe” terror threat level has not changed since the warning.
“We want the public to be alert, not alarmed. The current threat level across the UK from international terrorism remains at severe, meaning an attack is highly likely.
“UK police and security and intelligence services are working tirelessly to confront this terrorist threat and keep the public safe.”

Proof ISIS Is Collaborating With USA — ISIS Commander Was Aboard U.S. Navy Boats Captured By Iran

TMR Editor’s Note:
The outright duplicity and treasonous conduct by the U.S. Military throughout the Syrian War is grounds for establishing a “Special War Crimes Tribunal”.

Many senior members of the Obama Administration, from the POTUS to the VPOTUS, as well as various Secretaries and Czars are directly involved in this ongoing deception in the Northern Levant.
Apparently the USA is unaware that Russia has access to the most powerful and advanced surveillance technology on the planet.  While the NSA spies on the world by using the existing telecommunications and internet infrastructure, the Kremlin utilizes technologies that are way beyond the Anglo-American state of the art techniques. 
As a matter of fact, the only reason why the Russian military was able to enter the Syrian theater of war and turn the tables so quickly on the U.S.-led coalition of ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, U.K., France, etc. is because they knew they had a definite edge.  There have been numerous instances where the Russia-Iran bloc has foiled the ISIS-US-UK coalition in carrying out a number to treacherous schemes.
Putin Goes Ballistic In Syria, Obliterates The USA’s Secret ‘Mideast Strategy’
At the end of the day, Russia and Iran will undoubtedly prevail in the Middle East.  This outcome is assured because of the volumes of evidence that Russia has amassed regarding the war crimes perpetrated by the U.S.-ISIS coalition.  The Obama Administration knows exactly what can be revealed at any time via the growing Russian media powerhouse.
The Millennium Report 


LEAKED REPORT: Iran Says Top ISIS Commander Was Aboard Captured U.S. Navy Boats


Iran Says Top ISIS Leader Was Aboard Captured US Navy Boats
A leaked Ministry of Defense report reveals that the Obama administration is “completely destroyed” after their top-secret mission in transporting a top ISIS leader was uncovered and thwarted by Iran.

Following the Iranian capture of two U.S. Navy Riverine Command Boats last week, intelligence officials in Tehran discovered a plot to transport a “top level” ISIS commander into Syria from Saudi Arabia in order to replace the toppled terrorist leader Zahran Alloush.
Once this Islamic State terror leader was in route to Kuwait aboard one of the US Navy’s RCB’s, this report continues, an “overwhelming” force of Iranian Sepāh naval troops captured both this terrorist, the US Navy boats (including the American sailors aboard them) transporting him and nearly ignited an all out war when Iranian forces were forced to fire “warning missiles” against the US Navy’s aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman attempting to intervene.
Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy overseeing this operation, this report notes, stated about this operation to capture this terror leader that the aircraft carrier USS Truman displayed “unprofessional moves” thus causing him to put Iranian naval forces on high alert and warning: “We prepared our coast-to-sea missiles, missile-launching speedboats and our numerous capabilities, to strike if they made a hostile move”.
Upon the US Navy “backing down”, this report says, the captured Islamic State terror leader and the American sailors accompanying him were brought to Farsi Island whereupon Admiral Fadavi immediately contacted Deputy Foreign Minister for European and American Affairs Majid Takht Ravanchi.
The importance of Admiral Fadavi contacting Minister Ravanchi, this report explains, was due to his, Ravanchi’s, months long ongoing secret negotiations with Obama regime representative Wendy Sherman—who, shockingly, the Obama regime put in charge of these negotiations as her prior experience in international diplomacy was her being a social worker and the former director of State of Maryland’s office of child welfare.
Once Wendy Sherman was advised by Minister Ravanchi of Sepāh’s capture of this Islamic State terror leader and American sailors, this report continues, the Obama regime immediately “caved/relented” to all of Iran’s demands relating to “prisoner/detainee” swaps thus securing for the Iranians everything they had asked for, including the immediate release of seven Iranian nationals languishing in US jails and an agreement that the US would no longer pursue extradition of 14 Iranians for their alleged involvement in purchasing arms from the US to Iran.
Iran on its side, this report says, agreed to release the four dual nationality Iranian-American prisoners it held—the two most important being Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) spies Nosratollah Khosravi  Matt Trevithick—the most important of them being Khosravi whom the Obama regime requested of Iran, and was granted, that his release be treated separately from the other three.
As an added “bonus/incentive” for Iran keeping “confidential/secret” the US Navy’s transporting of this Islamic State terror leader, this report further notes, President Barack Obama, also, lifted the American’s decades-old ban on selling aircraft and repair parts to Iran’s aviation on Friday (15 January) a full day ahead of the United Nations lifting of sanctions under the  Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)—and which Iran put into immediate effect by ordering billions-of-dollars worth of European Union made Airbus aircraft instead of US made ones.
To how the American mainstream propaganda media has covered up this entire sordid affair including changing its date from 29 December to 12 January proving, once again, the Obama regime’s direct complicity in directing the Islamic State terrorists in Syrian and Iraq, this report concludes, borders on the “absolute comical” as the many versions of what exactly they keep saying  happened has kept changing by the hour/day/week  (US Navy boats broke down/US Navy boats had navigational errors) and they have “deliberately decoupled” the capture of these US Navy boats with the firing upon the USS Harry Truman aircraft carrier by Iranian naval forces—but which Admiral Fadavi bluntly stated:  “The incident [Iran firing missiles against the USS Harry Truman] occurred during Iran’s seizure Tuesday [29 December] of two US naval boats.

LEAKED REPORT: Iran Says Top ISIS Commander Was Aboard Captured U.S. Navy Boats | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary

ISIS Playbook – Look Like Western Christians

There s an old saying: ‘If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck’. ISIS has embraced the principle behind this saying and encourages its followers and supporters to employ a wide variety of ‘disguise and pretense’ tactics in order to facilitate terrorism through infiltration.
‘If it looks like a Westerner, behaves like a Westerner, and talks like a Westerner, then it probably is a Westerner’. That s the version that ISIS seems to prefer, in the hope that ISIS terrorists can be mistaken for harmless and law abiding Westerners while spying and setting the stage for their next terrorist attacks.
Samuel Smith for the Christian Post reported that a detailed Islamic State “secret agent” training manual had been distributed on the Internet. It was designed to provide prospective ISIS supporters in Western nations with ways to disguise themselves and their motives when trying to plan and carrying out “lone wolf” attacks and espionage missions. The 71-page eBook made a number of recommendations on how best to do this. Proposals made to underground extremists in the West include the following: FULL REPORT


Former Sex Slaves Pick Up Weapons To Crush ISIS.

A band of Yazidi women who escaped sex slavery under ISIS is now preparing to launch a major assault on the terror group as revenge for the slaughter of their friends and families.
The “Force of the Sun Ladies” is comprised of 123 Yazidi women between the ages of 17 and 37. After the siege on Mount Sinjar in August 2014, ISIS militants captured many of the women and sold into sexual slavery, Fox News reports.
There are 500 more Yadizi women just waiting for training before they can join the burgeoning force, which already engages ISIS on the daily.
Motivation to take on ISIS is high, as militants have targeted Yazidis for genocide. In total, ISIS captured 2,000 women at Mount Sinjar. The only reason militants didn’t capture more is because many of the women threw themselves and their children off the mountaintop, preferring death to a life under ISIS’ fist.
Due to airstrikes, ISIS was not able to fully finish its siege of the mountain, but it managed to butcher a good portion of the men as well as conscript the young boys into their ranks.
In the aftermath, Yazidi women who escaped from ISIS’ clutches approached Kurdish Peshmerga forces and persuaded leadership to assign them to an all-female Yazidi unit. Peshmerga forces agreed, according to Capt. Khatoon Khider, the female Yazidi who originally approached the Kurds with the request.
“Our elite force is a model for other women in the region,” Khider told Fox News. “We want to thank all the other countries who help us in this difficult time, we want everyone to take up weapons and know how to protect themselves from the evil.”
The unit has fought ISIS since at least Nov. 13 and is now preparing for an incredibly arduous task: the recapture of Mosul, which is the second largest city in Iraq and home to major ISIS operations. ISIS has held the city since June 2014.
Iraq is already deploying thousands of troops, who are just waiting for the final word to begin the assault on Mosul. The general strategy is to cut off supply routes to the city, as ISIS does not have the capability to deliver support via the air. But the main operation is not likely to take place before the end of 2016.
Back in December, Iraq’s Finance Minister Hoshiyar Zebari told Reuters that the recapture of Mosul would spell an end to ISIS’ work in Iraq. He also added that support from the Kurds is absolutely necessary for the operation’s success.
“Peshmerga is a major force; you cannot do Mosul without Peshmerga,” Zebari told Reuters. SOURCE