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Friday, February 19, 2016

Laugh or Cry? A sinners guide to a sense of humor

     Laugh or Cry?   
By: Eric Gajewski
A sinners guide to a sense of humor 
“Bear the cross and do not make the cross bear you.” St. Neri

As I am getting older I no longer fear those things I once did.  One such case was the fear of being alone.  However, the “distancing” from this fear cannot be attributed to time itself. As if by growing a few extra grey hairs on my beard I am now all of a sudden able to break free completely from the world who holds these fears.  What is mad to men is considered highly by God.  Madness to me is not as the majority would define it as.  Is it crazy to truly devote one’s entire self to the service of God without getting overly wrapped up in everyone else’s business? Yea, the ancient proverb lied, “As one gets older one does not necessarily gets wiser and yet I find the wise are those who are able to keep balance between the laughs and the cries.  To keep the smiles in tune with all the day's sighs.  Love is not a rollercoaster my good friends it is a hearts steady drive.  When we conform our will to His what does anything else matter? Hence, I return to my original premise on the fear of being alone.

Over the course of my work I have met a good number of women who were actively destroying their soul inwardly (sexual impurity) all to keep from “being alone”.  They felt they "needed" company but in what they got only robbed them of what every heart is truly designed for. Sadly, the majority do not think of God first.  But we must dig deeper.  On the surface man says “he does not have” or “is alone” which is attributed to self and yet we fail to recognize God therefore we neglect God. The self must "always have" yet His Heart is always ready to give. Which do we conform to in our daily actions?  Yea, it is true I once feared this alone which I now call silence and solitude. This was because I was dressed all alone “in the me”.  Now, seeing the Church and world as it may be I can only be found with a smile on my face fleeing for that which I once feared.  Ultimately, in purification man does not want to come to the reality of himself as he stands before God in truth.  Yet where will men flee unto if he is not found in truth, that is, grace, whether he be alive or separated from the body?

I do not know whether to laugh or cry in all the various sufferings given as gift.  For example, the constant pummeling of all the New Religion propaganda in the media is truly painful to endure. Laugh or Cry?  I honestly do not know whether to laugh or cry at some of the responses given by those following the Vatican II New Religion. I am at a loss for words at times.  However, as I mentioned in my last commentary we ought not find solace in “being right” but rather flee into the silence and solitude so that we might be right with God.  What does it matter who approves of you or who does not? There is no electoral vote at your General Judgement last time I checked! Thus why do men fear being alone? And must my opinion conform with the supposed norm? 

Having gone down deep into the Well with the Blessed Virgin Mary only to arrive back at the surface I can safely say this.  Men fear being alone in the end because they are afraid of what they will see within and the absence of Who ought be filling that space. Man, these days, are playing pretend in ever area of life but it is only in "this dark" in which man can truly find himself.  And so why write about such a topic you may ask?  It is because God is sending a Great Test ahead and man will be thrown into the this deep dark Well.  Can anyone argue churchmen and the laity do not need it?  This is all but God's holy design for man to get reacquainted with the Light which is within.  Yea, truly man must understand (in the chastisements coming) how frightening it is without God whilst still living on the surface (in the flesh).  

Life is full of this cycle of laughs and cries.  Welcome to the human race my friends. The Path to Perfection is paved in pain and yet it is a pain which can become sweet over time. We take life too seriously often because we fail to take His life seriously.  We spend to much time rehearsing in our passions rather than mediate upon His Passion at all.  We spend too much time focused on self. Thus, be sure to drive on the flat road of His Will rather than on the rollercoaster of your passions and emotions.  Be sure to keep thy heart steady focused on the prize.  For truly there is no loss too great with Him and truly nothing great to gain without ever living for Him.  As often as I would entangle myself with men is as often as I would come back less a man.  Therefore, take time out and get away.  Indeed you have two long lost siblings, brother silence and sister solitude.  Yes, in this life we are assuredly going to laugh and also going to cry but what is not guaranteed is the reality of your willingness unto self to die.  Let thine heart repeat it over and over, “emotions often storming and raging within are that gap between His Will and mine.” 

What prevents you from having perfect peace (which is given by Jesus Christ)?  Write that down today and ask if what is written uponst this piece of paper can bring you this peace within? So many need spiritual heart transplants but so few are willing to call the Doctor.  Do not fear the silence and solitude necessary for your soul’s progress.  He does live and yet we refuse to live for Him? He died and I live and yet I stay stuck in the muck of selfs sin. It is madness my friends!  Wisdom sayeth, "An overweight man who steps on the scale does not escape the years he ate even as the man who stands “in self” before God cannot flee the empty now called his eternity.."  Can you laugh without? Or do you cry with all things?  There is a big difference in those two scenarios which the former is not possible without the help of Gods grace.  We knowest not His ways therefore upon the completion of reading this writing do not delay to take full advantage of the day.  I assure you even in this grave mess; even in this great Church crisis it is still okay to crack a smile and have a sense of humor.  It is still okay to cry once in a while but nevermore must we forget our two close friends, silence and solitude.  For, in the end, it is true, we all have had, one of "those days" but the dead have no opportunity to even appreciate the day. Be cheerful be thankful in all things. 

"Cheerfulness strengthens the heart and makes us persevere in a good life. Therefore the servant of God ought always to be in good spirits." St. Neri

Will you join me my friends in this great journey called “restoration”? We will need a little sense of humor in the process