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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Fr. Kramer: Bergoglio, A Fake Argentinian Wine

Fr. Kramer: Bergoglio, A Fake Argentinian Wine
Facebook 2/13/16

Observing the Jewish sabbath with the authentic product of Argentina: the wine of Argentina is genuine -- the pope from Argentina is not.
Bergoglio is like the fake wine made from vegetables by a crooked innkeeper in the Santarém region of Portugal. He was proud of his counterfeit product -- so proud, that when he saw the renowned poet, Antonio Varela walking by, he invited the poet into his pub to sample his "wine", and to write a little rhyme about it.

Varela sat at the bar and received his glass of "wine". He noticed the bits of solid vegetable by-product floating on the surface. After sampling the product, he quickly penned these lines:
É um néctar tão precioso que até se bebe com colher,
Não é o vinho nem é água pé, mas é uma merda qualquer.
That bit about drinking it with a spoon is a reference to the unsightly vegetable solids floating on the surface of the "wine".
The innkeeper did not heed the cautionary epigram of Belloc, who once warned an opinionated adversary: "Be careful of what you say, lest I make you immortal with an epigram."
Neither has Bergoglio heeded that cautionary verse -- and it is not just mere epigrams, but entire volumes that are being written (and have been written already) that immortalize him in a most pejorative manner and shine on him the most dubious spotlight.