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Friday, February 19, 2016

Former Navy SEAL Has Warning For America

Former Navy SEAL Has Warning For America: 'It's Only Going To Get Worse' And Shares This On Syria: 'Everyone's Being Drawn There Because They Believe It's The End Of Time'

By Stefan Stanford

Note: Not an endorsement

We have reported several times on ANP that we believe there may not be a presidential election in America in 2016 nor a new president sworn into office in January 2017 and unless it becomes very clear to the globalists that they will get 'their man' (or more likely 'woman' in 2016) voted into the White House in November, the election of 2012 may have been the last US presidential election this country will see.

With the headline news now splattered all across the Drudge Report and throughout the mainstream media that ISIS has obtained nuclear material in Iraq and may be preparing to unleash a dirty bomb, we strongly feel that we are closing in on 'an event' or 'series of events' that will change America forever and finalize the 'corporate-police state-dictatorship' that we have been slowly at first, but now rapidly, moving towards the past many years.


'Watchmen' across America have been warning us that when all else fails, TPTB take us to war and with the financial world now in complete shambles and little to zero chance that it will get much better before it gets much worse, the globalists need a final 'shock and awe-inducing' event(s) in America that will crush the American people like no other and allow them to complete their evil, totalitarian plan for our nation and the world.
The fact that CIA head John Brennan also recently announced that ISIS will strike the US, a warning 'coincidentally' given just prior to the announcement that ISIS had stolen nuclear materials, tells us that we could also be watching a massive false-flag attack upon America unfolding. When we add to all of this the facts that our border patrol and law enforcement are being handcuffed by the Obama administration while the same administration is fast-tracking potential terrorists into America w/o doing 'due dilligence' research into the 'refugees' backgrounds, we begin to see the whole story we'll never get from the mainstream media.: America is being set up for the slaughter.


Why would the Obama administration be continuing to allow potential terrorists into the country, completely unvetted, at a time when ISIS has said they want to see America in flames and while the same terrorists have now obtained the nuclear material to do it? In the 3rd video below we hear that ISIS is also now developing a 'plague bioweapon' and that what we're learning now about the terrorist group's capabilities to create their own weapons of mass destruction is 'only the tip of the iceberg' according to former US Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill. Can we believe what O'Neill says or is he 'disinformation' as recently warned by a well-trusted ANP source?
O'Neill also tells us that the US government under the Obama administration is doing absolutely nothing about this and he offers us this grim assessment for America: "It's only going to get worse." He also tells us that these 'people', who want to kill us over religion, are being permitted to do anything that they want to do, including setting up terrorist training schools for young children and creating weapons of mass destruction while we do nothing to stop them.


What's the answer? O'Neill says we need to take the fight to ISIS and specifically mentions Raqqa, Syria, that is now seen as a 'divine' city to the caliphate: "Everyone's being drawn there because they believe it's the end of time" O'Neill tells us. He says that the only way to defeat ISIS is to 'find the threat and hunt them down' and also warns of 'martyrs' self-infecting themselves with such diseases as the bubonic plague and crossing over the borders being a very real threat that humanity faces. He also reminds us that many Muslims are victims of these same terrorists.

Is the fact that Mr. Obama is simply allowing ISIS to do whatever they want, including building weapons of mass destruction while we do nothing about it, more proof of the 'globalists' depopulation agenda? Do the globalists who have been working to destroy our country to bring in their 'new world order', leaving Americans without jobs, homes, money and food, think they can simply get away with this evil agenda and the American people will do nothing at all about watching our country being systematically and intentionally destroyed before our very eyes?

America is very fortunate...we have elections...and while many of us believe that our votes don't count and that the globalists will continue to do whatever they please no matter what the American people want, there are clearly signs that may be about to change and the globalists are running scared. When left and right and the entire establishment think they're about to lose control, they'll likely 'allow something to happen here in America' that will make sure that they don't. They've worked long and hard to create their 'new world order', they certainly won't allow something as silly as 'an election' they can't control get in their way.

As O'Neill warns us, unless things suddenly change, he can't see things in America getting any better, especially considering that those who are in the positions of power to do something about our collective problems have no intentions of doing anything at all about them.

In the first video below we hear directly from the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper who tells us that ISIS is determined to strike America in 2016 and warns that there are now more terrorists and terrorists 'safe havens' than at any other time in history. In the 2nd video below we learn more about ISIS' search for nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction while the 3rd video features US Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill's warnings to Americans.

Top Intelligence Official Says ISIS Determined To Strike U.S.