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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, February 6, 2016

America Will Fall...But How Will It Rise?

America Will Fall...But How Will It Rise?
By: Eric Gajewski
Due to Masonism, Protestantism and Zionism America Will Fall
The Statue of "liberty" very much represents the evil sect of FreeMasonry. Our Lady of Fatima ought replace it!

Unquestionably, America is about to break down on every level.  Economically, there will be a collapse which shall drive men either closer to God or further away.  Based off of the economic collapse and other factors America will soon give way to riots and revolution.  It is a frightening prospect for those whose souls are not ready for the great test ahead. Brother will turn on brother neighbor against neighbor in bloody acts of violence. It shall be truly horrific. Politically, it would not surprise me to see martial law implemented around election time thus keeping “Obama” around.  However, it does not matter who is office the Jews control whoever they plant in office.  Morally? Do we really need to even cover this? The greatest mercy will be when Planet X shall pass and it will cause the evil governments of the world to go underground. America, as a part of the chastisements, in general, is destined to fall BUT how will it arise?

If Americans will lay aside the pride and return to the Blessed Virgin Mary and thus the Catholic Faith America can truly rebuild.  If it keeps with the Masonism, Protestantism and Zionism it will keep this country under God’s Justice.  We are close to Revolution and men competing for power. Will Libertarianism and the motto “return to 1776” save America?  No, the only one who can truly protect America, at this point,  from being completely wiped off the face of the earth is the Blessed Virgin Mary.  America has gone far past the point of return and thus Revolution and Libertarianism or the Tea Party movement cannot save America.  There are two choices coming ahead; the New Age Socialist Republic or Catholic Monarchy.  The eagles are gathering and awaiting off in the trees looking down upon America awaiting for that day hearts will convert.

Error cannot be “blessed” and how often Americans equate success and being “blessed” by the amount of “things” collected.  This is false freedom.  The problems that face America are brewing inside each and every American. The problem is sin.  When a nation turns to Masonism, Protestantism and Zionism it cannot be blessed by God but only be under His Hand of Justice.  Thus God hands us over to the puppets we have all over the world from the Vatican to the White House.  America is owned by the Jews.  The same Jews who killed Christ are it again trying to implement their New World Order with a new messiah to boot. O' how so many are deceived thinking the Zionist State of Israel is blessed by God! If men had only stayed with the proper interpretation of Scripture as passed down from the Catholic apostles we would not have this issue.  The Catholic Church is Israel  http://tradcatknight.blogspot.com/2016/01/the-catholic-church-is-israel.html

All three of these groups actively work against the Catholic Faith and thus they are enemies of Christ Himself.  How can America stand being so saturated in these errors? How can a nation which kills its own children and elderly stand before a Just God?  How do the sodomites expect to be spared of the soon passing by of the Planet X  and its debris which shall bury them in fiery ash.  The whole world will look upon Gods Justice and be horrified as they ought.  Sin is horrifying to God and thus in like fashion men are about to be horrified for they shall see how horrified God is with us!

After the fall, how will America arise?  Will she rise in humility taking the hand of the Blessed Virgin Mary and begin to rebuild the right way? Or will she continue to keep her back turned unto truth and be content with the wasteland she will have become? Who will lead America in this new period to come? Will it be the self or will Americans truly turn unto God and return with whole hearts untied upon His Sacred Heart? Protestantism is rebellion, Masonism is deception and Zionism is just outright madness.  Those following such are bound to fall thus the majority of America is about to be obliterated and for good reason. Harken to hearth an eagle speak!  The time draweth nigh America repent or be chastised!  We can't start a new until the old first passes away therefore turn thy heart unto the Immaculate Heart and thus we can rebuild in this coming new day…