"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

CATHOLICS: "Radical Truthist’s"

CATHOLICS: "Radical Truthist’s"
By:  Eric Gajewski

Let us face it we live in an insane age where lies and novelties have become “solidified” as the norm.  Men in general and even churchmen no longer wanted the truth therefore God handed us over to leaders, who, being filled with themselves, taught, false maxims of the modern world.  The truth was not good for them.   

No longer do men have to convert to the Catholic Faith according to the heretical Conciliarist’s.  No longer can you point out the reality that the Jews are faithless.  No longer can we be divided over doctrine.  What a mad world we live in.  Isn’t it any wonder we are on the verge of the great tribulation.  The every day person is still going through the motions.  Anything that would run contrary to the mainstream news is now considered fake news.  Anyone pointing out the heresies of the Pope is labeled an “attacker”.  It is because of such utter disdain for the truth that God will have to act.  Over the past few weeks I have run into a few more people saying how radical I am even for a traditionalist and folks this is a good thing.

Be prepared to “stick out” even more in the days ahead.  You think you stick out now just wait till after the economic collapse.  Right now, people still live somewhat comfortably here in the USA.  When the economic and societal collapse arrive, you will stick out even more.  God is going to test you in every way possible and to the victor is the eternal reward and to those who bow down to self love…well…hell is the home for these souls.  Label’s are often given to that which cannot be defended against.  To spew out ad hominem attacks is easy but to hold to the truth in our dire hour is an act of true love.  Yes, true traditionalist, you are a radical “truthist”.  You are able to critically think for yourself.  You are willing to be called "this or that" for the glory and honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  You will not back down nor will you loosen your belt-buckle when the pressure arises.

Truth is not a democracy. Have you ever been to a party and seen how the majority were stumbling around all drunk.  Have you had your friends walk up to you and say “why aren’t you drinking?"  "Have a little fun and join the rest of us!"  Well we all know how that following morning is going to go for those folks and it is no different when we apply it to Religion.  How are the Conciliarist’s going to act when they wake up from the drunken stupor (if they ever do at all)?  You know some casualties will occur do to drunk driving  thus some might not ever have the opportunity to get back into a proper state of mind.   Many will literally lose their minds at a certain point as they finally realize and accept they have been lied to.

Forget about diabolical disorientation at this point.  This is mostly about self-love.  People loving themselves to much so they avoid wanting to be labeled a this or that.  They don’t want to be the odd balls at the party sitting in the corner watching every trip and vomit all over each other.  Hey, but were not the “cool ones” right.  Do not let the supposed societal norms affect your spiritual life.  Way back in undergrad my brother and I used to attend some parties ever now and again and we typically left early.  Just wasn’t our scene and so must it be for you too.  Get out of the Novus party and remain sober in this hour where nearly all those who call themselves Catholics have literally lost any sense of reality at all.  You are a radical “truthist” and for you truth is far more important than the party.

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