"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Nullity of the “Papacy” of Francis

The Nullity of the “Papacy” of Francis 
Chris Conlee

No one likes to hear biographical information at the beginning of an article; but I have lived an interesting life which might give credence to what I’m about to write. I was a Senior Trial Prosecutor, a Counterintelligence Special Agent with the FBI (and it’s a crime for me to lie about that, so you can be sure I’m not making this up), I worked for the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office as a Criminal Appellate Attorney, and back in the day I was a Firefighter/EMT. I am friend’s with one of the best friend of the late Fr. Malachi Martin. My spiritual advisor is a Priest fluent in five languages.

I know an exorcist Priest who helped me working on one of the biggest satanic cult cases in the history of New Mexico. I was wrapping-up a report, and literally had things thrown at me off my desk; lights turned on-and-off etc. I’m not a demonologist, but this stuff is as real as day. I’m not very afraid of many things, but literally two prior investigators involved in this case have been killed; and I always carry my Springfield XDs .45 with me at all times—I have five kids and can’t afford to be killed. You can Boolean search me on the web; I’ve been in the Law Enforcement/lawyering/Investigative business a long time, and I don’t make things up. I’m free to share them since I’ve been out of the FBI for over five years.

Which brings me to my point. I believe this current Pope is an antipope. For him to be playing around with sound doctrine, and loosey-goosey with the homosexualist agenda is so bizarre that it begs the question: is this the Vicar of Christ? He allegedly denies Hell—a report which I believe to be true, because the atheist who reported it is a longtime friend, and has reported other things from past discussions with Francis, which the Vatican didn’t deny, but this time the Vatican used subterfuge to skirt around the “Pope’s” denial of Hell. I know they say it’s “alleged” and his words were “misconstrued.” Uh uh—that is spin-doctoring 101. This is a very intelligent reporter who is great friends of the pope, who has met with him before and accurately reported what the pope said.

To deny Hell (Gehenna, which Christ mentions 54 times in the New Testament) is heresy. There have been many antipopes in the history of the Church—at least 22. Francis is more than likely one—maybe the worst; he mixes sound doctrine with subtle heresy. I have to hand it to this Jesuit: he’s clever.

He also plays fast-and-loose with the doctrine of marriage in a footnote in Laudato Si.

I mentioned my backstory to show that I’m not afraid of anything; but I think prelates are defending this false-pope because their jobs are on the line. I don’t know where this will end. St. Malachy spoke of the number of Popes until the end. Peter the Roman is the last Pope. He accurately predicted Benedict XVI—“The Glory of the Olives.”

I have five children, and one grandchild. I baptized him—he is like my son since the father is out of the picture; so obviously I want humanity to continue on, and I want
him to grow and flourish in life. I don’t want humanity to cease—and I don’t think that was what St. Malachy was referring to. But my Spiritual Director said there needs to come great destruction in order to set things right again. Giambatisto Vico—a philosopher who James Joyce based his book Finnegan’s Wake on, wrote about a recorso. Basically throughout human history, humanity get’s “re-set.”

I do believe that humanity is set for a rude-awakening based on my readings of the messages of Akita and Fatima. It will be terrible beyond all imagination. We’ll see what happens. We need to enjoy the time we have.

But the Bishop-approved apparition at Akita, Japan talks about Bishops opposing Bishops and then “fire falling from the sky.” Under Francis, and his heresies, that is exactly what we see unfolding. I’m not a “prepper” myself, but I would urge anyone reading this to get at least a weeks worth of food, because I think fire is about to fall from the sky, whether through a Carrington-like sun burst, or nuclear war with Russia, the signs are all around us that something is on the horizon.