"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, April 27, 2018

The Material Heretic Must Still Be Avoided

The Material Heretic Must Still Be Avoided
By:  Eric Gajewski
Archbishop Lefebvre and Fr. Hesse made this very clear.  The material heretic is poison to your Faith regardless as to “what degree of ignorance” he might be found in.

I will try to speak in laymen’s terms as best as possible for the sake of those confused as to where they can go to Mass or not.  Before I start we must understand what the traditionally understood notion of a “material heretic” is because it is being undermined by the likes of Salza and Siscoe (other false trads) who are using the erroneous modern day opinions of prelates to teach their false doctrine on “heretics” in general.  Read here for more. (https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=87AFC3674D82B3AA!1691&ithint=file%2cdocx&app=Word&authkey=!AH5zP2TOCoxh5M8)
It is quite clear from Catholic teaching that the obstinate heretic must be avoided but what about that heretic who believes what he is following is Catholic yet it truly is not?   

You see the false traditionalist’s (OnePeterFive, Remnant, Neo-SSPX, CFN, Fatima Center of Canada) of our times get this area wrong time and time again.  Heresy in general is poison and is offensive to God.   
Obstinate heretics who willfully teach against what the Church has already taught infallibly not only commit mortal sin but they sever themselves from the Catholic Body of Christ.   

But what about the material heretic who, in blindness, teach something to be Catholic when it is not (due to some level of ignorance)?   

This is an area I will get into more with Fr. Kramer next month on the podcast but for the sake of this article I want to tackle various areas within this topic and handle attempted refutations while providing some further analysis in this worst crisis ever of the Church.  

First, consider how the material heretic is still poisonous.  Even though he might not be severed from the mystical Body of Christ (interiorly) due to his invincible ignorance (on the question of his following/teaching heresy) this does not mean that a catholic in full knowledge of the in-question heresy and/or heresies can now commune with these individuals.   

Nor does it mean that it is prudent to be around these folks a lot.   

The material heretic is still in error and is still leading others astray by his heresy objectively speaking.  He is to be avoided lest by rubbing shoulders with this type you become victim to his false teaching as well (sin of human respect).  

Some argue but Eric that is to extreme we can make an impact by constant dialogue with these types! 

Take a look at the Neo-SSPX who has been rubbing shoulders with material heretics for decades now. They now see Cardinal Burke and other “conservative” Cardinals as “not that bad” anymore.   

They have been swimming in the “false trad shark tank” and now they have loosened their position. 

That is fact not open for debate anymore as they now see Vatican II as a legit “Catholic Council”. 

One priest in the Society (a few years back) even accused the “Resistance types” of being to principally orientated!  God forbid!  Can you say compromise?  

Does the man who goes into the porn shop for even 5 minutes think he will come out pure?  The same applies to the Conciliar Church in general.   

They have impure doctrines which will “rub off” on you overtime to say otherwise it highly delusional and imprudent.   

Yes they smile and are “nice” but so are a lot of denominational protestants!

Avoid material heretics?  The Arian crisis and other situations show us that it is prudent to avoid not only formally heretical churches but churches which are impious and/or compromising.  The early Church Fathers like St. Basil lamented over seeing so many faithful avoiding such churches and they were not in error.  

The Church never formally condemned those who espoused such a stance against impious or compromising churches.   

The same applies to churches teaching material heresy.   

The fundamental question of “Do Novus Ordo churches please God” must be asked.  The answer is a resounding no.   

Just because a Mass is valid is not a valid argument to be communing with the “porn shops” of our times with illicit doctrines. 

Clearly, Fellay fell asleep during some of Archbishop Lefebvre’s teachings because he clearly taught that to re-enter into an unconverted Rome would be catastrophic to the faith of those attempting to be reintegrated back into the “mainstream churches”.   

Superiors make the inferiors not the other way around. One of Fellay’s failures is to see that differently.   

The false trads are in abundance these days and you can’t speak much sense to them unfortunately.  They see Burke like we see Archbishop Lefebvre yet Lefebvre said the Burke types were poisonous.

I will let you meditate upon that and process what I have just said.

 "Let no man deceive you by any means, for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition,"
[2 Thessalonians 2:3]
Antichrist Maitreya is now lurking in the distance awaiting for the right time to come onto the scene and "save humanity".

It is material heresy in the very least.  Keep in mind this argument stems from the reality that we are dealing with material heresy in the very least or in general terms.   

Since the Second Vatican Council Catholics have been pitched an “entirely new man centered religion” which is being given the label Catholic yet it in fact is representative of the Novus Ordo (aka the cult of man).   

You cannot be in buildings where these illicit teachings are on the basis of compromise or impiety let alone heresy!   

Now, to add to this, some prelates are just outright formal heretics and even apostates.   

This is where you have to know the Faith!  Don’t think your local novus ordo bishop is going to give you the Catholic Faith because he is not because he is following Vatican II?

Do not think I must simply follow everyone else without putting the time in to know the difference between the two religions which are at war.  

It is why the heretics of our times call us fundamentalist’s, Pharisees and folk who are too rigid clinging to dogma.  God Forbid!   

Take a look at the case of Antipope Francis and how the trend is that he is seen as a formal heretic and it will only get worse my friends.  Francis is not done.

Most are not aware, some don’t care but still beware!  The bottom line is that the material heretic must still be avoided for the sake of your own faith.  

It can become difficult when judging whether someone is truly ignorant or just being obstinate. 

Obstinacy today hides behind the false obedience routine of the Conciliarists.  They will say my bishop said so and my bishop represents the Church and therefore cannot error!   

Hogwash this is not Catholic teaching.
The esteemed theologians all have taught that clergymen can wither away into heresy.  What are they robots who can only spew out Tradition?   

Again, reference the Arian crisis.  I find that the Conciliarists are just as ignorant of church history as denominational protestants are these days.   

Furthermore, where does one draw the line with those following Vatican II?  I am sure a lot of you have family members and friends following Vatican II?  Do you cut them off?  How much time should I spend with them?   

These are all valid questions to ask which is why I say get with a true traditional catholic priest to discuss.  I have been recently advised to just avoid those willfully ignorant folks in my own area.   

It is true in order to covert there must be some type of dialogue.  You must still be charitable but beware the poison can be transmitted fast and soon you might just end like the FSSP who as an organization (in general) embraces Vatican II/New Mass!   

You have to make objective judgements about those you choose to surround yourself with on a daily basis and it is no different than when we are talking about what church to attend.  

 Again, ponder this.  Does the prostitute who doesn’t know any better morally (due to being deranged/mental illness) still remain a danger to your soul when in her company?  Or is just those prostitutes who willfully acknowledge they are sexual deviants who are just the bad guys?   

Heresy is Heresy.   

The church does classify heretics into different categories on the surface level of course but both remain an immediate danger to your faith and must be avoided. The Conciliarists are poison in either case and now you get the point.  

In addition, compromise can lead to heresy and eventually apostasy thus prudence dictates we keep our distance.   

This is not to have a schismatic disposition as False traditionalist Bishop Fellay suggests and it actually follows the principles laid down by his own founder (no longer being followed in the neo-sspx).

 FRIGHTENING BUT TRUE. These are the novus ordo youth being raised by the Vatican II cult of man....

When you become a Protestant but don’t realize it.  When you change the meaning of traditionally understood terms and give them whole new meanings you have a recipe for disaster.   

The reality is the material heretics of Vatican II dont see the difference.  

This is exactly what the enemy did at Vatican II. Cornelia Ferreira refers to this (change in meaning) as “occultic illumination” a guideline set down by New Ager Alice Bailey.   

The Vatican II Religion is orientated towards man as opposed to God.  Protestants are now seen in the Body of Christ by the heretical leaders of our hour!  Take a look at the most recent news for further evidence.  

 Must you Catholic now become a Vatican II Protestant in order to “keep an appearance” of being Catholic or do you want to remain loyal to Christ and shout from the rooftops that this is not Catholic and say we must avoid!

The material heretic can still lose his soul.  Fr. Kramer points this out in his new book soon to come out.  The error of material heresy is not always entirely inculpable, but can be culpable and vincible, but without pertinacity, as moral theologian, Patrick Sporer explains the three degrees of material heresy: "Et quia illa ignorantia, vel error potest esse, aut inculpabilis, aut culpabilis & vincibilis, eaque vel levis, vel lata, crassa, supina, vel denique etiam affectata, & directe voluntaria, ideo triplicis gradus distingui possunt hæretici materiales." 13 Those described in the third category of ignorance directly willed, can hardly be considered excusable of grave sin, even if not pertinacious, and therefore cannot be saved if they die in that state.

However, those in the second category, i.e. only slightly culpable of supine ignorance, if the degree of ignorance is such that they are not sufficiently conscious of being in the state of supine ignorance, so that they would be morally capable of overcoming the obstacle of ignorance, would still have to be considered invincibly ignorant; at least until they become sufficiently conscious of the defective nature of their own sect, and thus of their moral obligation to seek instruction in the faith of the true Church.

Nevertheless, since the degree of culpability for material heresy is strictly an internal matter, the Church has judged members of non-Catholic denominations in general to be formal heretics, according to their external profession of heresy, as is patent in the earlier quoted passage of St. Pius X: “Gli eretici sono i battezzati che ricusano con pertinacia di credere qualche verità rivelata da Dio e insegnata come di fede dalla Chiesa cattolica, per esempio gli ariani, I nestoriani, e le varie sette dei protestanti.”14

Exceptions are judged on an individual basis, when the bona fides of the individual is manifested.  

The reason why I have said this is I find most material heretics to either be in the “figuring it out stage” or of this 3rd category Fr. Kramer mentions.  It means a soul can still be lost as a material heretic therefore why are some still flirting with hellfire by trying to commune with these individuals?  
There are too many, who, on the surface level, know, “something is wrong” but will not further investigate nor be of “good will” to arrive at the truth of this crisis.  These people objectively speaking can lose their souls over the material heresy question itself.   

Even Pope St. Pius X said that he feared a good number of Catholics would lose their soul over not knowing the Catholic Faith in general.  It is your duty Catholic to know the real pre-Vatican II Catholic faith and not the Vatican II Bogus Ordo religion flavor!

Attending a Mass with a materially heretical priest is mortal sin.  It doesn’t matter if it is a New Mass or the true Mass.  If he follows Vatican II he is to be avoided.   

The purpose of this article is not review all the heresies of the Conciliar Church yet again but rather to point out in principle that you cannot be where heresy is materially or formally.  

 It simply doesn’t matter.  If you know in full knowledge the Novus ordo “faith” is offensive to God (which it is) then why do you still say I will attend?  

 I must have Sacraments you argue.  Is it God’s will you truly wish to do or is it self-love that still rules your heart?   

God is not bound by His Sacraments you still get grace through the Church itself and Mary.   

As I have been mentioning you better get used to not having Sacraments because the Church is going “full blow underground” in the next 5 years or so (give or take) from my perspective.   

Do you think the faithful in China go to Mass weekly or even monthly?  Not hardly.   

Listen to Fr. Hesse explain how you cannot satisfy your Sunday Obligation in the Conciliar Church.  I hope this brief article helps you to understand why you cannot be in Vatican II churches on the principle that you cannot commune with poisonous material heretics.

You can listen to the whole talk by esteemed theologian Fr. Hesse.  He states at the 13:25 mark that the Conciliar Church is heretical/schismatic(materially) 

Do not forget the Church also teaches that we must avoid “doubtful Sacraments” and the Novus ordo Sacraments are just that!  And if you run into those arguing there is no heresy in Vatican II nor coming from the Conciliar Popes then I suggest you read some of my other blogs on the neo-catholic "false traditionalist's of our times (like Father Z or Michael Voris).  Fr. Malachi Marin called the Conciliar Church a counterfeit church which is an illusion of being Catholic.

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