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saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, April 13, 2018

Epic Fellay Failure: Sedevacantists & Resistance Have “Left the Church”

Epic Fellay Failure: Sedevacantists & Resistance Have “Left the Church”
By:  Eric Gajewski
Have we abandoned Jesus or are the False Trads displeasing Jesus? If you want to be truly following Archbishop Lefebvre than you follow TradCatKnight and not the Remnant nor OnePeterFive…

It has been awhile since I have covered the topic of neo-catholicism so here we go.  It truly does not take a lot of investigating to see how Bishop Fellay has deviated from what Archbishop Lefebvre has said concerning this apostasy.  Fellay has completely weakened Lefebvre’s hardline stance against Masonic Rome and has implemented his own opinions into the matter.  Part of the liberalizing of the Society can be directly attributed to false trad websites like the Remnant or OnePeterfive but the “weakening” of position started long ago.  I mean long ago.   

I have heard many impotent arguments coming from the false trads over the years and it is no wonder where they get these arguments from.  They regurgitate their impotent arguments from Fellay himself.   

Several of these arguments I shall handle today are (1) we are “leaving the Church”, being schismatic and (2) we don’t want to carry our cross.   

What a “pile of pseudo trad poo” this is.   

We are in agreement with Lefebvre not Fellay and all those who follow TradCatKnight are following what Lefebvre has said all along.   

This position is not found in the pseudo trad world of OnePeterFive nor the Remnant.  The real resistance remains outside of that camp. 

Let me discuss further and leave eye opening evidence of Fellay’s failures both theologically and his deviation from what Archbishop Lefebvre left behind.

 Fellay does not understand Church teaching on heresy.  Or he doesn’t believe as Lefebvre did that the Conciliar Church was a den of heresy.  It is quite simple where heresy is YOU cannot be. 

Fellay erroneously thinks otherwise this is evident in his position.   

He thinks the church is suffering and that you ought remain in heretical buildings so as to not “abandon Jesus”.   

Let us stop for a minute.  What pleases Jesus?  Is it remaining in buildings which no longer please God which Fellay thinks are “okay”?   

Of course not!   

I have been emailed dozens of times from various false trads saying “you are the cowards who leave the church!”.  FALSE! 

The reality is the pseudo trads grievously offend God by remaining in heretical and/or compromised buildings.   

You offend God not us.  

 Lefebvre said we want nothing to do with the Conciliar Church until they repent and Fellay erroneously implies “let us integrate now” so that we don’t abandon Jesus.  

It is a load of codswallop. 

Where heresy is YOU cannot be.  How many times must I say this reiterating Church teaching.   

The problem is the Neo-SSPX no longer sees heresy.   

It has so watered down its position that it now sees prelates like Cardinal Burke in a whole new false light.   

If you want to know if you are in “false trad land” just look at how the conservative prelates are being presented.  Burke and Sarah still remain unrepentant of Vatican II.  If their is a positive spin on these prelates then you are in the wrong place.   

Don’t tell that the false right crowd of OnePeterFive or the Remnant.   

They remain a part of the problem perhaps even more so than Francis himself.  Lefebvre said they were more dangerous than JPII at that time.  

I have seen pretty lame arguments from the false right crowd concerning both sedevacantists and resistant minded folk.  Whether we are lazy or just outright crazy their theology falls flat.  

I can’t tell you how many times these false trads run away from public debate (invite onto my radio show).  This past week was no different.  I offered they ran.   

They just vomit ad hominems and we keep firing back with sound theology.  If you buy into their propaganda then you are a perfect fit for this delusional camp.   

The ad hominem attacks have been happening for quite some time.  This is not a recent phenomenon. 
There is not much you can do but pray for these poor folks. 

Lefebvre labeled the conservative types as “poisonous”.   

Yes, that not only includes Burke and Sarah (who are Vatican II revolutionaries) but it also includes websites like the Remnant and OnePeterfive.   

Heretic Salza and his sidekick Siscoe recently emailed Dr. Chojnowski warning and threatening him to get back into the Fellay fold.  Same thing was laughably said to Fr. Kramer by neo-trad Matt Gaspers.   

These Lefebvrian frauds are everywhere and it is quite sad to see.   

They are not leading anything and are not true Counterrevolutionaries’. 

They follow Fellay’s failures and take them out to social media.  We then squash it with Lefebvre quotes and we get the whole “you are crazy in return”.  That is the process.   

They are to prideful and blind to talk too.   

Folks, you have to make a choice whether to maintain in the real resistance or play pretend in the Pseudo Trad Sanhedrin. 

You are not carrying your cross propaganda.  How are we not carrying our Cross?  We have to deal with you false trads daily.  That is quite a Cross!   

We continue on with what Lefebvre maintained and you do not.   

You have to trick your followers into thinking you are doing so (following Lefebvre) which can be easily proven otherwise.  This is further propaganda to get their followers to buy into the whole “we need an agreement” with Rome trick.   

The Neo-SSPX seemingly got tired of being called schismatics and thus turned to the new “rebranding”.   

If they can convince people we are being lax or not being charitable then they can get more lemmings to follow Fellay.  It is pretty simple.   

Did St. Athanasius abandon his Cross? Did he leave the Church by staying out of the heretical buildings of his time?  Then how have we abandon our Cross?  

 Lefebvre said the Conciliar Church was materially heretical and in material schism.   

You wont find that language in the liberal Neo-SSPX.  Nor will you find strong language indicating we are battling a new religion.   

Everything is watered down in conservative land.  It is not reality and you are being deceived.   

They are the ones who have abandoned Jesus in their compromise and succumbing to human respect trying to gain Masonic Rome’s approval.   

They think they are the “end all” of Tradition when in fact they are not leading the Resistance at all.   

God has a funny way of getting the right people in the right place and it sure doesn’t start with these false trads.

In the end, you must decide to be courageous and leave this camp (if currently a part of it) behind if you believe Lefebvre and Fr. Hesse was right.  You must formally make that break with these types and quit pretending that these individuals are carrying on Lefebvre’s legacy.  They are not but maybe “donuts” time after Mass is just to enticing for you to make a break?   

I told Salza he was a Lefebvrian fraud repeatedly via email and he never attempted to refute nor deny. And how could he? The proof is there. When someone is looking for a Tim Staples and Scott Hahn endorsement (for his book) you know someone has completely lost it theologically and/or has ulterior motives.   

What the false trads sees as “okay” Lefebvre said was poisonous; they just don’t get it.   

They can’t publicly own up to their false position and run to the crazy/lazy “card” in return. 

Following them means you are equally impotent in your theology.  

 Perhaps you just like a place on social media where there are many interacting on a daily basis. 

Congrats heretics and compromisers!  Doesn’t mean you are in the right camp.   

The false trads like the Remnant and OnePeterFive are summed up perfectly by Lefebvre, “they are poisonous”.   

FEW are keeping the faith and are refraining from compromise and it certainly isn’t those following Fellay and his theological failures. 

I have said this since the beginning.  He and the leadership in the Neo-SSPX are great used car salesmen.   

Someone recently asked me if Fellay was a Mason.  I would rule nothing out at this point.   

Take a look at one of his “theologians” and you will begin to see this need of keeping people in a Conciliar mindset as opposed to an Archbishop Lefebvre one. 

These people do not constitute the real resistance but you can be sure that they will play the "crazy card" in return over and over ad nauseum while avoiding public debate with us.

*** The official position of the Society is that Vatican II is a legitimate Council even though it has errors in it.  If you can wrap your brain around that theologically and think it makes sense then you ought remain in the false traditionalist camp.  Or you can get with the real resistance and keep carrying your cross while avoiding displeasing Jesus as they do.

 Birds of a Feather.  Fellay with novus ordo heretic Fr. Rosica

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