"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, March 11, 2018

7 Groups the New World Order Attacks

7 Groups the New World Order Attacks
By:  Eric Gajewski
These are not the only groups being targeted.  However, this article, is only to prove, how the “new world order”, wants us to be reliant upon them (the emerging one world globalist republic).

If you are paying attention to the news the past few years you ought by now be seeing the trend of the various “attacks” being employed by the “emerging one world system of hell”.  It seems there is not a day that goes by that we don’t hear of a story that makes our stomach turn or makes our eyebrows elevate.  Who would have ever thought that we would have been living “in those times” forewarned of in Scripture and Tradition?  So, who are some of these groups, that, the New World Order agents of hell, are targeting?  And why?  I hope to answer these questions and more as I further analyze what the New World Order is up to lately.

Education system.  Obviously, the new world order doesn’t want to have Catholicism (true Christianity) taught.  They want to steer more and more souls into their new socialist Gospel.   

They want to teach Socialism and make it seem like it is needed to suit our times.   

They want people to believe that the “Robin Hood” principles behind Socialism are in agreement with the “Gospel”.  

 If you don’t believe me just see what has been coming out of the Vatican for the past 50 years and you will begin to see of this “new pastoral direction” in terms of economics but we can also relate it to the education system.  For what good is to preach the “new order” from the TV without ever getting it into the public education system.   

More specifically, they cannot have private educators who remain off the grid (homeschoolers) and teach against whatever the new world order would want us to believe.   

They must be “involved” at every level.  When you see their hand creeping into the home you know it is getting “late in the day”.

Speaking of Economics.  Economically, they must get everyone to buy into the new crypto-craze.  

 It seems we are going through the “honeymoon phase” wherein Christians see this as a viable option.   
Maybe this is the case for now but it obviously won’t be for the future.  As Christian’s we know where they are taking the digital economy.   

They are taking it straight to the “Beast” wherein everyone will be monitored via a chip.  

 Obviously, they cannot do that in the current paper money system which is why I think they want cryptos to get very popular until they eventually seize it (if they haven’t truly already).   

There is a war on cash which is growing daily and many are finding it difficult to make basic cash transactions across the globe.  The New World Order wants it this way.   

They must steer men into this one world economic system after the financial crash and make it seem as if this “system” is the only chance we got.  

War on Truth.  Ultimately, this war comes down to Christ and Satan between His Catholic Church and hell itself.  They don’t want Catholics/Christianity to be preached.  Even the “hijacked Vatican” is saying that proselytism is nonsense.   

When you have phony Christians such as these saying that there is no need to convert than you know it is near the end.   

Nevertheless, the point is the New World Order must stamp what is truth now.  Therefore, the alternative media/ “truther” websites are under attack.  We have seen a good number of channels being removed recently on Youtube.  We have seen many more being censored such as myself.   

This trend will continue because they need to be in the driver’s seat of “Truth”.  

If your idea of truth is jew run mainstream media outlets then you are in big trouble.   

You can’t speak out against Israel, the “holocaust”, 9-11 or any of these false flags we are seeing on an nightly basis without being labeled a “nutter” by one of these varying agents of hell just playing their role.  Hell has a special place for them all (liars).    

Just wait for “their narrative” on the UFO’s and aliens!  The “new science” will dominate and the majority will apostatize! Those who point out their agenda will be lynched publicly.  As if we care…

War on helping the homeless?  I have pointed this out the past year because many people were missing this.  Many people are being fined and told not to help the homeless but why?   

It is because the State must be seen as man’s ultimate help.   

So, in one hand they preach their impotent humanitarianism and then when we go out and try to apply it they slap our hands and say no!   

Antichrist Maitreya will feed the hungry, clothe the poor and house the homeless.  Are you following now?  He must be seen as the savior of this world’s problems.   

This agenda is being readily carried out in the SoCal area in California but it will soon spread.  The attacks against those trying to help during the most recent storms also proves my thesis correct.  

 Let FEMA help because they know better than you!   

So much for the humanitarianism that has been shoved down the throats of the sheeple.  Can you say hypocritical?

War on militia’s/gun owner’s.  This is a no brainer even to nonChristians.  As I pointed out on a recent podcast, the new world order, is targeting “big guns” so that the eventual takeover is all the more easier.  

It is not at all about protecting the citizens.  How stupid can we be?   

How can it be when they have openly stated they want to get rid of 90 percent of us?   

You trust our government (Trump included)? YIKES!   

They do not want us organized in this sense.  They do of course want revolution because the new world order needs chaos to eventually usher in their false system and “messiah”.  Yet, they do not want militia’s who are truly protecting the people.  

The New World Order wants to control people not protect them.   

They want to throw the piece of chicken into the crab cage and say it is your only path and then close the doors behind you.  This is how diabolical they are.  Get your guns, get organized and be alert.

War on Prepper’s.  The new world order does not want you to have the ability to live off grid.  They don’t want you to be prepared for the storm ahead.  They want you to stay glued into the system as best they can.   

This is why they are passing laws which are making it illegal for you to grow food on your own property.  This is why they attack the farmers and force people to eat their nasty GMO foods.   

It is all about control.   

Keep in mind folks that unjust laws are no laws at all according to proper Catholic teaching.   

Even the IRS is a sham.  They do not want you to have the ability to be self-sustained especially for long periods of time.  So this is exactly how we must be.  

 I suggest to you that we are going back to localized bartering systems so make sure your own communities are prepared.   

*I could also add (now that I think about it) the war on our health because they want you to stay glued into the emerging universal healthcare coming.  More pills, more dumbing down, vaccines and death!  Sounds good to me.  This is why they poison the air, our food and minds and bodies.  So that we can stay apart of their system.

Lastly, Christians in general.  In order to have a new Christ arrive onto the scene you must first have a new theology, gospel, bible, catechisms, mass, doctrines, etc.  True “traditionalist’s” you see where I am going with this!   

The New World Order was behind Vatican II to get Christians prepped for the New Age religion headed by the new messiah.   

Blessed Emmerick in speaking on this apostasy said that she noticed there were hardly any real Christians left in the world as was once understood.  

 They must make war on Creationism.   

They must make war on the traditional teachings of the Church because it does not suit their new religion.   
They are preparing to house Christians and other dissidents in their FEMA camps.  How nice of them.  I assure you there is not a Golden Corral banquet service waiting for us there.   

No, they are preparing to have our heads like St. John the Baptist in our witness to the Faith.   

They hate Christ and that is why they are trying to live for thousands of years because they do not want to face Christ and His judgement.

In the end, these are not all the groups being targeted by the new world order but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see just how close we are to the arrival of the Antichrist in the world today.

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