"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, March 12, 2018

Is The Catholic Faith At Franciscan University?

Is The Catholic Faith At Franciscan University?
By:  Eric Gajewski
How much longer will the students, faculty and priests live in the chocolatey FreeMasonic Francis FunFactory?  

Over the past four years I have spoken at times on my alma mater indicating the wrong direction they were heading in.  However, in the past year or so there have been some good signs.  In general, though, the Catholic Faith (most certainly) is not being taught at the University in this Vatican II apostasy.  Franciscan University still remains a “hub” for the Protestant Charismatic movement and real Catholic’s aka “traditionalist’s are still seen as “outside the church” (for the most part).  Sadly, I have lost a lot of friends from my college years in this crisis but so be it.  Having said that, there are pockets of “resistance” not only on campus but in town as well with TradCatKnight leading the charge.  This is encouraging.   

What is also encouraging are the emails I am getting from some of my old friends from school who are now agreeing with me.  Glory to God! I have some friends who have left the novus order completely....

I was even recently contacted by an old friend who had a lot of questions on the material I present and he was very attentive to the answers.  Is this a sign to come or will Franciscan sadly remain a “Novus Ordo” college which is continually leading young men and women into the one world religion?

In my general observation of the college (I live five minutes away and still know faculty, students and priests) it is clear to me that the majority sweep any errors or heresies under the rug.  There is not much talked about these days as it relates to the direction Francis is taking the would be faithful.  If they do, it, of course, is highly delusional and if the case of heresy is brought up against Vatican II or Francis you are immediately dismissed (most of the time).  

It is still a delusional happy go lucky environment that obviously doesn’t see the Great Storm approaching.   

How much longer will the students, faculty and priests live in the chocolatey FreeMasonic Francis FunFactory?   

Franciscan isn’t producing theologians ripened for resistance at all.  No, they are producing more revolutionaries like Scott Hahn who still stand behind the “council”.   

They will even argue traditionalist’s are uncharitable.  

 It may appear that way as we are flipping over the “modernist tables” refuting all their heresies.   

Unfortunately, we have to spend a lot of time defending against their heterodoxy.  Again, I ask the question “When will these Conciliarists “tap out” of the Revolution?’   

Very soon these same people will have to decide whether or not to take the mark of the beast.  They will have to choose a public career or a public Faith (no more hiding/cowardice). 

The false obedience card is way overplayed.  If the priests and theology faculty don’t get it right what makes you think these poor young students will?   

The Church doesn’t teach false obedience it teaches we must follow what the Church has always taught since Her inception.   

The problem is you can’t debate individuals who are willing to call black white and vice versa.  Or even worse you will get the whole “we must follow what the Bishop says no matter what” answer. 

 This is what is being groomed not only here in the Ohio Valley but at other phony “Catholic” colleges as well.   

Must I add how the Ohio Valley/Pittsburgh areas are a hub/hotspot for FreeMasons as well.   

There was recently even a five-minute piece on the local news “patting the downtown 32 degree FreeMasonic Lodge on their backs” for helping the poor.  Do these idiots not realize they are Luciferians!   

Don’t get me wrong I look at this situation as an opportunity rather than a hopeless cause but until these people are willing to sit down and listen there is sadly not much we can do outside of prayer and reparation (as Blessed Emmerick said) until they do.  God’s justice is long overdue to most of us but thankfully we are not God.

 Sweeping the Vatican II and Francis “dirt” under the rug only perpetuates the problem.  This is why God will soon act.  He must act.  How can the Church ever return to the true Faith unless God chastises?   
God must close down “Catholic churches” all over the globe in the Great Persecution to come in order to get people to actually listen again.  And it is the same with universities too!   

After the soon economic collapse how many parents will actually send their children far away to college (or in general to any college)?  After WW3 starts?  Yes, God has a plan to chastise the leaders of these Novus ordo colleges too.  They too will shut down.   

God has had about enough of the delusion and the excuses.  Since the Conciliarists don’t want to act God will as St. Nicholas von Flue says.  “The Church will be punished because the majority of her members will become perverted (literally and doctrinally).”

 Baron Von Steuben who is often celebrated locally even by the Novus Ordo was actually a Freemason for those ignorant:

So long as Franciscan stays sign onto the “Vatican II Magisterium (and soon FrancisMagesterium?) they will continue to be at war with the true Faith.  They will remain heretical as they continue to collect checks.  Checks which soon will be meaningless given the collapse coming.   

These poor souls priests and faculty alike need to read Archbishop Lefebvre and spend weeks listening to Father Hesse talk about this apostasy.   

But the fact the majority will not (and will simply follow along as lemmings following their Novus Ordo bishop) is only proof that Scripture got it right.   

Jesus warned FEW (the eagles of our times) would see clearly and it isn’t Franciscan at the current moment.   

So please stop all this talk about my alma mater being a treasure trove of “tradition”.  I was crying with laughter when I saw a Pittsburgh publication state this within the past year or so.  

 It remains a John Paul II “worshipping” University laced with heresy and cowards who are afraid to speak up.  Doesn’t sound very saintly to me.

Stinkeye to Hi!  I used to get a lot of stink eye from those in town.  Or people who would look away as I would approach but now people are friendlier.  Perhaps, some of these people in knowing I am right are trying in the best way they can to show me this.  

 I have no problem taking time out of my schedule to talk to individuals or even groups locally as I have in times past. 

However, I do have a problem with people saying I am right privately but then will try to demonize me publicly.   

As a side note in one of my rosary walks locally (within the past few years) I actually heard Scott Hahn’s seminarian kids talking about the coming One World Religion and other topics I cover at TradCatKnight.  So, it is not as if they don’t know.   

So why are they going to the Novus Ordo seminary?  Why are they still standing behind the “Council” why won’t they simply say what I say publicly when they know in their hearts what I say is right?   

Again, refer back to why God must chastise.   

It truly does come down to self-love.   

The true Saints are not floating around in the Novus Ordo FantasyLand hiding and silently agreeing with us.  No, not at all.  They are boldly going out publicly and taking a stand for Truth/Tradition.

In the end, we must continue to pray for those still sadly following the Vatican II revolution and we must pray earnestly for those voices going silent to speak up and start telling these poor young adults the truth.   

They are living in a theological world which doesn’t correspond to Catholicism at all.  

Franciscan might as well be recruiting from the FreeMasonic lodges themselves at this point.  The situation wont change until the self-love problem does for those who still live in error.   

If I am wrong then the Church before Vatican II was wrong (which is impossible).   

And if you are right by telling me Vatican II was simply “a development of doctrine” than that means the FreeMasons have already won.  Why?  Because Franciscan University as a whole cannot see the connection between FreeMasonry and Vatican II and this is frightening considering how many parents send their kids there.   

I still have in intent to pray one rosary up on campus daily for their conversion.   

However, as I have stated, God is His wrath will be closing down these Novus ordo colleges soon as a part of the Great Persecution.   

Maybe then they will realize just how sinful it was in being silent in the face of obvious truth?

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