"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The New World Order Is All About Control & Manipulation

The New World Order Is All About Control & Manipulation
By:  Eric Gajewski

I have been asked by those new to this website, “what is the new world order’s endgame in all of this?”.  We know they want a one world globalist system which will involve economics and religion but at the foundational level how are they building this “new world?”.  A “new world” which shall abandon Christianity altogether and embrace error with a crooked smile.  A “new world” where homos and sodomites can run around in the streets naked without any fear of being corrected by the crooked government’s of the world.  Yes, in this brave “new world”, all shall have their say and be considered “equal”.  The social justice movement is only preparing the way for Antichrist whilst most think this movement to have noble purposes.  It does not.  Nevertheless, I ask again, what is in the roots of these ailing and ill hearts that seek a completely new society? 

Pride.  Just like the devils fell from heaven men have fallen away from Christ and Catholic truth.  Men didn’t want truth so they were handed lies to be embraced as truth.  Make no mistake, the men of the Brotherhood of Death including the Jews are prideful.  Scripture says they are stiff-necked and due to this they do not see clearly spiritually speaking.   

They missed out on the true Messiah and are preparing the way for the Antichrist.   

Just as those in the Old Testament sought to become “gods” (in the building of babel) so too do we see these evil men suggesting that men are gods themselves yet again.  They love this world and Christians do not.  There world is largely based around economics, therefore, they need a system in which they control the masses.  That brings me to answering the original question being asked.   

The New World Order is all about control and manipulation.  It is purely demonic.  They are giving “new understanding” to what “love”, “justice” and “unity” are.  They are preparing the way for Christians to abandon Jesus Christ for the False Christ coming.  Those who deny this fact live in a cave or watch 6 hours a TV a night.  Those not wanting to listen to our arguments are also prideful.  They don’t want the truth therefore God is and will continue to hand them over to falsehood.  They have hearts far from Christ.  Jesus Himself said “if they were of us they would have remained with us”.  Who is with Tradition?  It certainly is not those following the new principles of Vatican II which are coming under the guise of “pastoral guidance”.

The New World Order wants you to submit.  Believe it or not!  They want to trick you into thinking you are doing good while serving their purpose.  They want you to watch mainstream media.  They want you dumbed down and without the ability to critically think.  They want you to submit to immodesty and pornography.   

They want you to believe there is no other way outside of what they suggest which is why they need to dominate the media.   

We have heard over and over again the government is here to help us and clear-thinking Christians no other wise.  We know we are being manipulated like rats in this endtimes maze. 

They know better than you so eventually the Antichrist will give the commands and the U.N and varying nations will be subjected into following his lead.  “They” know how to better use your home and who ought be educating your children.  “They” know what foods are best for you to eat.  “They” know better what economic program we ought be following and what religious program must be embraced in order to fit into this new society.  We are just far too stupid to think for ourselves so they believe.  Again, this demonic because it has nothing to do with Jesus Christ and truth.  Had we actually been following Christ and the true Faith we never would have arrived at this point but here we are.  Now, the hijacked Vatican promotes principles which are foundationally important to the New World Order as most sadly jump for joy when they see Francis the FreeMason on Tv.   

I cry when I see Francis too but it is not for the same reasons.  I see souls falling into hell when I see this impostor’s face.  We are going to get what we deserve to say the least.

Mark of the Beast.  This is complete control over an individual.  If you don’t take this mark in the not so distant future you will not be able to do anything in this new society as I have been pointing out.  No healthcare, no food, no job, etc.  You will be cutout then so why not cut yourself out now?  They will say, “oh you think you know better than us, good luck?”  This is why within our own soul’s we must be careful of this spirit which seeks to control others through us.  Love does not control and manipulate.  

 It is prudent and will put up boundaries in order to protect and preserve a Catholic society but it does not manipulate.   

The reality is this is a war between Christ and the Catholic Church and Lucifer and His Brotherhood of Death minions which come in many forms and flavors.  Fortunately, we have Our Lady and Lord which is why we must pray for an end of all this deception via controlling tactics.  Most don’t want to read the fine print or read in between the lines these days because they love themselves too much and are too busy distracting themselves (which is another tactic of the new world order).   

We have been raised to think our government and church leaders can do no wrong when in reality most of what they do (these days) is wrong from a Catholic perspective.   

This is mostly due to trying to fit in with the world which is treason in heaven’s courts.  And trust me there is a long waiting line for their “trial date” before the Lord.

The point of this article is to get you to think.  To start doing your own research into the varying topics instead of embracing the first opinion you hear (including my own).  “Use your noodle” a wise man once said but who wants to do that when there is hour after hour of mindless tv programming to watch?  Books?  What is that I have my smartphone and Nintendo switch to educate me throughout the day.  

 Folks, I am afraid the majority are still not prepared for all of the changes still to come over the next few years and maybe they ought start listening to people like me instead of always trying to find something wrong about me?   

Just like the devils torture souls in hell, to some degree, we can say, they, are torturing us here above, with all the filth we live in.  We are being battered over the head with false information which is leading soul’s into embracing the Luciferian doctrine.  Pray for me as I will for you.


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