"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, February 5, 2018

Holy Suffering, the Divine Remedy...

Holy Suffering, the Divine Remedy...
A TradCatKnight follower emailed me this wonderful message today

Hello Eric,

I wrote you a while back and you answered me, you probably will not remember as I know how busy you are with all you are doing in your efforts to warn people about the coming events and the situation in the church.  I was wondering if you haven't already you would mention in a podcast the remedy of our great little flower St Therese Lisieux? You know, she foresaw that in our century and the one following her death that the Great Apostasy would happen, and one must wonder if her intense sufferings were not to save souls at this period.  She wrote her "little way" while she was ill and bedridden and was urged by God that it was of utmost importance.  You might say she wrote this treatise with her own blood in the pen. 

Her little way sanctifies daily life and even the smallest thing has great power united to Jesus to save souls and obtain graces and favors from God, THEY ALSO APPEASE DIVINE WRATH. It is a way that was meant for all of us. Little Jacinta was similarly disposed.  I know you mention sacrifices but the little way is actually a great intro to this idea, the theology behind it hand delivered from God to the little flower of Jesus and thereby us, and it also adds the power of her intercession to the enterprise.  If you do this, do not be surprised if she does not shower roses from heaven on you!  You always get a rose from Therese when you invoke her, do her novena or promulgate her little way. And she promised that she would spend her time in heaven doing good on earth.  You have a large following and if a large group could devote to these practices who knows?  Miracles will happen.

Reading the messages of the Sacred Heart are curative in any situation I have found.  It is really difficult now to hang onto the Catholic mind and heart.  Reading the most intimate words from our Blessed Saviour's Heart is like a balm in troubled times,  It is reassuring to know that Jesus will never abandon us, not even when the church which was His chosen means to save us is lacking  I am reading now about St Mechthild The Book of Special Grace, and boy!  Oh what a wonderful book it is and it is a good remedy for sadness over all this and help in having great confidence in God.  In it she mentions St Mary Magdalene.  I know that you are working to help the lost girls and I was reading in the Book of Special Grace that St Mary Magdalene can procure the greatest graces of conversion for sinners, let us say those who had less than the perfect walk in life.
It was revealed by Our Lord that St Magdalene is at Jesus feet in glory.  Saint Mechthild saw two trees at Our Lord's feet that were flowering with graces obtained by the great penance she performed in life and the great love she had for Christ. God has ordained that she obtains through her intercession the grace of a perfect contrition of sinners and also the grace of conversion. If you do not already invoke her, you might.   It might really surprise you the results she can obtain in your ministry to save these women.

I weep everyday for the situation in our beautiful Catholic Church.  I weep because God is so mocked and Jesus discarded.  I weep because of my own failures,  I weep because of the people I know who passed without the benefit of the sacraments and who knows where they are?  Where did they go?  It is so hard to face that so many are going to be lost, even among those we love most.  It is hard not to dissolve into hopelessness at times and think what is the use?  Nobody listens anymore.  The world is mad.  It is so hard not to get overly sad and that combined with the personal trials we go through and the weight of our own sinfulness and apparent helplessness it seems sometimes that all is lost, but it really is not, but it is for many.  That is the worst part.  Many will go out without every really knowing why or how or what they missed until it is too late.  Those of us who are in the agony of knowing have to lift up the rest.  If we don't I cannot help feel God will require it of us in judgement. 

 I think it is good to know about the problems we face, but more important to work on the solution.  The traditional devotions are a powerful help now staying fixed on Jesus, making reparation and consoling God for the many who are insulting Him, and for the many times we have also wounded His Heart and knowingly or unknowingly done the same.  For our neglects, our omissions, our pride, our laxity, our failure to desire eternal and spiritual treasures over the occupation with the world and its distractions.  Oh, it goes on and on!  Our youth, the prayers we did not say, the time we lost chasing the rainbow and ignorant of the Divine.. I think that if it wasn't for the Sacred Heart we would all be lost today, probably only a few survive.  But we do still have this Heart that loves us with a burning love to do us good.  He is the Good Shepard.  We do have our Jesus at the right hand of the Father.  We still have the Lord with us and our Catholic Faith, the rosary, Our Mother's solicitude, the scapular, the Holy Face to bring us back to baptismal purity and radiate in us in glory.  All these devotions have promises from the Lord to bless us along our journey to heaven and to help us through the perils of this short life on earth.  May God protect you this coming year, which may well be the last for so many.  May Mary help us with her Loving Child.....Irene

Irene H