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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Protestantism and the Endtimes: The Attack on Fatima

Protestantism & the Endtimes: The Attack on Fatima
By:  Eric Gajewski

Very briefly.  True believers are surrounded by heretics in these last days.  They (Protestants) call themselves Christians but in reality they follow the devil’s doctrines.  Jesus said few would hold the Faith in the end yet there over 30,000 heretical denominations.  Assuredly Jesus wasn't talking about them since their origins were to be found way later in historyThey exclaim “bible only” yet not even the bible says this.  They say “Catholic” is not found in the bible yet the Catholic Church is historically proven to be Christ’s Church.  Don’t expect any protestant to know that.  They have historical amnesia.  Pope Peter reigned from 32-68 A.D and the term Catholic was recorded in early Church history.  “Where there is Jesus there also is His Catholic Church, 100 A.D” St Ignatius of Antioch  The Tom Horn’s, Steve Quayle’s, Stan Deyo"s and L.A. Marzulli’s of the world will do well to point out in some areas where the infiltrated Vatican has gone wrong but does that prove they are Christian?  Answer, no it does not.  The same very hell they would warn you over will be there home.  Heresy is very serious and to attack Christs Catholic Church is to attack Our Lord himself.  The latest drivel comes from heretic Marzulli who tries to attack Fatima as coming from the devil.  Let us talk further.

When you depart from Tradition you depart from Christianity.  So said St. Athanasius.  Do these heretics follow Tradition or do they come up with their “interpretations”?  The answer is the latter as if they knew better than the Catholic Fathers/Apostles.  Over 30,000 different heretical denominations all saying something different.  You must beware of the "truth movement" so dominated by heretics because you are truly not getting the truth.  These men most likely aren’t Masons but they are heretics all the same and just as evil objectively speaking.  Heretics pointing the finger at other heretics this is like devil “A” pointing out the filth of devil “B”.  These men will occupy the same hell as the Jew/Masonic infiltrators who now occupy the Vatican.  They aint no better nor different.

Protestants are not Christians 

Mary or the Bible?  Mary is in the bible?  Have you ever read it?  Doesn’t sound like it.  Even Our Lord obeyed Joseph and Mary and these heretics do well to speak so ill of her equating her to the demonic.  Ironically these souls will open their eyes in the next life face to face with the devil.  The Fatima message is the Apocalypse essentially. Ever heard of Revelation 12?  Who started the aforementioned heretics church?  It wasn’t Jesus assuredly and the fact they keep slinging mud upon Our Lady who gave birth to our Redemption is only proof of the lies they live within.  These men have not the truth in them.

I spoke with L.A. off air before our talk.   After a few minutes of talk it was evident to me he was quite clueless on Marian apparitions.  Nevermind doctrine, LOL.  Let us not go there.  They think any Marian apparition is automatically related to the devil.  It is true since Vatican II the majority of them are deception as I told Marzulli.  the enemy wants to build their One World Religion.   However, many of these heretics don’t even really know what the Church teaches on the various subjects but they will imply Catholics "believe this" or that such as Catholics worship Mary.  Where is that in any Catechism?  You wont find it.  So how would they know what is true doctrine from false when their doctrine is false? They don’t even understand the basic distinction between veneration and worship and you want to take them as a credible source on matters of Faith? 

 TradCatKnight Radio, "Alex Jones, Protestantism & Revolution" 

Protestant attack on Fatima.  The latest is laughable.  He really didn’t think this one out.  This coming from Marzulli and his suggestion that Fatima is from the “devils” specifically UFO’s were involved LOL.  I kid you not folks!  So let me get this straight the devil through Mary warned us of:   Russia's errors (communism/NWO), the soon coming wars and infiltration of the Church.  The devil through Mary warned us of Vatican II and the New Mass.  He warned us of the formal schism, the New World Order and  impending chastisements/tribulation.  He told us through Mary we needed to be better Christians and try to avoid immodesty and hell.  Why in the world would the devil do this?   I thought Marzulli would have a little more common sense but he doesn’t like his friends in the business.  He is a dope.  They don’t have common sense; it’s what happens when the heart is blinded and void of grace.  Please pray for these heretics hell will be there home unless they repent.  The miracle of the sun was just a UFO!  What buffoonery as if the Blessed Virgin Mary didn’t warn us of these same things in approved messages long before Project Bluebeam.  The hatred of Catholicism continues and sadly these men only aide the Antichrists arrival been leading other souls into hell.  Protestantism was a revolt: it is as evil as Islam is.  These men are no better than ISIS in fact they are worse.  Isis kills the body… these men kill souls.  It will be a rough day for them in the afterlife for sure...

 Here is the heretics latest masterpiece (trailer)...