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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

One World Religion Watch: Hindu-Catholic syncretism at Rodez Cathedral

One World Religion Watch: Hindu-Catholic syncretism at Rodez Cathedral
 On June 25, 2017, an ordination of a Catholic priest took place in the Diocese of Rodez, France, following an amalgam of Catholic liturgy and Hindu rituals.

Above, you see Bishop François Fonlupt at the Cathedral of Rodez carrying a stylized lotus flower, symbol of the deities Vishu and Brahma. Below, first row, he is receiving the mark of Shiva on his forehead, imposed by the priest-to-be's mother, who also imprinted it on her son, second row.

In the third row, a young woman wearing an Hindu sari reads the Epistle; in the fourth row, Hindu women raise their plates as the Bishop raises the gifts of the Offertory.

From the fifth row down, you see two sleeveless women performing a long dance in front of the altar following the singing of pagan songs. The dance was supposedly performed as an act of thanksgiving for the ordination of Fr. Manoj.

It is quite difficult not to see this syncretism as another profanation of the Sacrament of Orders being ministered to the new priest.

Hindu ritual at Rodez Cathedral 1 Hindu dances at Rodez Cathedral