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Friday, July 7, 2017

Is the Vatican teeming with homo-deviants?

Is the Vatican teeming with homo-deviants?
Maike Hickson, whose work is consistently outstanding, has provided an English translation of Cardinal Gerhard Müller’s recent interview with the German outlet Passauer Neue Presse (PNP).
In the July 5th interview, which according to PNP, was occasioned by the death of Cardinal Joachim Meisner, Müller revealed that he had spoken with Meisner the very night before he died.
According to Müller, they spoke about his removal as Prefect of the CDF:
“That moved him personally and wounded him – and he considered it to be a form of damage for the Church.”
Müller then went on to bemoan the way in which he was treated by Francis, who apparently waited until the very last minute to inform the Prefect that his tenure was not to be renewed.
“This style [sic] I cannot accept,” Müller said, “the Church’s social teaching [in dealing with Vatican employees like himself] should be applied.”
The first thing that came to my mind upon reading all of this may surprise you:
The homo-infiltration of the Vatican 

Think about…
A German media outlet reached out to Cardinal Müller for commentary following the death of his brother cardinal and fellow countryman, Joachim Meisner, and what did they get?
A lesson in narcissism.
Though I don’t read German, I took a look at the original interview and couldn’t find any indication that Müller took the occasion to honor the memory of Cardinal Meisner; to extol his virtues, and to implore prayers on the deceased man’s behalf – you know, the sorts of things normal people typically do in such situations.
Surely, this is what the PNP reporter expected when he made the call; instead, the interview ended up being all about poor Gerhard.
Classic narcissism.
In an interview that I conducted some years ago with Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, a world-renowned psychiatrist who specializes in treating men with “same sex attraction,” he said:
“Narcissism … is prevalent among men who struggle with homosexuality.”
I don’t know exactly what Gerhard is struggling with, but he obviously finds it difficult to think of anyone other than himself.
Seriously, folks, you can’t make this stuff up.
Cardinal Müller, who refused to answer the dubia that was addressed directly to him, said that one of the authors of said dubia – a man who just died – was upset about the “damage for the Church” his dismissal represents.
How about the damage being done to the Church by Amoris Laetitia and the absence of a response to the dubia?
It’s all about poor Gerhard…
That’s one self-absorbed, narcissistic son-of-a-gun!
Dominating the news in recent days is the “cocaine fueled gay sex orgy” that took place in the palace of the Sant’Uffizio in Vatican City; a residence typically reserved for high-ranking prelates.
More and more it is becoming apparent that the place is overrun with homo-deviants; like cockroaches in an abandoned candy store.
If this be so, that necessarily means that a climate of fear and secrecy pervades the Vatican; likewise, the potential for blackmail must hang thick in the air – a threat that limp-wristed men in powerful positions must ever keep in mind.
Could it be that Gerhard had highly personal reasons for treading so lightly on Amoris Laetitia and the dubia during his tenure as Prefect?
I don’t know, but I do wonder about him and other prelates who are practically mute about the damage that is being done to the Church by Bergoglio & Company.
At this, I am reminded of Benedict the Abdicator’s interview style book that was published last year.
When asked about a “gay lobby in the Vatican,” he said:
“A group had been pointed out to me, in fact, which we have since dismantled. That was even revealed in the report of the tripartite commission that was able to link a group of individuals, a small one, maybe four or five people, which we dismantled. Whether something forms again, I do not know. It would not be teeming with such things anyway.”
The report of the tripartite commission…
Where, pray tell, is it? What’s more, why is no one in the Vatican even talking about it?
One would think that in light of the recent gay orgy scandal at least some members of the Curia would feel compelled to mention it. Unless, of course, one has a secret to keep, or if doing so would invite severe repercussions.
In any case, the gay lobby according to Benedict was a group of four or five people?
His claim that a black cassock was unavailable for him to wear prior to his departure (or semi-departure) from the papacy is more believable than this!
Note well that in the space of just two sentences, the Abdicator found it necessary to insist twice that the gay lobby was “dismantled.”
He took care of it? Really?
And then, sharp as a tack, Benedict added a disclaimer that has every appearance of a preemptive defense in light of any gay scandals that may arise in the future.
Did Benedict have reason to expect as much?
Maybe, after all, he’s the one who brought Francesco Coccopalmerio to Rome and appointed him President of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts – the man whose personal secretary (how personal one can only wonder) just so happens to be none other than Monsignor Luigi Capozzi – the Vatican’s gay party master.
The Abdicator concluded his remarks on the gay lobby with one last attempt to convince readers that the homo-deviants are but a fraction of the total Vatican population, essentially saying, even if there is a gay scandal, the place “would not be teeming with such things anyway.”
Make of this what you will, but that’s just a little bit too much protesting for my liking.
In conclusion…
Amid all that we don’t know, one thing is certain – the Vatican sure as Hell isn’t teeming with Catholics. God help us! Blessed Virgin Mary, pray for us!