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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Big Pharma’s Plot to Medicate All 50 Million Government School Children With Dangerous Drugs

Big Pharma’s Plot to Medicate All 50 Million Government School Children With Dangerous Drugs
The pharmaceuticals, the government and many school districts are resurfacing an old plan which threatens the lives of America’s 50 million government school students.
Once upon a time, there was an evil program called TEENSCREEN. This program was integrated into 45 states under former President Bush and was continued and expanded under former President Obama.
TEENSCREEN promised to assess the mental health of American’s 50 million school aged children and then would perform a service which would improve the mental health of America’s children.
During the course of the now defunct program, children as they grew into adulthood, could not obtain medical insurance. Many children’s brains were damaged by the use of powerful psychotropic drugs which alters the chemistry and structure of the brain, thus permanently damaging the brains of children. The children were falsely diagnosed with a variety of mental illnesses with testing instruments which were designed to produce false positive results about 80% of the time.

I was part of a group of Independent Media journalists which tirelessly and relentlessly worked to stop this exploitation of our children. We were eventually successful and the evil program fell apart because it could not stand up to public scrutiny.
True to form for the globalists who seek to profit from any situation, they never give up on their goals and the program once called TEENSCREEN is back and it will prove to be more virulent than TEENSCREEN ever was.

Exploitation of Our Children Began with George W. Bush

When George W. Bush was the governor of Texas, Big Pharma sunk their hooks into Bush and subsequently owned him for the rest of his political career. Bush proved to be the number one prostitute for the drug industry.
All of this exploitation started under the auspices of George W. Bush, with something called TMAP which originated in Texas and was  exported under the umbrella of the NFC to at least 48 States. Under then-Texas Governor Bush, TMAP was allowed to gain virtual control of the diagnostic and treatment protocols for the Texas mental health and prison systems. It is interesting to note that in 1994, Big Pharma did not contribute one dime to Texas politicians. TMAP surfaced in Texas after the 1994 elections and subsequently, during the 1998 campaigns, it made over 250 contributions totaling $152,000 to candidates running for state office. In 2002, it made more than 400 contributions totaling $384,735, and poured tens of millions more money into Texas state universities which are intimately affiliated with TMAP.
In the Texas prison and mental health care system, some very unscrupulous and dangerous practices emerged. Researcher, Dr. Whitaker reports that that the death rate of patients on the newer TMAP drugs, the atypical antipsychotic drugs like Eli Lilly’s Zyprexa, is double that of patients taking the older, cheaper antipsychotic drugs like Haldol. Dr. Whitaker’s research partner, Dr. Healy, found that the suicide rate for schizophrenics increased 20 times for patients placed under anti-psychotic medication treatment. Healy stated that this is a phenomenon which has risen in correlation to the increased use of the new antipsychotic medications. Healy’s views have received support from the American Hospital Formulary Service Drug Information, which stated that the FDA has determined that antidepressants increase the risk of suicidal ideation and behavior in children and teenagers. Pity the parent who has read this warning, who subsequently comes home from work to find that their child has become the next statistic in an ever growing number of suicidal behaviors which are associated with many of the new antipsychotic medications courtesy of the former TeenScreen program.
Here is where the real damage was done. Why are these newer and more dangerous drugs continuing to be used despite serious questions as to their efficacy? Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that Eli Lilly had several undeniable ties to the Bush family, where George H. W. Bush was once a member of the board of directors. A sample of those who have been on the Eli Lilly payroll includes The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (a recipient of Eli Lilly funding), former President George Herbert Walker Bush (one-time member of the Eli Lilly board of directors), former CEO of Enron, the late Ken Lay (one-time member of the Eli Lilly board of directors), George W. Bush’s former director of Management and Budget, Mitch Daniels (a former Eli Lilly vice president), George W. Bush’s Homeland Security Advisory Council member, Sidney Taurel (CEO of Eli Lilly).
Not surprisingly, Eli Lilly gave $1.6 million dollars in campaign contributions during the 2000 election. Eighty two percent of this money went to Republicans and George W. Bush. The pharmaceutical and health products industry has spent more than $800 million in federal lobbying and campaign donations at the federal and state levels in the past seven years. No other industry has spent more money to sway public policy during this same period. Public health and welfare be damned, and now, in order to increase their market share, the pharmaceuticals are coming after your children.
When George Bush became President, he immediately, through executive order, created the New Freedoms Commission (NFC). From this executive order the pharmaceuticals banded together and created TEENSCREEN.
I thought TEENSCREEN was gone forever, but don’t underestimate the power of Big Pharma.

Parts of Common Core Are Morphing Into the New Teen Screen

From the Texas Prison system to the New Freedoms Commission to Common Core. The government is intent on testing and medicating your child.
Under Common Core, several and a growing number of government schools are now conducting mental health and psychological assessments of your children each month under the unconstitutional Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), according to various reports. As with TEENSCREEN, parental consent is not required.
“The mental health test is touted as assessing children’s “competencies” in “self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, goal-directed behavior, relationship skills, personal responsibility, decision-making, and optimistic thinking.”
Teachers are tasked with filling out an assessment every month consisting of 72 questions for each child. Questions include highly subjective domains such as whether the student copes well with “mean comments” and “insults,” and how often the child carries himself “with confidence.” When did your child’s teacher become a mental health professional capable of making these diagnosis? The student’s views on things like “diversity” are also gathered. Can’t you just smell the liberals as they added this non-mental health tidbit to the menu? The responses are tracked over time and are used to treat and medicate students. The program, like TEENSCREEN comes in through the State Department’s of Education and the local school board. The pharmaceuticals pay “seed money” (ie bribes) to these entities to implement the programs. This program is growing and plans on testing and treating all 50 million students in America’s government schools.


A drugged up population is a mind controlled population which poses no danger to the globalists plans to depopulate the human herd and the first steps involve keeping as many people as possible in a zombie state by drugging as many of our children, as possible, out of their mind.
If your child’s school district insists on playing the role of the thought police, then change schools. If every school in your State is hell bent on biochemically castrating your child’s brain, then home school your child. If the Department of Education outlaws home schooling, then be willing to go to jail. News flash: Your children do not belong to the government and Big Pharma! Your children look to you, their parents, to protect them from evils like the ones discussed here.

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