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Monday, March 6, 2017

Will the Next St. Thomas Aquinas Please Step Up?

Will the Next St. Thomas Aquinas Please Step Up?
By:  Eric Gajewski
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I want to wish you all a very blessed feast day for our beloved St. Thomas (March 7th).  The Church would not be where She is without his common sense and logic.  There are many asking the question today “When will the next St. Thomas Aquinas show up to help pave the way in this crisis”.  They are sadly waiting around for something in the future when in reality I say we have already had the luxury of having our Saints for this time.  Two individuals who were critical in my own formation were Archbishop Lefebvre and Father Hesse.  I believe the blueprint for Catholics has already been laid down so while are supposed “traditionalist’s” turning from such beacons of light for our times?  I think primarily the sin of human respect plays heavily into the equation.  I deserve this recognition or I deserve a label of Catholic from Masonic Rome.  Who cares what they say about us they are not keeping the Faith.  We are in the endtimes.  We are in the universal apostasy which precedes the soon arrival of the False Prophet and Antichrist Maitreya.  Why shake hands with the enemy now so late in the game?

Very few see the Vatican II deception.  This is CLEAR sign that we are living in the last days.  Although I am not suggesting Christs return is in the next decade or so we are closing in on the more near end of the world.  Just as in the Days of Lot so shall it be in the coming of the Son of Man.  Who can argue we are not living in those times.   Very few see clearly because they do not want to accept FIRST that a Universal Apostasy starting in Rome (or at the top) could occur.  Yet it is in Scripture, tradition and found all throughout various approved Marian revelations/seers.  People choose not to see because it is far to difficult for them.  They wouldn’t know how to rationalize “the gates of hell wont prevail”.  Yet their understanding of this Scripture is far too simplistic.  The false traditionalists are the worse perpetrators in this category according to Archbishop Lefebvre and Father Hesse.  Yes, Eric but I was baptized Catholic!  Okay but you are following Vatican Ii and that IS OT our Faith and gospel.  The reality that it was only a pastoral “council” doesn’t give you the right to be in those building s wherein heresy is taught stemming form the council and by way of the subsequent fallible authentic Magesterium.  Believe it or not folks, churchmen can error and teach heresy and if they do we are told not only to not follow them but also to avoid their places of worship.  So I ask again why are you communing with those teaching the new religion?  Why do you pray with those who want to compromise the Faith (Vatican II cannot be understood in light of Tradition)

Do your best, ask questions and be humble.  Everyone is trying to pontificate these days lets face it.  Take the information presented and process it but better yet pray over it.  Prayer will bring you greater clarity than the absorption of information from this website or that.  Jesus and Mary will make it clear what path for you to take therefore do not be anxious.  The majority of us were in the Novus ordo at one point.  We ought ask St. Thomas Aquinas to intercede for us this day.  I think we  all can see that we are being spiritually chastised.  Many are now coming to the realization that the NeoSSPX is not coming back around to Archbishop Lefebvres real position and principles and they are discouraged.  Why?  Such things are bound to happen my friends.  In the end Jesus will have Few friends who didn’t go the way of the world or who didn’t compromise His Faith.  Again, another proof we are in the last days.  There are divisions and contentions everywhere by those who identify as “Catholic”.  If Jesus does not shorten the trial (the very hours) we would all be at our neighbor’s throats.  Do not give in to the dark energy of the hour.  Discern for yourself and avoid such peoples and places.

Some will never grasp this crisis doctrinally.  That is okay because I trust in Gods mercy.  There are a lot of people who are not the next St. Thomas Aquinas and they in their humility recognize this.  I and we ought pray that ignorance will simply factor into the equation.  What was one taught as Catholic seemingly is no more and that which is said to be Catholic is truly Masonic.  The answer to this crisis will come from the Hand of God who has the Final or Ultimate vote in the matter.  There will be no pseudo trad ecumenical movement to stave off the Revolution and how can it?  It’s professed leaders are revolutionaries themselves (who follow Vatican II) whether they be conservative Cardinals or “popular” false traditionalist sites.  The blind leading the blind.  God knows how to open up blind eyes with chastisement.

If possible even the elect to be deceived.  Right now there is no better summary of this Vatican II crisis.  Many will point out things here or there but largely laity follow along in false obedience.  They think they are not deceived but they are.  This is why Fr. Malachi Martin (in part) never revealed the real third secret of Fatima.  Because if “Catholics” knew the actual words of our Lady they would quit Religion altogether.  I say better to know now then later when the False Prophet and Antichrist arrive.  Can you imagine that day, my good friends, for those, who still hid behind the Council?  Talk about a humility check.  Everything they have stood behind will be shown as a farce and there will be nowhere to run to or hide.  Let me add that there is not two traditionalists who think alike on all of the subjects so we ought stop now from suggesting that this crisis will be ended by the “people’s hands”.  God will soon prune the world and get the right people into place until then we must suffer with the delusion that we have now that we can do it.

Our Lady and the Rosary.  Have no fear you have our Lady.  The buildings will be further taken and even destroyed one day but the Faith will reside in your hearts!  Can the devil take this?  He can trick prelates and priests but as a whole he cannot take the Church herself down.  The coming victory will be the ultimate humiliation for the Enemy.  So be on guard especially this lent because he knows his time is short.  Temptations will increase on all levels as more and more devils are being released into this world.  Have you noticed the increase in violence worldwide?  This is not by accident.  Stay inward and keep at peace for we will be reduced to Our Lady and the Rosary and is this a bad thing.  With Mary Redemption was brought into the world and so shall the world start anew through her.  Break free from the negative energy, trolls and vindictiveness this lent and spend more time with Our Lady.

Finally, let us all pray to God to open up our eyes to that which we are blind to.  We all have work to do no man or woman is exempt.  Let your Cross carry you to that place of perfect freedom from the self.  Keep your neighbor first and remain in silence and solitude as best as you can.  I, for one, am thankful for St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Athanasius for that matter. We should all pray for greater simplicity and for logic and common sense to return to a world which is seemingly complex.  Our souls and hearts are not.  Let us keep that in mind this Lent.  Love Jesus.  

Adoro Te Devote (Catholic Adoration Hymn - By St. Thomas Aquinas)