"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Monk of Premol Prophecy

The Monk of Premol Prophecy
In 1783, a manuscript of prophecy believed to be the work of an anonymous monk in the mid-17th century was found among the papers of a notary who had administered the monastery of Premol near Genoble, France. The prophecy is broad in scope, stretching from the French Revolution to the end of civilization as we know it. Among the predicted events that remain to be fulfilled are the destruction of Paris, Israel, and Rome, the escape of the Pope, and the advents of the Grand Monarch of Europe and the Angelic Pope. The following section of the prophecy is excerpted from Liber Mirabilis, published by Adrian Peladon:

"The spirit conducted me into the heavens and said to me: "It is written that the Archangel Michael will do battle with the Dragon before the Triangle of God.
"Then the spirit added: "Open the doors to your understanding; the Archangel and the Dragon are the two spirits that will contend for the kingdom of Jerusalem; and the triangle is the glory of the Almighty...
"...Is such a sacrifice not enough to appease your wrath, O Lord? But no, what then is this noise of arms? These cries of war and fear? What do the four winds bring? Ah! The dragon has appeared in all countries and has brought terrible confusion everywhere. There is war everywhere.
"Individuals and nations rise against each other. Wars! Wars! Civil wars, foreign wars! What terrifying clashes! Everything is dead or in mourning; and famine stalks the earth.
"The general revolution has followed. In these future happenings will Paris be destroyed? Jerusalem! Jerusalem! Save yourself from the fire of Sodom and Gomorrah, and from the sack of Babylon. Why, Lord, do you not stop all this with Your Arm? Is the fury of men not enough without flaming ruin?
"Must the elements also serve as an instrument of thine wrath? Stop, O Lord, stop! Thy cities are already crumbling by themselves. The elements are set loose. Cities are destroyed by fire.
"Mercy, pardon for Zion! But thou are deaf to our cries, and the mountain of Zion comes crumbling down with a deafening roar!
"The Cross of Christ now surmounts only a heap of ruins.
"And it is here that I see the king of Zion abandon his staff and his triple crown and, shaking the dust of these ruins from his feet, make haste to flee toward other shores. And that is not all, O Lord; your Church is rent asunder by her own children!
"The children of Zion are divided into two camps --- one faithful to the fugitive pontiff, and the other inclined or disposed to the government of Zion respecting the Sceptre, but breaking in pieces the triple crown.
"And I saw out of the Orient a significant young Man; he rode on a Lion and held a flaming Sword in his hand. And France sang in front of him. And on his Path, many people fell before him, because the Spirit of God was with him. He rode into the ruins of Rome, and laid his Hand in the Hand of the pope.
"And the one places the mutilated tiara upon the ardent head, determined to institute reforms that the opposing faction rejects; and confusion reigns in the sanctuary...
"But my spirit wanders and my eyes become obscured at the sight of this terrible cataclysm. But the Spirit said to me that the man who hope in God does penance, because the all-powerful and merciful God will draw the world out of confusion and a new world will commence. Then the Spirit said to me: "Here is the beginning of the end of Time which begins!" And I awoke terrified.

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  2. Michael Archangel, Eagle of God, strike the devil and his minions with your glory and might, so we the little flock of sheep may finally be at peace with Our Savior.

  3. O Lord; your Church is rent asunder by her own children!

  4. A very informative and unique information about the MONK.i liked it so much.

  5. Jesus in thine eyes i am thy servant.
    In my eyes i am the lowly sinner and
    wish to be whole and complete with thy
    almighty hand stretched out to heal me.
    I wish to be clean and pure with thy
    grace in me. Let thy Heart and precious
    drops of blood take out my sins and renew
    my soul as it once was in baptism. In the
    love of thee to the Glory of the Heavenly
    Father let thy Masterful joy bring to me
    confidence anew. Lead me to adore thee
    and praise thy name forever. O Father i
    am never worthy to speak to thee and yet
    thy son my Savior has done so many times.
    Please on his behalf let my cry be heard
    that i may serve him faithfully to the end
    of my days. Let the Holy Ghost give me to
    his gifts and with the Holy Theotokos be a
    worthily blessed as thou doth wish and desire.
    I wish to blessed (+ Sign of the Cross here).
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    I humbly beseech the most tender glimpse of thee
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    my sight off of thee O Perfect and loving Master.
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    to be able to follow the Apostles as thou had on earth
    for all to hear and obey as thou ordered O'God,
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    know that i can be one thy children in thine eyes.
    (+ Sign of the Cross here). Heal my sins as many times
    as needed and forgive me that i will be reverent in my
    actions to a follower of Christ as he wants me, that
    I can hear him always forever until i have given my life
    in service to all he leads me to,(+ Sign of the Cross here).
    In Jesus we go to thee O God. In his Mother the Queen of
    Heaven and Earth do we go to her to ask her for guidance to
    obey her son Jesus. (+ Sign of the Cross here). In the Apostles
    that were teaching the faith of the church let us bow before
    thee and give thee due honor and all of talents and let the
    Holiness and examples shine for all.(+ Sign of the Cross here)