"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, March 2, 2015

A Talk With Government WhistleBlower/Insider, Bob Fletcher On Planet X

A Talk With Government WhistleBlower/Insider,
Bob Fletcher On Planet X

Summary of my 2 hour talk with Government Insider Bob Fletcher:
* I say we agreed on about 95% of things in terms of the New World Order Plan and overall implementation. He has VAST government inside sources that typically tip him off before anything major would happen

Research Project Bluebeam:
It is helping to usher in a phony false flag "alien invasion"
& also usher in the false christ, Maitreya

 We did not agree on the alien portion which he was at least willing to admit the information I had in terms of the plan to stage and hoax an alien invasion. The "alien" aspect has been declassified by our government as propaganda to further unite humanity thru fear tactics.
He stated he would stay away from that topic if/when we were to do a Radio program together which he was open to.

It was interesting to note that Niburu's recorded passing about 3600 years ago landed in the spring time which we know from catholic prophecy fits the timetable (3 days of darkness)
It was interesting to note he agreed we would first see Niburu in December which as I have been teaching you will be the sign in the sky to "kick off" the New Age. Maitreya (false Christ leader of the New World Order: is said to have his sign appear in December which he did not know and said made total sense with the timetable he had put together.

The Plan is to get the world to willfully
submit to their One World Socialist state
via fear and paranoia. Be informed, be smart do not fall
for the jew run mainstream media propaganda

He has made an awful lot of legitimate scientific contacts which have told him that we may see Niburu/Planet X as early as this December although I politely disagreed it seemed more likely to be 2016 heading into 2017 the 100th year anniversary of Fatima (which he was still open too)
We both agreed that about 4-6 months prior to Niburu being seen visibly by all that global martial law would have to be implemented which could come any one of these ways or a combination thereof: (economic collapse, he stated 6 different false flag "9-11" type events in America occurring within a two week period, man made epidemics (ebola, swine flu, whatever), threat of ww3 with Russia and China and lastly an "alien" invasion. The point is the masses have to be completely freaked out in order to submit to the government to be sent to these Fema Camps. These New World Order elites would then head underground to the facilities they have been building worldwide for the past 50+ years.

Something I did not know from his inside sources was that America as a nation first became aware of Planet X/Niburu in 1983 officially and knew "we were screwed" hence that famous speech of Reagan where he said an outside alien force could "unite humanity". Remember, soon they will invalidly/illicitly declare all humanity/religions to be One or equal!

Bob Fletcher is a talker and it was hard at times making points but he did have alot to offer so I wanted to listen.

He agreed with the 3rd secret of Fatima being Planet X as well as all the other prophecies I tied into our talk especially how real catholics do not follow what the Vatican has been teaching since Vatican II...that made sense to him.

Bob Fletcher told me he was the one who got Alex Jones into Radio which is something I did not know.

He is sending me his comprehensive DVD on Planet X which is a compilation of his studies on the topic for about a decade or so.

We agreed that relatively soon Yellowstone would erupt and would cover about 2/3 to 3/4 of America under a cloud of ash possibly killing millions. That area has put out warnings just several weeks ago. Most of the worlds volcano's are waking up and becoming active....

The new Madrid should open-up as Planet X gets closer...
The nuclear plants all over the USA would "go off" at some point during planet X's arrival causing catastrophe similarly the way Fukishima has gone off...

He had also "heard" of the several pending false flag attacks in America that would involve Chicago and a city in Pennsylvania (Philly, Pittsburgh??). This came from an international hacker (not Snowden) who leaked this information and was imprisoned. In total he referred to the possibility of 6 American cities being "attacked" in a false flag over a two week period which would probably be blamed on Islamic terrorists or even Russia...


We agreed that Niburi would make an initial pass lasting for about a week causing some damage then as it wraps around the sun and is on its way out the debris field or trash following it would completely devastate the earth, meteorites, the AKITA FIRE from heaven chastisement/CME blast, the three days of darkness, the pole shift, the massive earthquake, etc

His assessment or analysis again coming form even a non catholic point of view was the same in terms of overall casualties (about 3/4 of the world to perish)

For those who have not seen the movie 2012 this is essentially what is going to happen. We both agreed people need to get off coastlines and out of major cities ASAP.
Bob Fletcher has had 3 attempts on his life (documented) for "spilling the beans" on our own government and on Planet X/Niburu

This is the trailer for the movie 2012 I highly recommend you all watching it. Keep in mind it is Hollywood but nevertheless and more or less.... this is what is going to happen according to scientific models.
The Governments/Vatican have been mistiming its actual arrival for some years now but due to the increase in daily birth pang events we know Niburu is getting dangerously close now.

The Catholic Church traditionally teaches just defense or just war.
You do not have to obey any law that runs contrary to what
the Church infallibly teaches. Rather serve God than man,
in this case, a country run by Gods enemies...
* I failed to mention in the video below: DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS. They want to take them away so as to make this takeover of America easier. Rely on God as your Source for basic necessities. 

I will try to have him on possibly in the next few months because if Niburu is coming 2015 that means alot of events have to happen before hand in preparation for martial law to cause utter panic around the world...seems more likely a combination of all those things we talked about (threat of nuclear war with Russia, epidemics, economic collapse, bio terrorist false flags in various major cities in America and possibly the hoax "alien" invasion thru government declassified program called Project Bluebeam...


TradCatKnight Radio: A Talk With Government Insider, Bob Fletcher 


  1. The Western ZOGs are hostile powers of the organised forces of antiChrist. They lie and they control their opposition with the best enemies money can buy (misdirect, divert and occupy the sheeple) and they cloak their technology in dysinfo cults, controlled leaks and mythologies.

    The UFO scifi cult pumped promulgated through the vectors of their ministry for kulchur would be a case in point. They murdered the physicist Nikola Tesla at the beginning of the twentieth century and appropriated his advances in physics. This has undergone R&D at secret locations throughout the globe. In the 21st century they are in possession of v advanced technology in the form of stealth (invisibility), anti-gravity, energy from the vaccuum, bio-engineering (cloning), AI and geoengineering, scalar and much moor. Most of it is above top secret.

    The UFOs belong to planet earth, but there is a whole industry dedicated to managing the public perception that this is advanced technology from outer space - our space brothers coming to save us or evil minions invading us - depending on the script.

    The info on planet X found its way into the media about the same time the UFO cult kicked off. Just sayin.

    The hostile powers which reject Christ the King - currently seated in wickedness know very well that the sign of the Lord's judgement will appear in the heavens. And that time is soon.

    The times before the great Day of the Lord and His judgement is determined upon the succession of the popes in the prophecy of St Malachy. There are 111 popes of which Pope Benedict XVI is the the 111th. Then follows Petrus Romanus who occupies the See and feeds his flock. "Then the Great Judge will judge His people".

    About that Day there is much in the Bible - St Peter writes of it in his epistles and Our Lord spoke of it in His Olivet Discourse.

    It is remembered to us most significantly in the traditional mass on the Feast of the Holy Rood.

    "The Sign of the Cross shall appear in heaven when the Lord shall come in judgement."

    "Hoc signum Crucis erit in caelo, cum Dominus adjudicandum venerit: tunc manifesta erunt abscondita cordis nostri"

    The secrets of all hearts will be manifest when that sign appears. Before that great sign in the heavens of the Cross - the judgement seat of the world - people know the condition of their own souls (a condition about which most will have lied about to themselves for virutally their entire lives) Our Lord says of this: "and the tribes of the earth will mourn".

    As one would expect of the children of this aion perishing in its sins but wiser in their time than the children of light - a cover story is now in place for this event and gaining ground on the internet. The great sign in the heavens and the events described in scripture as 'the Day of the Lord' and the "time of His wrath" is not that - its a giant spaceball and this generates a lot of sci fi interest.

    The liars and satans who currently rule do indeed have the holographic technology to put an image of whatever they want on the ionosphere which is their movie screen.

    They won't be able to counterfeit our Lord's sign which has an interior dimension and opens every human heart to personal knowledge.

  2. The false Christ is bound up with apostasy from the true doctrine and the taking out of the way (or impeding) the "one who holds" (it back) - the Chair of Peter. St Paul in his letter to the Thessalonians ( 2 Thess 2: 3 - 4; 6-8) states that the great apostasy must come first, the one who holds it back would be taken out of the way - then would the man of sin, the son of perdition (the Apostle Judas Iscariot is also called by this title) be revealed. At the time of the great apostasia.

    The man of sin, the son of perdition, that lawless one is the false Christ.

    Malachi Martin goes into the relationship between the great apostasy and its revelatory dimension in his book Windswept House.

    He discusses this at length in the excellent video: The Tempter's Hour

  3. Fascinating stuff. I too have noticed the synchronicity between the prophesies of the chastisement and current events in the secular world. What was once an interesting possible future event is becoming more and more probable and appears to be unfolding before our eyes.

    When it comes, I wonder if the vast majority of mankind will even know they are being punished by Almighty God. Or will they not get it until they are standing (or laying prostrate) before Him in Judgement?

    On a personal note, in my own life I am undergoing one temporal crisis after another (primarily, financial "ruin"). I am wondering if in a few months, or a few years, such things will be seen for the trivialty that they are in the big scheme of things. I can only pray the Immaculata preserve me through it all. And I ask Her, "Leave me not until Thou seeist me safe in Heaven..."

    1. Yes, that is what God is teaching you...your looking at it wrong..it is a great gift that God is giving you, that is, trying to detach your heart from money/material possessions. He did the same for me I lost it all....now Ive never been happier....like St Francis embrace poverty....everything will soon collapse....prepare now and teach others