"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, May 11, 2018

Met Gala Shows The Deformity Of The V II Clergy

Met Gala Shows The Deformity Of The V II Clergy
What happened at the Met Gala at the beginning of the week is an alarming signal of how badly things have decayed within the Church. 

  1. The fact that Cardinal Ravasi & Co. did not hesitate to lend Catholic articles for a mini-exhibit shows, even assuming their orthodoxy, the stupidity of these people. The gala was, and is supposed to be, a show of everything that is wrong and stupid in the modern world. It’s a “fashion show” for scandalous  “celebrities”, you cretins! What did you expect?  What is next, the exhibition of Catholic memorabilia at a “gay parade”? These people really do not know anymore what Catholicism is!
  2. The presence of the likes of Cardinal Dolan at the event shows, once again, the desire of these people to mix with and be seen by the wrong crowd, and I mean the wrongest possible crowd. Only a Pollyanna on steroids could think that they were there to convert. They were there to be converted. Actually, they were there to show that they already are. 
  3. The event also saw, unsurprisingly, the presence of Father Martin, aka “Georgina”. How are Cardinals like Dolan and Ravasi not able to keep undesirables out of an event they are helping to succeed with such a massive favour as an entire exhibition? Answer: because they are just not interested in doing it. Actually, they revel in the idea that the heathens they worship will see them as “open minded” and “tolerant”. 
  4. Neither Dolan nor Ravasi can claim that they actually did not know that the gala would become a mockery of Catholicism, reduced to object of fun or outright mockery for rich atheists and curvy bimbos. They actually had to know, because they frequent those people often enough. The brutal truth is that they are so desensitized to everything Catholic that they possibly even found it fun. Cardinal Dolan, whose sheer lack of intelligence and decency antennae is quite alarming at this point, keeps trying to crack jokes about it.
  5. The entire spectacle was so shameless, that even Piers Morgan was scandalised.  (Caution: Link to Daily Mail!). And Dolan keeps trying to be funny!? Really, how bad have things become? 
It is time for us bloggers, and for journalists, and for commenters to start saying loud and clear that people like Dolan and Ravasi have no business wearing a thabit at all, much less the Red Hat. They should not be allowed to be I do not say Cardinals or Bishops, but priests in the local parish; because they are so totally sold to the world that it is unjust to inflict them on any community of Catholics.
When Piers Morgan must teach you the basics of Catholic decency, you know it’s time to apply at McDonald’s and finally give a contribution to society. 


Pro-LGBT Vatican advisor Fr. James Martin: They called me ‘sexy’ at Met Gala 

Fr. James Martin, a Vatican advisor and Jesuit priest who has established himself as an advocate of LGBT causes, tweeted from the Met Gala on Monday that a fellow attendee told him “I love that you got dressed up as a sexy priest.”

Martin listed other comments he received, including, “Funky outfit,” “I love your costume,” and “Is that, like, for real?” in reference to his priestly suit and collar.
Martin also “praise[d]” Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York City, for attending the event, opining that it “was wonderful that the local ordinary supported this historic exhibit on Catholicism.”


The Jesuit priest has made a name for himself in recent years by making repeated public statements undermining the Catholic Church’s doctrines on sexual morality, particularly with regard to homosexual relations, which the Church condemns as “intrinsically disordered.”
Martin has spoken positively of homosexual relationships and claims that gay couples should be able to kiss each other during the sign of peace at Mass. He claims the Bible has been “taken out of context” in its condemnation of homosexual acts, and has re-tweeted a complaint that Catholic priests can’t bless same-sex unions. Hispanics condemned him in 2017 for re-tweeting an immodest image that seemed to parody Our Lady of Guadalupe.
The Met Gala is an annual fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York City. Numerous celebrities attend every year dressed in often immodest and sexually provocative costumes corresponding to that year’s theme.
This year, the Met Gala’s theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, and included a number of women’s outfits in the style of bishops’ liturgical vestments or sporting sacred symbols of the Catholic faith.
Pop star Rihanna dressed in a sexually-provocative outfit made to look like papal vestments, and Madonna Ciccone wore a dress with a cross shape carved in front of it to reveal her chest.
The exhibit included a sadomasochistic bondage mask covered in rosaries.
But rather than condemning the event, the Vatican supplied vestments for an accompanying clothing exhibit, and sent the boy’s choir of the Sistine Chapel to sing for partygoers. Cardinal Timothy Dolan called it a “great evening” and “the social event of the year.” He later denied that the event was blasphemous.
However, many Catholics condemned the event for blaspheming and insulting the Catholic religion, as well as for its poor taste. Among them was the British journalist and fallen-away Catholic Piers Morgan, who asked, “What the hell was the Vatican thinking?” Others included Raymond Arroyo, Ross Douthat, Laura Ingraham, and Matthew Schmitz at First Things.
Joseph Sciambra, an ex-gay and former porn star who returned to the Catholic faith of his youth, said that Martin’s apparent desire for attention is “sad and desperate.”
“Something very sad and desperate going on here,” wrote Sciambra on his Facebook page. “James Martin, this doesn’t mean anything. Every time I outreach in the gay community, I get hit on and hear meaningless compliments. But I’ve never felt the need to reveal that fact; except now. That someone said such a thing to Martin is not important, that he recounts the incident in detail - is very telling.”
“Who didn’t hug Martin when he was a boy?” asked Sciambra, who added, “It seems he needs constant praise and reassurance – for now, he has found a deep well in the Catholic LGBT community. . . . Too bad whatever is going on inside his mind had to play out on the world-stage. Sometimes, I just feel kind of sorry for him.”
“Anyone shocked that James Martin was mixed-up in the whole Met Gala?” asked Sciambra in another Facebook post. “That's part of the plan, and has been for a long time - get a few gullible and greedy Bishops to mix with wealthy/well-connected members of the LGBT community at $30,000 a pop cocktail parties - meet the same-sex partner, listen to how uncharitable the RCC is to gay couples, approve the dissident ministry, go back to the chancery feeling good about yourself. We just changed the Church. It worked with Cardinal Schonborn. Easy.”
Sciambra lamented the loss of the sense of the sacred in the Catholic Church, and believes that this has brought about an inversion of the sacred and the secular.
“When the RCC [Roman Catholic Church] lost a sense of the sacred, the secular world, in a desperate need to experience transcendence - made the sacred into something profane. I've noticed this for many years in the gay community,” said Sciambra.

Dolan Socializes, Vatican Choir Sings
at Blasphemous Met Gala

Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.
The Met Gala red carpet opening was packed Monday night, May 7, 2018, with over 130 celebrities bedecked in their “Heavenly Bodies” costumes. Celebrities here means popular stars, rappers, rockers and the fashion world glitterati walking the red carpet in outfits that are supposedly inspired by the "Catholic imagination."

Actually, they did their utmost to mock the Catholic Religion by impersonating Popes, Cardinals, priests, nuns and even Our Lord and Our Lady, wearing the most immodest and extravagant dresses possible. What the public saw was far more the Satanic imagination than the Catholic one.

The actual exhibition – on display until October 8 – includes 42 objects lent by the Vatican, such as the tiara of Pius IX and the chasuble of Pius XI. But the tiaras encrusted with precious jewels and papal mantel embroidered with gold metal thread, took second stage to the fashion parade at the Met Gala. This fashion show was very offensive to the Holy Church and Catholic morals. I would say it would be difficult to find a gaudier and more indecent display of cleavage, thighs and skin.

As a matter of fact, the 42 Vatican papal artifacts received little press; what caused the splash were the 130-plus celebrities making a mockery of the Catholic hierarchy and symbols.

Rihanna dressed as a pope and Kate Perry dressed as an angel ‘Pappess’ Rihanna and ‘Angel’ Kelly at the Met Gala
Setting the tone, Barbadian singer Rihanna arrived early in a papal miter coordinating with her sequined mini dress with a train and matching "cape" to preside as pontiff and bless the event. This made her "honorary host" for the night, a post she shared with Card. Timothy Dolan who joked that he had lent her his miter. He added that he told his bishops, "Hey, you guys should not complain because she has volunteered to do some confirmations."

Rihanna was not to be outdone, however, by Katy Perry, recently returned from a Vatican conference where she was a featured speaker promoting transcendental meditation for children. She posed provocatively for the cameras as a winged angel in a metallic shoulder-less mini dress. This is the singer who rose to fame with her lesbian themed single "I Kissed a Girl" and proudly announces herself as a "spotlight" for LGBT rights.

According to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the exhibition is meant to "present a dialogue between fashion and medieval art ... in order to examine the continued commitment of fashion to the devotional practices of Catholicism." The only commitment of fashion seen at the opening night Gala, however, was to destroying and ridiculing the devotional symbols and morals of Catholicism

met gala celebrities dressed in mock religious attire Left to right, a pregnant Cardi B in a headdress and a high-slit gown with Catholic symbols; actress-singer Zendaya as a provocative Joan of Arc; Cynthia Erivo in velvet bishop’s purple; Cara Delevingne in a sheer ‘priest gown’ with criss-cross panels
Church approval

In the past, the Met would not have dared host a mocking event like this; today, it has the full approval of Church authorities. In fact, the Vatican sent its Sistine Chapel choir to New York to perform at the gala. It performed at the cocktail party; later at the after party, Madonna made a counter-performance, singing "Like a Prayer," which of course was not anything like a Catholic prayer.

Sistine Chapel boys choir and Madonna singing at the Met Gala The Sistine Chapel Boys Choir and Madonna -
both performing guests of honor at the Met Gala
There were plenty of real clergy – alongside models dressed as mock priests – who didn’t seem the least bit offended by the blatant indecency of the gala. Fr. James Martin, an advocate of homosexuals and a favorite of Pope Francis, was a special guest to the event. He tweeted how great it was when people mistook him for a celebrity and called him "a sexy priest."

Cardinal Dolan posing with Donatella Card. Dolan posing with Donatella Versace in a mini-skirt
This extravaganza was promoted by Card. Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, who greeted the crowd at the official press review, saying, "You may be asking, what is the Church doing here?"

He hastened to answer the question: "In the Catholic imagination, the truth, goodness and beauty of God is reflected all over… even in fashion.”

Dolan, who wore a black cassock, cardinal red sash and ever-present grin also thanked the Vatican for its support and "historic cooperation. I’m honored to be here.”

The Cardinal posed triumphantly with Donatella Versace, one of the chief funders of the show, who wore a mini skirt and thigh high boots. `

Later he commented in an interview: “I may have seen some things in poor taste, but I didn’t detect anybody out to offend the Church.”

The New York Cardinal has lost the last smidgeon of his Catholic sense as well as good taste to say he did not find any of these outfits crass and offensive to the Church.

celebrities dressed in scandalous Catholic mocking costumes at the Met Gala Left to right, Lena Waithe dressed in a voluminous rainbow striped gay pride flag mocking the Church's official stand on homosexuality; Solange Knowles pretending to be a saint/nun in a revealing high-shine dress; Stella Maxwell in a strapless skin-tight sheathe with images of the Virgin Mary; Dana del Rey and Jared Leto playing the Virgin and Christ, mocking the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady and the Crown of Thorns.
But none of this was offensive to Cardinal Dolan. Did he only see the truth, goodness and beauty of God in these outrageous displays of immodesty and bawdiness?

Heavenly Bodies opens to the public later this week and runs through to October 8. The Cardinal rejoices the Met display will give a nearly six-month "homage" to Catholicism. But it is not the display of art that takes first place or be remembered in the public imagination; rather the media pays homage to this blasphemous abuse of Catholic symbols that would make a choir boy of days past blush. This kind of publicity the Catholic Church does not seek, but makes reparation for.

Female celebrities dressed as bishops, priests, cardinals, and prelates of the Catholic Church Nothing ‘offensive’ here according to Card. Dolan: Personalities at the Gala pretending to be Catholic prelates
met gala cardinal Photos from People Style online

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