"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Marco Tosatti: "More Like the Absence of a Pope"

Marco Tosatti: "More Like the Absence of a Pope"
TCK: When will people wake up and realize Francis is not the Pope?

In recent weeks the incapacity - or the unwillingness - of the reigning Pontiff to fulfill his primary task has emerged: namely to give precise answers to specific and not secondary questions for the guidance of the Church. It also emerged that the local Churches that supported and helped him reach the throne of Peter are those who are causing him the greatest trouble.

Let's start from what has been, and remains, perhaps the worst figure of this pontificate. The case of sexual abuse in Chile, the inaccuracies (not to say lies) uttered, the incredible support to Bishop Barros, and the attempt to recover media with great gestures, letters, admissions to show that the Chief is there, and is able to administer understanding and solve problems. In favor of media, but there is. The fact remains that his men, those who helped him and / or who promoted, Errazuriz and Ezzati are strongly implicated in a case that has devastated the credibility of the Chilean Church.
We have the German case under our eyes. The majority of the bishops approved a draft of pastoral aid which, with a trick - subterfuge, we would call it in Italian - allows communion with the Protestant spouses of Catholic spouses. The former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and other prominent figures rightly claim that it is impossible, that it does not make common sense. Seven German bishops, including a cardinal, write to Rome, asking that Peter set aside a point that only he can authoritatively dissolve. And what does Peter do? He answers by advising to find a shared solution ... With the peace of the stones, of what is dissolved and of what is bound. One answer - the younger readers will understand me - that can not be more Dorotean. But not from Pope. As he rightly says with courage and clarity (but waiting for others - and there are so many - cardinals to overcome terror and say what they think?) The cardinal of Utrecht, Eijk.
A few steps from Germany, in Belgium, Cardinal De Kesel confides to a homosexual association that homosexuals have a right to their sexuality, and that he is thinking of some form of blessing for homosexual Christians who would like the Church to recognize their relationship . In practice, they throw themselves at the Old and New Testament nettles, Catechism of the Catholic Church, documents of the Magisterium and also what - in words - states the Pontiff. But De Kesel is the protégé of one of Bergoglio's great friends, councilors and voters, the controversial cardinal Danneels, involved in a particularly hateful case of abuse, that of a friend of his who abused a nephew. Lightning and lightning from Santa Marta? Not even a breath.
Finally, the Alfie case. The Church of England and Wales supports the judges and doctors who killed Alfie Evans (and, before him, several others) against all shame and decency. Not only that: pursued against all decency and shame - but what kind of people are these Nichols and McMahon? I do not say priests, but men - the Italian priest, Gabriele Brusco who was close to his parents. The Pope has personally committed himself, in this case, in favor of the media, has set in motion Secretariat of State and Bambin Jesus. With the English to row against. Of course: Vincent Nichols is from the same supply chain as card. Murphy O'Connor, a great friend and elector of Bergoglio.
The Pontiff reigns his arrows to those who are not his friend, to those who seem too traditional, (see FFI, Heralds of the Gospel, Word Incarnate, Community of the Holy Apostles, etc. etc.) or where there are substantial interests: for example in the Order of Malta, conquered with an extraordinary coup, or at IDI, for which the Pope has asked 25 million dollars for the lay Americans of the Papal Foundation (and the laity Americans, rightly, resent, like any good cow too milked , without shame and discretion).
As an icing on the cake you can also remember the Maradiaga case, and the Viganò case. A collection of scandals in which the common denominator is only one: the absence of an authoritative and safe guide. Which is different, very different, from occasional and arbitrarily authoritarian. How to say? Of a Pope.

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