"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, May 12, 2018

False Trad’s (In General) Are Way Too Trusting

False Trad’s Are Way Too Trusting
By:  Eric Gajewski
“It is time for people to stop being too trusting and realize that the modernist’s don’t have good intentions.  They think we need to convert when the reality is that they must convert out of the novus ordo religion.”  

I want to share a story with you which I don’t believe I have ever spoken about yet.  It concerned me when I was in the SSPX many years ago. I thought I would be hearing what Archbishop Lefebvre truly taught but it didn’t go that way.  One of the first sermons I heard coming from the priest was how “things are changing for the better in Rome and amongst traditionalist’s”.  I immediately raised my eyebrows and questioned whether or not I was truly in a SSPX chapel.  Keep in mind this was about 5 years ago perhaps longer.  Things getting better in Rome?  How?  It became obvious to me over time that the SSPX was partaking in the “false trad ecumenism” of our hour led by the false trad websites like the Remnant or OnePeterFive.  The true traditionalist movement was not and still is not truly getting any better.  WHY?  Because false traditionalism is growing but this is not good.  You go on any false trad website and you will see Cardinal Burke being lauded as the next Archbishop Lefebvre and yet he still remains a material heretic himself.  Things better?  No, it quite the opposite “things are getting more dangerous” because what is implied as traditionalist truly isn’t and that notion is growing like a cancer.  This is why applaud the new effort of Louie Verrecchio and the new newspaper coming “the Catholic Inquisitor”.


If the statement that “things are getting better in Rome and traditionalist movement” wasn’t bad enough I then heard how we ought give the Conciliarist’s “the benefit of the doubt”.  This included the modernists in Rome.  

 I had to scratch my head yet again truly wondering if this priest ever even heard of Archbishop Lefebvre and what he had to say about these “snakes trying to entrap us” into the Conciliar Church. 

It was then many years ago that I knew something was truly not right in the SSPX.   

I felt most weeks like I was getting a used car salesman rather the truth.  Over time I heard more sermons against the Resistance than I did of those against Vatican II and Francis.   But this was the new branding as we have come to know it.  

Trust the modernist’s and furthermore trust Fellay?  Yikes, no thank you.  

I have compiled enough articles to demonstrate the deviation of Fellay from Lefebvre over the years.  It is why he has to duck and hide from us because he knows we can expose him quickly.  It is why he tells their followers not to even go on websites like mine because if they do the truth would become all but evident.  

Unfortunately, I believe the power of opinion won over the Society.  What I mean is this.  They ultimately gave into the false trad ecumenism of our hour which is plainly evident these days.  Now you will find some SSPX’er sitting alongside someone (at conferences, talks maybe even some masses) who doesn’t even agree on doctrine with them.   

They now are promoting heretical prelates together and everyone thinks this is groovy.   

Well, not if you are truly following the principles Archbishop Lefebvre laid down.   

Over the years my comments have been removed from Venari’s facebook pages as well as OnePeterfive and the Remnant.  No surprise there this is why I decided to start DefeatModernism and now TradCatKnight. 

Trust the modernist’s trust Fellay, no thank you.  One of the principles of being an eagle is “test before you trust”.  Over and over again the modernist’s have said that us real catholics (aka true traditionalist’s) will eventually embrace the “Council”.  They even admitted it to the SSPX themselves.   

So why bother with modernist snakes who clearly demonstrate their intentions?   

You have to be an idiot to deal with such people.   

The argument “they have the authority” is not sufficient given their intentions plainly manifested.  You ought not trust the Conciliarists and as the Catholic Church teaches avoid anyone even suspected of being a Mason (or colluding with Masonry).  This is why I don’t give Salza the time of day anymore.  How can you trust someone asking for Scott Hahn’s endorsement for his book  (already got modernist’s Tim Staples approval)! 

Unfortunately, the false trads trust in man too much and hence the disease of false traditionalism now continues to spread.   

Most self-identifying traditionalists think Burke is our go to guy and this is frightening.   

It is no wonder why God must chastise us.  People simply don’t want to get it.  People don’t care about doctrine they are more interested in their social circles.  Perhaps this is what still gives them hope but it is a false hope as God is about to take away that avenue as well.   

Scripture tells us not to trust man.  I don’t trust myself and you should continue to keep me in prayer that I might keep calling a spade a spade.  

Most false trads to boot are  Zionist heretics.  The false right’s political crowd merging with the false right theology crowd is all too common these days.  

 As I have said since day one “conservativism won’t save your soul only Catholicism will.”  

It is time for people to stop being too trusting and realize that the modernist’s don’t have good intentions and they think we need to convert when the reality is that they must convert out of the novus ordo religion.  

How do you trust the false trads like OnePeterfive when one day they might say Vatican II is horrible then the next day promote a prelate who is a “man of the council”.  

 Do you get it now?   

The double mindedness is everywhere and seemingly economics is behind the whole false movement itself.  God has other plans for the true Counter-Revolution.  Hang on tight!

Psalms 117:8  "It is good to confide in the Lord, rather than to have confidence in man."

Micah 7:5 "Believe not a friend, and trust not in a prince: keep the doors of thy mouth from her that sleepeth in thy bosom."

Jeremiah 17:5 "Thus saith the Lord: Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord."

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