"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Lenten Reflection: Why Must I Suffer? Love Shares….

Lenten Reflection:  Why Must I Suffer?  Love Shares….
By:  Eric Gajewski
"If we are not interested in moving closer to His Sacred Heart than why do we profess Religion at all?"  

Over the past few weeks on TCK Radio I have brought guests on to discuss the topics of suffering and temptation.  There are so many Christians still asking God “Why must I suffer this or that” and yet they fail to keep their eyes on Christ.  This is our own will trying to be detached from the Divine Will.  On the natural level we don’t want to suffer but if our hearts truly seek to rest in His than this is all we will seek.  But Why?  Because His Sacred Heart is interested in the salvation of souls, therefore, my heart must likewise be interested in the salvation of souls.  Thus, do you expect not to suffer?  Jesus wants to share His Life with you because it is “the Way” and what if we reject this Way?  What shall become of us if we refuse to deny ourselves and take up our cross?  If we choose the path of self-love than truly we become another demon.  Christ invites you today to open your eyes anew like an eagle in charity and see those opportunities He is giving you today to participate in His Life.

What husband does not want to share all things with his wife?  If he truly loves her he sees nothing as his own and how much more it is with God.   

He wants us to share in Redemption’s plan. 
He wants you to break free from the chains of self-love.  

He allows temptations as a litmus test to show you how little you truly love.  And how much we truly need His grace to ascend above the natural level.  
After all isn’t this what an eagle aspires too?  Were we not made for the skies?  

The question of “Why must I suffer” comes from the self-will in us.  

It removes the Cross from our own lives.  If Jesus loved His Cross than why don’t we?  

Perhaps it is because we are self-interested and not interested in helping Jesus save souls.  If we are not interested in helping Jesus to save souls than what good are we?   

If we are not interested in moving closer to His Sacred Heart than why do we profess Religion at all?    

The fact is, Christ gives you a Cross because He Loves you and He wants to share his Life very intimately with you.  He wants you to become another Him!   

And when we refuse the Cross than we refuse to Love.  We refuse Christ Himself.  We refuse to grow in holiness.   

The degree in which the Fire and Light can possess you is the degree unto which God can use you. 

The Cross teaches us that we are not our own but rather we are a part of something much greater.  And what is greater than His Body?  His mystical Body still suffers till this day believe it or not and we can see this quite clearly in the most intense crisis the Church has ever seen. 

In the end, rather than ask the Lord today “Why must I suffer” you ought be asking these questions.   

“What else would you like to me to suffer O’ Lord”?   

“How can I help Thee today win more souls for Your glory”?   

We are a part of Love when we are in His grace and when we are in His love we have freedom to fly these skies above.   

Do not settle for what is below in fleeting distractions and pleasures.  

Simply allow God to use you as He pleases and open your heart today to receive the Cross that you might be a close friend of Jesus.  Isn’t this what we are after?  

A friend of the world by rejecting the Cross or a friend of God by embracing the Cross these are our only two choices.  Choose wisely.

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