"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, March 3, 2018

How To Find A Traditional Catholic Woman

How To Find A Traditional Catholic Woman

The question below is a question that I have received from many Catholic men, so I decided to address this issue.

While it is true that a virtuous woman is rare, hard to find and precious like gold, the truth is that traditional, virtuous women are everywhere.  You only need to know where to look.
So why haven’t you found her yet?
A traditional Catholic woman will not be found in a pub, bar or club.  Neither will you find her at loud festivals and so on.
Generally, if you are scouting bars and clubs, or are out with the lads at the pub, the chances of finding a truly traditional Catholic woman there are rather slim.

Let’s face it.  Men are visual creatures.  God made you that way, but too many men are busy lusting after and being bewitched by the buxom hottie in the tight-fitting dress with the loud laugh, holding court, that they completely miss out on the quiet, demure, modestly dressed, self-possessed beauty in the corner.
You only have yourself to blame if you overlook the girl who is a bit more reticent and shy, in a non-fitted modest dress, and perhaps wearing spectacles,  for the absolute wench that would drain your heart, soul and your wallet.

It is said that we are an average of the FIVE people we spend most of our time with, and this is very true.
A man may try to put up a façade when he sees a “good girl” that he wants to claim.
He may temporarily clean up his act and act like a “good Christian boy”, but we are not stupid.
We watch your mannerisms, your language, the stuff you like or comment on social media and more importantly, your friends.
If your five closest friends are pot-heads, unemployed, misogynistic, non-Catholics, non-Trads and so on,  we know that you are just like them, but presenting as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
A traditional woman is looking for a man who is worthy of leading her, a man who is also a Trad and the one to whom she would give the gift of submission.
The gift of submission is a gift that traditional women don’t just give to any man.
Before you came along, her submission is to God and to her biological father, so you have to be worthy of being her husband before she would give you that precious gift.
Also, don’t get it twisted.  Traditional Catholic women DO NOT submit to boyfriends or suitors who are merely dating and courting them.  That privilege is reserved for husbands only, but you will see the beginnings of during the courtship phase , if you are lucky to get that far.

Traditional Catholic girls can present as demure and reserved, but we are not stupid by any means.
We are very aware of our value and we are extremely careful who we give our hearts too.
Traditional Catholic girls are not looking for men who would make good boyfriends; they are looking for men who would make good husbands and fathers.
We watch and we quietly observe you, and if we deem you unworthy or unable to lead us, we quietly remove ourselves from your presence.
While it is true that it is the man who would initiate contact and chase after the woman, it is the woman who actually chooses you, not the other way around.
This biological instinct is necessary as women do not want to make the mistake of choosing someone completely wrong for her and her future children.
Part of the reason modern relationships and marriages have a high failure rate is due to a majority of women being so disconnected from their feminine nature that they make terrible decisions in the choices of men that they pick as spouses or allow into their lives.
This of course, only leads to inevitable harm and heartbreak for them.

finding and looking for a traditional catholic single girl woman,


As an introvert, it can be hard meeting people in the first place and especially if you are a guy hoping to meet a traditional Catholic woman.
A lot of introverted men become a little passive with regards to women that they are interested in.
They do not take the lead or initiate conversation.  They expect the woman to make the first move.
The women that will make the first move on you, 90% of the time, will not be traditional women.
Traditional women will only go for traditional men, and traditional men make the first move – always!
So you might need to first work on your conversational skills, especially with regards to approaching women.

Here are my TOP THREE PLACES to meet traditional, virtuous Catholic women.
No, I am not talking about online dating per se.  I mean online forums.
Facebook is a great place for this.  Traditional women love to interact with others.
You will find them in Facebook groups.
I would not recommend sliding into their inbox immediately.
Build a rapport first.  Interact with them on their comments and posts in the group before introducing yourself.
Traditional Catholic groups on Facebook are good suggestions.

Don’t attend Mass regularly? Give up. You will not find a traditional Catholic girl.
She attends Mass regularly and if you are someone who does not attend Mass regularly, she would not be interested.
In addition to Mass, attending Eucharistic Adoration weekly is a great way to meet a traditional, Catholic girl.
You need to be attending regularly for months, not just scouting for a mate, before introducing yourself.
And whatever you do, do not introduce yourself during Adoration.  Wait until it is over and she is outside the Church.
Volunteering at the Church is another great way to meet like-minded folks.
Help out during parish events; help in decorating the Christmas Tree at Advent and so on.
Not only will you get to know people and build friendships, you will expand your social circle and who knows, a friend from Church or older parishioner just might introduce you to their friend, niece, daughter etc who might be a Trad too.

A woman who gives up her time and energy to join a protest or Rosary chain outside an abortion is a virtuous woman.  This is a good place to meet other virtuous Trads.
Attend regularly and build friendships or you will gain a reputation among the group of being a woman-hunting perv and shatter all your chances there.

There you have it.  My top three places to meet traditional, virtuous Catholic women.
Would you add anything else to this list?
St Raphael, the Archangel, pray for us.
Our Lady, Throne of Wisdom, pray for us!