"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Former Reagan Education Head (Iserbyt) Not Surprised: Trump: 'Take the guns first, go through due process second'

Former Reagan Education Head (Iserbyt) Not Surprised: Trump: 'Take the guns first, go through due process second'
Eric, please get this out to the public...
From Charlotte Iserbyt
Freemason/Zionist Trump


I am not surprised.  The Community Oriented Policing System  (COPS) is becoming a reality.  Carefully selected unelected persons who are part of unconstitutional public/private partnership will decide who is dangerous.  Ask yourself "who" in "their" minds are the "dangerous" ones?  Not the fellow who pulled the trigger in Florida or those involved in other recent shooting tragedies.  

We are entering the police state as I write.

Hopefully, you will not delete this email since it is quite long.  If you don't have time to read it and forward it, I plead with you to file it away for your attention when you are not too busy.

I also plead with you to go back to my old emails regarding the Comm,unity Oriented Policing System (aka East German STASI) with ALL the links included, including the DOJ report on COPS, the Jean Gang Architectural and Community Design for our towns and cities, Patriots or Manchurian Candidates, and  Heritage Foundation Report supporting COPS written by Edwin Meese, September 2017.

I have sent the following 2002 quotes from San Diego Det. Phil Worts' article to members of my email list many, many times.  Has anyone read it? If not,  they had better do so.

Shift in philosophy about police duties vs. community responsibilities to a team concept of TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT of the community. Re-identifying the police role as a FACILITATOR in the community (Emphasis mine).
Translation: Transformation from a constitutionally empowered local police force performing their duty to keep the peace to that of a change agent working within the community to affect a Marxist paradigm shift. Pay close attention to what the influential German Marxist Georg Lukacs had to say about who the facilitators are in the community: "The institutions in socialist society which act as the facilitators between the public and private realms are the Soviets. They (facilitators) are the congresses (diverse groups), which facilitate the debate (dialoguing to consensus) of universal problems (social issues) in the context of the everyday."
1. Leaders of the community (law enforcement, government, business, education, health, civic, non-profit, medical, religious, etc.) collaborating to identify problems in the community, what the significant impact on people will be, and suggesting solutions to those problems. (This is POP, or Problem Oriented Policing.)   Charlotte:  SEE LIST OF INDIVIDUALS INVOLVED IN REAGAN PRIVATE SECTOR INITIATIVE BELOW.
2. Identifying common ground, where all factions of a community can work together for the COMMON GOOD of the community in a broader problem-solving approach. Forming a partnership between police and the rest of the community where each is accountable to each other and the community as a whole. (Emphasis mine. End of COPs definition).
Note the reference to the "common good," the ever-present ideal in the communist state. Individual rights become subordinated to the so-called greater good. This raises serious concern over the role of the police officer in society as a "partner" with community groups and social service programs, which, due to the blurring of lines of responsibility, are unaccountable to the public (voters).

To further understand the philosophy of COPs, one does not have to look further than the late socio-psychologist Dr. Robert Trojanowicz. Formerly the director of the National Center for Community Policing at the University of Michigan, he is considered the father of Community Oriented Policing. Consider the following selections from his writings:

"Social control is most effective at the individual level. THE PERSONAL CONSCIENCE IS THE KEY ELEMENT in ensuring self-control, refraining from deviant behavior even when it can be easily perpetrated."
"The family, the next most important unit affecting social control, is obviously instrumental in the initial formation of the conscience and in the continued reinforcement of the values that encourage law abiding behavior."
This is an astonishing admission of the fundamental dynamics of crime prevention and social disorder. The most conservative thinkers alive today couldn't have been better articulated what makes for domestic tranquility in any society. Our founding fathers were keenly aware of this fact. James Madison cited the fact that our form of limited government is "wholly inadequate" without personal conscience as the internal social control. So then, in an effort to solve America's moral chaos, we are going to restore the personal conscience by encouraging accountability to a higher authority (Ten Commandments) and strengthening the family, right?" Don't be silly, says Dr. Trojanowicz.
"Unfortunately, because of the reduction of influence exerted neighbors, the extended family and even the family, social control is now often more dependent on external control, than on internal self-control."

"The community of interest generated by crime, disorder and fear of crime becomes the goal to allow the community policing officer an entre into the geographic community."

Charlotte:  Think Florida and all other sites where recent tragedies have occurred. 

Worts:  If you did not fall out of your chair with Trojanowitcz quote above, you weren't paying attention. Social chaos is the GOAL for the transformational Marxist. The crisis of crime and disorder is the door for the police officer as facilitator/change agent to enter the community (the "client," or the latest term, "customer," and to initiate the paradigm shift! Even though these social architects plainly admit what is most vital in making for a crime-free community, they have absolutely no intention of restoring "individual conscience" or going back to repairing the traditional family. On the contrary, for the past sixty years these social-psychologists have been introducing these very dialectic concepts into our school system with the intent on demolishing personal conscience. Is there any doubt they have succeeded? For them, there is no going back.
"They (Americans) may not yet recognize that there is no 'going back to basics' in education."  -Training manual for Goals 2000
"If 'Equality of Opportunity' is to become a part of the American Dream, the traditional family must be weakened."  
Socio Psychologist-James Coleman:
"In order to effect rapid change, one must mount a vigorous attack on the family lest the traditions of present generations be preserved."  -Socio-psychologist Warren Bennis in his book, The Temporary Society. Bennis' book "Leaders," was recommended reading at one time when one was promoted to sergeant on the S.D.P.D., wherein he identifies the leaders in any organization as "agents of change."
Dr. Trojanowicz admits in no uncertain terms that is what his research is all about:
"It should also be noted that the continuing interest in finding a viable definition for the term community has not merely been an intellectual exercise. The theme underlying much of the research is that once you can identify a community, you have discovered the primary unit of society ABOVE the level of the individual and family that can be mobilized to take concerted action to bring about POSITIVE SOCIAL CHANGE."
Just in case you doubt the Marxist nature of their concepts of community transformation, Trojanowicz quotes Saul Alinsky, the extreme Marxist change agent of the "60's who authored Rules for Radicals." Alinsky proposed "we begin viewing community through the prism of issues (Issues=problems=crisis= conflict) which, in essence, constitutes the most urgent kind of community of interest."
"What community policing does is put an officer in daily face-to-face contact with the community, so that he or she can have the input of the community in setting priorities. Unlike police programs of the past where police administrators or so-called community leaders set the police agenda, the community policing movement encourages average citizens to become involved."
Formerly, the police administrators were accountable to the elected officials who were accountable to the voters (representative democracy). This new paradigm that Trojanowicz describes is exactly what Marxist George Lukacs termed "participatory democracy" and is nothing more than the Soviet style council. The United States Constitution was the law of the land (absolute authority) restraining government intrusion into the rights of the individual. The framers designed it to insulate the private realm (the individual) from the public realm (government). Allow me to repeat Lukacs:
"The institutions in socialist society which act as the facilitators between the public and private realms are the Soviets."
By practicing the dialectic, we are removing the only barrier between a tyrannical government and the private citizen. Your neighborhood cop is now that facilitator, the Soviet. Why a police officer?

"In the role of the community ombudsman/liaison (i.e. facilitator), the community policing officer also acts as the community's link to other agencies. The police are the only governmental agency open 24 hours a day, which makes them the ideal public agent to begin regenerating community spirit."

This whole unconstitutional mess started under President Reagan who took advice from Edwin Meese and Caspar Weinberger.  (See below). 

  Not so innocent-sounding policy changes, in Charlotte's mind,  were direct result of White House Private Sector Initiative (I was Dept. of Ed liaison to that Initiative) which recommended merging not just government and industry, but government and the private sector by the setting up of unelected councils, like in the Soviet Union and other communist countries, to determine policy  [regional government:  system in effect in Soviet Union]

This is what President Trump is calling for when he says "take the guns first, go through  "due process" later.  "Due Process" means "Constitutional Process".
Dave Dionisi "Trump Card Played: Advancing the Brotherhood of Death Agenda"