"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, March 8, 2018

CERN, Self-Love & The Gates of Hell Opening

CERN, Self-Love & The Gates of Hell Opening
By:  Eric Gajewski
The Spiritual Combat (Chapter 25) “Take self-love out of the world and the gates of hell would close”

I encourage you all to read at least a chapter from the work, “The Spiritual Combat” daily.  This is a wonderful guide for the soul just like the Imitation of Christ.  I was reading Chapter 25 the other day and the particular line I have highlighted above stood out to me in these endtimes.  The agents of the Antichrist have done very well in preparing the world for their “messiah”.  They have completely brainwashed the masses into an individualistic, “me first” society rooted in self.  Man, thinking, he is his own “god” if you will.  We have a situation wherein only the true God can help the Church as we get closer to the climatic event of the three days of darkness.  This is when every devil will be let loose (via CERN) as the gates of hell will be wide open.  Man has been conditioned to love his self and the whole world at that point will be so inebriated in it that God will allow every devil to roam the world in order to purge it of the self.  It is the ultimate chastisement.

“Take self-love out of the world and the gates of hell would close”.  This chastisement will take “self-love” out of the world in a general sense.   

It is a spiritual chastisement coming to punish those who live by the law of Self.  At that point the Antichrist would have well established His “Religion of Self” and told humanity that we are already “gods” without the aide of “our Christ”.   

He would have told the world that Catholics/Christians are fundamentalists who have never understood how to “interpret” the Bible.   

If you think heresy is rampant now in the Conciliar Church just wait.  

I warned you all on one of my last podcast/radio show programs that the Vatican shills would soon start to attack the doctrine of “original sin”.   

It is vital in the New Age Religion to do so.  So be forewarned.  Nevertheless, I digress.  Hell is full of souls who dies in that darkened state of self-love.   

The world will become pitch black to match the souls wandering this earth in that hellish state.  Only God can level the playing field and He will do so in His mercy and Justice.

Men shall be lovers of themselves, covetous, haughty, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, wicked," [2 Timothy 3:2]  As the days go by the many feed the self and become more like demons than they do angels.   

We need to be careful of every movement of our heart and continually keep our minds pure with proper doctrine and surround ourselves with people who will only support how we are trying to live as good Catholics.   

There is a fine line between loving God and living for Him and loving ourselves and living for ourselves.   

Often times we think we are doing something for God but it only turns out that we are doing for ourselves or some type of gain.  In an instant of mortal sin we can turn our souls filled with Light and Fire into a dense darkened lonely forest due to self-love.   

Remember this Lent that the devil can only tempt you but only we can on the account of self love choose to “take the bait”.   

God will always give us the grace to get through any temptation.  It is in these endtimes that men no longer fight against themselves and their evil passion’s.  No, they rather submit and allow the dark of self-love to inhabit their souls.  


God will allow every devil to roam the earth.  CERN, eventually, will open the portal or gate of hell and all humanity will suffer.  It will be quick over the span of three days and we know from Catholic Prophecy about ¾ of the world will perish on those 3 days.   

To think about this event and all the atrocities that will accompany it is truly horrifying for such is the Wrath of God.   

God, at this point, shall have tested His true elect to see who was faithful and for those who didn’t pass this “Great Test”?  Well, it is onward to their new home where the souls of hell stay.  

Man trying to play God is never a good idea.   

What God has given us has seemingly not been enough!  Man didn’t want Catholic truth so more and more heresies/lies spread.  Man didn’t want true order so He will hand men over to the “disorder of hell” for a short season.   

He will allow men to “intern” at this hellish company which formally preaches self-love.   

We roam the earth now as Catholics but are we making an impact? Are we spreading truth?  Or are we cowards still hiding behind our careers and names?  What is at stake here folks is TRUTH!  Hardly anybody wants to stand behind truth.  Everybody just wants to be nice under the Masonic banner of “tolerance”.   

Well God is going to be very intolerant in the 3 days of darkness.

In the end, let us be sure to close the gates of hell to our own souls by practicing what Our Lord said.  He said daily we must deny ourselves, take up our Cross and follow Him.  Who will you follow Christ in self-denial or the Jewish Antichrist who will teach the world to indulge in the self? 

Furthermore, do I follow my own will or God’s?  Am I even trying to do God’s Will.   

All of our decisions now will decide how our soul is (prepared) before we even get to those three days of death and carnage.  If we choose poorly now we stand no chance then.   

Consistency is key in the spiritual life.  Therefore, let us enter into each day as Soldiers ready to do spiritual battle with the greatest enemy the world has known….our own selves.  

There is only One Who is Selfless Love who can close it.

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