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saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Modernist/Masonic Rome: Can One Be “In the Cult of Man” & Be Catholic?

Modernist/Masonic Rome:  Can One Be “In the Cult of Man” & Be Catholic?
By:  Eric Gajewski
 "I believe there will come a day when Vatican II will be declared “null and void” in a solemn judgment of the Supreme Pontiff. It will then appear as an anomalous stone, abandoned at the back of a cemetery."
Fr. Luigi Villa Th. D.

Over the past few weeks more and more attacks have come from the Novus Ordites themselves.  Their arguments range from you are an “ultra-traditionalist” to you are a “schismatic”.  I even had old friends from college message me to say that “God ought have mercy on my soul” for being such a “radical”.  The reality is Rome has lost the Faith objectively speaking and is touting the New World Order’s principles as “orthodoxy”.  Vatican II is a New Religion yet why dont see it that way?  What was once condemned no longer is and false obedience (don’t forget emotionalism) rules the hour.  We have had past Cardinals and Popes admit the revolutionary nature of the second Vatican Council yet I am in the wrong?  What gives?

It becomes very difficult to even speak to those following Vatican II because we have been submerged in it for over 50 years.  One of the most blatant statements made by a Pope to show forth how Vatican II WAS NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF CATHOLICISM came from sodomite Paul the 6th.  But we call upon those who term themselves modern humanists (humanism is the philosophy of Masonry), and who have renounced the transcendent value of the highest realities, to give the council credit at least for one quality and to recognize our own new type of humanism: we, too, in fact, we more than any others, honour mankind; We have the cult of man. - Address of Paul VI, Council’s Last General Meeting, December 7, 1965, Italian Translation.”  It is simple. Vatican II equates to Masonry, as self-admitted, by Paul the 6th.  Let me discuss further.

Objective/subjective.  We are only concerned with the objective reality of this crisis and not subjectively judging anyone in the Conciliar Church.  On the surface level this “new” brand of Catholicism which has a new humanism has already been condemned thus we need not go any further in reality.  Catholic’s can have no part in it.  Simply because one was baptized “in the Church” is not a sufficient excuse for “traditionalist’s” to be attending these heretical buildings.  Nor is the argument that the Mass is “valid” an excuse to be communing with the objective destroyers of the Church as Archbishop Lefebvre so rightly pointed out.  More on him below.   

If we seek to please Jesus in all things how can our consciences be clean by going to churches where Vatican II is taught? 

Objectively speaking the Conciliar Church is in a material schism which will soon give way to a formal schism.  It has too many heresies to keep up with.  Scripture, Tradition and various approved prophecies and revelations support my thesis.  The problem is most self-identifying Catholics don’t know what the Church taught before Vatican II.  And if they do then they are actually willing to embrace the excuses coming from the Popes and prelates to support the “supposed continuity” between pre-post Vatican II teaching.  Frightening!

Make no mistake Catholicism is under attack by our openly professed enemies who are within the Church but it is also being attacked by the absolute ignorance and stupidity by those silly enough to embrace the indefensible arguments these modernist’s present.  

Catholic!  Do you want to be in the cult of God or the Vatican II “cult of man”?  Subjectively, due to ignorance, a soul maybe “in the Church at heart wilst being formally apart of the Conciliar Church.  I was ignorant at one point in the Novus Ordo and I’m sure a good number of you were as well.

Vatican II rerouted souls onto a new path.  This new path will lead souls into a formalized One World Religion under the False Prophet and Antichrist.  Fr. Villa, who was an understudy of Padre Pio has a great book unmasking Vatican II that you all must read.  It is not optional at this point.  Those who do not know how the enemy operates and what they teach are doomed to stay ignorant in the Conciliar Church.   

I must remind everyone that ignorance can only “potentially” save a soul from eternal damnation not that it does in all cases.  

 Even Pope St. Pius X taught that he feared some Catholics would lose their souls for not knowing all the teachings of the Church.  This is consistent with Scripture which says “without Faith it is impossible to please God”.  Ignorance does not please God, therefore, we must educate ourselves and now.

Fr. Villa (Doctor of Theology on Vatican II)

Recently Francis admitted that Vatican II was “the gospel” being taught in a new way.  Yet the Church condemns such a statement (Vatican I).  This is not development of what we already know to be.  No, it is cleverly worded verbiage from heretics who are teaching (via rupture) a new gospel and doctrine under the banner of "Katholicism".  Furthermore, Scripture reminds us to turn from any new gospel being presented and that is exactly what Vatican II is.  It is a new socialist, man entered Gospel that involves all of humanity (so say Vatican II).  The Church is a sign of "unity of the whole human family" (so says Masonic Vatican II).  

We cannot play pretend anymore, as the false traditionalists do and say "I know the difference between the two religions" but will still commune with them (in the Conciliar Church).  When we do, we are objectively speaking, stabbing Our Lord in the back due to our own fears which are the result of self-love.

2 Corinthians 11:4  For if he that cometh preacheth another Christ, whom we have not preached; or if you receive another Spirit, whom you have not received; or another gospel which you have not received; you might well bear with him.
Galatians 1:8  As we said before, so now I say again: If any one preach to you a gospel, besides that which you have received, let him be anathema.

In closing, what did Archbishop Lefebvre say?
If we are to understand fully and to measure the harm done by Vatican II, we must study this Council in the light of the Pontifical documents which, for nearly two centuries, put bishops, clergy and faithful on their guard against the conspiracy of the enemies of the Church acting through Liberalism and Modernism. It is also essential to know the documents of the opponents of the Church, and especially of the secret societies which had been preparing for this Council for more than a century. Finally, it will be very instructive to follow the reactions of Protestants, Masons and Liberal1 Catholics during and after the Council.
Even, however, if we leave it to God and to Peter’s true successors to sit in judgment of these things, it is nonetheless certain that the Council was deflected from its purposes by a group of conspirators and that it is impossible for us to take any part in this conspiracy despite the fact that there may be many satisfactory declarations in Vatican II. The good texts have served as cover to get those texts which are snares, equivocal, and denuded of meaning, accepted and passed. We are left with only one solution: to abandon these dangerous examples and cling firmly to tradition, i .e., to the official Magisterium of the Church throughout 2,000 years. ...Would not Cardinal Suenens be right in declaring that this Council has been the French Revolution of the Church! From I Accuse the Council!
Keep Crusading!

Priest who Translated the New Mass Publicly REPENTS! 

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  1. The entire situation is a winnowing process. People are making decisions based on their hearts, many not bothering to engage their God given intelligence. With the resources available today there is a much heavier liability concerning beliefs held and decisions made. If we can read, have a few minutes a day to THINK, and are open to the TRUTH, then God will instruct us in LOVE. Thank you for your work Eric. It has helped me come to some harsh (subjectively) but completely justifiable conclusions as to living my life in a more CATHOLIC manner. We can pray and sacrifice for sinners. That's the heavier liability on us as traditionalist. It's certainly not going to get any easier for anyone. Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Help us all carry our Cross!

  2. It stands to reason that those who know how much God is offended by the heretical Vatican 2 mass and the equally heretical prelates cannot act as though they didn't know, or worse, that it doesn't matter. We, as Catholics who love truth as much as God,(for they are inseparable; I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life) must avoid these heretical buildings like the plague. We are doctrine-first Catholics. If your doctrine stinks, you're no good. We don't have to attend heretical masses to avoid offending God. That's nonsensical.

  3. One secular truther blogger recently said when people get real mad at you they are on the verge of waking up.

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