"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Jesus to Marie Julie: War Against the Church – the True Faith will be Abandoned – We Must Hope in the Sacred Heart

Jesus to Marie Julie: War Against the Church – the True Faith will be Abandoned – We Must Hope in the Sacred Heart 

Ecstasy date July 10, 1879

Our Lord to Marie-Julie Jahenny:

My children, when I look on earth at your mortal residences, My eyes fill with tears.

Now My hour is not much farther.


My mercy is so wide, for My real friends, that I can not express the greatness, but also My Justice is so frightening that if I am developing a spark, I will cause you a pain incurable.

My children, do not be frightened. Now I can no longer wait.

The more I do for My people, the more it offends Me and makes Me suffer. There will never be peace, unity, charity and happiness, as (long as) my Justice will not come on earth. (I.e. the punishment must come to cleanse the earth before the restoration can happen.)

Everything is despised everywhere: My love, My goodness, My Cross, my Tabernacle.

My people seem to go about in disbelief. What tears My Divine Heart, it is the war that they have declared on the holy temple in which I make My home to console and fortify souls.

My children, it is not only a war, it is a terrible fury. The spirit of the most part of men is tainted, corrupt to the last fibre.”

Marie-Julie Jahenny: “It is true, my Jesus.”

Our Lord: “Religion, every day, is weakening. Soon it will be almost deserted by the whole world, but it will reign in the isolated souls, prosecuted, beaten cruelly and without mercy.

Soon, in large parts of this land of the dead, there will be no more sanctuaries. The apostles will have fled. (The bishops?) The holy souls weep over the ruins and the abandoned. The road ahead will lead there, in no time. See how they insult and how they offend Me.”

Marie-Julie: “It is true, my Jesus”

Our Lord: “Oh! Soon, the land of my creation, (France), oh! How soon you will contain victims without life! Soon, land of My creation, you will have a shaking finery: the blood of the apostles and of Christians who remain in the faith!”

Marie-Julie: “I see the hand of Our Lord raised and surrounded by a large lightning flash. This flash is so strong, every day, we wait and prepare ourselves.”

Our Lord continues:

I have waited long enough and I invited enough, enough I begged. The ungrateful had their triumph, it is time that the righteous enter into the joy. I have only one word to tell you: not to be surprised, (about the chastisements) until the day I will come and proclaim: 'enter now in the peace of the land that has come to you from heaven'.

Do not expect anything from men here below and I mean absolutely nothing - but wait while all is (under) evil. They do not have that force, that power, (i.e. to bring the promised Age of Peace). Sinners of the earth have only one desire: to feast on evil, to feed on all sacrileges. The smell of their breath is terrible.”


Next published ecstasy, August 5, 1879

Our Lord: “Do not look for another saviour. Do not rely on men! My Divine Heart alone will save the kingdom. (France)

Do not expect anything of the rulers of today. A big storm will soon emerge from the Room where Hell, (Chamber of Deputies in Paris) where the good will not win the victory that they hope, but God will keep them to reward them because our Lord wants them to be at the head of procession of the King.

(Note: Our Lord may be referring to the French Royalists who at that time still attempted to restore the monarchy via democratic means. Their cause did not win out at the time as the 'Miracle Child', Henry V, refused to accept a constitutional monarchy and defended the White Flag of the absolute monarchy, but Our Lord promises that the 'good' who supported him will be 'kept' and will not only see the arrival of the promised Great Monarch, Henry V, but to be at the head of his triumphant procession.)

Our Lord: “Do not lose heart, everything is written in My Heart, and next to this writing, I have placed a lily. This lily will be France resurrected after many troubles, many penalties, many fights. (I.e. the fleur du lys, the symbol of the absolute monarchy of France.)

The earth will be in places a red sea. The blood of Christians will make torrents, but they will not lose courage on the eve of the terrible fighting. The earth is about to be watered with the blood of My children. I will save your homeland in My Justice and the strokes of lightning from My wrath. I warn you, you, all My servants to wait in trust and hope.

What pains Me the most is that many Christians refuse to believe in the Promise of My Divine Heart, (I.e. that France will come under the rule of the Sacred Heart via the Great Monarch), and that many souls go so far as to say:

"If the Heart of God had wanted, this miracle would have happened long ago before now."

What makes Me suffer the most is that I, in chastising and punishing, populate hell with souls.”

(I.e., by having to punish the earth, those who refuse to convert are sent to their demise sooner as their lives are cut short. It is why Our Lord holds off on punishing the earth in the hope sinners may reflect and be saved. Let us not forget to pray for sinners, as Our Lady reminded us, so many sinners go to Hell because no one prays for them.)