"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, February 11, 2018

I Still Haven’t Given Up Hope On Burke, Schneider & Sarah

I Still Haven’t Given Up Hope On Burke, Schneider & Sarah
By:  Eric Gajewski

I have said from day one of this apostolate that Vatican II was a robber “Council” and that it was definitely revolutionary in nature.  I have also said that Archbishop Lefebvre and Fr.Hesse were two souls who saw clearly through this Vatican II Deception.  I have also weighed in and tried to demonstrate how the false traditionalists use Burke, Schneider and Sarah as some model of Orthodoxy in this crisis when they truly are not.  How can they be when they still stand behind this evil “Council” which was the platform for the New Religion?  Many roll their eyes but cannot refute me.  We have to start calling a “spade a spade” (as these three still dig in the Conciliar Church)  but I suppose for some they must cling to “some Cardinal” as a form of hope in these times.  Having said all of this I have been on record as saying I still haven’t lost hope altogether for these prelates who remain a part of the problem and not the solution.  Let me answer some further arguments and questions being proposed by those confused in this crisis.

Best We Got?  I have run into quite a few “traditionalist’s” who argue “they are the best we got” so we must support them.  Well, no (emphatically).  How can we support a less appearing (liberal/modernist)?   

Just because they are not as outlandish as someone like Francis doesn’t mean we cave in and just accept these prelates at face value.  Why?  Because they are still revolutionaries.  

They are not really traditionalist’s and how could they be as Archbishop Lefebvre pointed out in his times (to the false trads of his time).   

So, we are supposed to embrace error and put on a smile and say these men represent the Truth Christ passed on?  The answer is no.   

They must still repent and convert out of the Novus ordo publicly which leads me to the next point.

What would the Church look like if they did follow in Archbishop Lefebvre’s path?  Would we see an “awakening” of the false trads and even the now liberal leaning SSPX across the board?  Heck, the Neo-SSPX will even use Burke these days on their website which is truly misleading.  

Lord knows how many of them there are today still clinging to some hope for the “Council” and Novus Ordo Mass.   

Would websites like Church Militant Tv finally get on board with the true Resistance?  

Would the Remnant and OnePeterFive quit sitting on the fence at that point?   

I would say it is pivotal for these three (Burke, Schneider & Sarah) to come out publicly before the formal schism occurs but I don’t think they will.  I am hopeful but my gut instinct tells me they may not have time.  Pray I am wrong.   

Whether they truly agree with people like Lefebvre and me is one thing (which they don’t) but it is another thing to publicly state such a position publicly when they would know full well what the consequences would be (their lives more than likely).

 TCK Radio, SHOWDOWN: Archbishop Lefebvre vs Cardinal Burke 

Prayer, sacrifices and reparation.  There is not much we can do in the true Resistance (which is truly holding Tradition) other than pray and play the waiting game in patience.   

As I have mentioned there is no full-blown Counter Revolutionary movement coming worldwide.   

It is more of God “weeding out” those who oppose the true Resistance as His Wrath will be raining down on the world “type of deal”.   

Most don’t want to face reality so God will force them to.  In order to get the right people in place at the right time requires God’s Wisdom and right now the Church is full of material heretics playing pretend and compromisers.  

Furthermore, those who are truly resistant see this and know there is not much we can do practically speaking to get things turned around outside prayer and reparation.  We are going underground.  

Which is why we must do more of it (prayer, fasting, reparation) and do it better. I must admit I waiver on this topic as to whether any of these three churchmen will ever fully get on board with the true Resistance but we must have hope!  

If a small group of like minded Cardinals and prelates were to get together and dare to follow Lefebvre’s model it just might shake up Modernist Rome so much that perhaps we could get more awakened before the Great tribulation starts.  

Think of how the SSPX might change for the better (leave behind this silly notion Vatican II can be accepted in light of Tradition) and quit their own liberal tendencies.   

Only time will tell but until then continue to pray the five P’s (for Pope Benedict XVI, prelates, priest, souls in Purgatory and for us poor sinners).  Ave Maria!

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