"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, January 19, 2018

Where The “New World Order” Goes Wrong

Where The “New World Order” Goes Wrong
By:  Eric Gajewski
“…where the new world odor goes wrong is in their thinking that they will control us on every level when God already has them in His clenched hands.”
By now Catholics should understand the master plan of these Luciferian freaks.  If you don’t here is a quick recap.  They don’t like us we don’t like them.  They have infiltrated the Vatican and world governments.  They seek to end Christianity altogether.  We seek to have Christ reign amongst the nations.  They have their “plants” pitching their false doctrines (religious liberty) in the Vatican and world governments.  Yet, we still have the true Christ implanted in our hearts.  We are still better off than they.  They believe any opinion is okay publicly (except the Catholic one in reality) and we say only Catholic truth can have rights publicly.  Therefore, we must ask the question,” Who will reign in this nation and the world?”  Is it Christ and His Catholic Faith or will it be the Antichrist and His Jewish/Socialist minions?  Man didn’t want Catholic truth and thus turned from it.  Now we will get the reign of terror from this Beast.  In the end it is either Christ or Antichrist.  The Jews have long awaited their false messiah and we are soon to see him arrive onto the scene.  Let me now break down where the New World Order goes wrong.


Just like the Vatican America will fall.  It has already been pre-planned.  Due to Protestantism and Zionism this country lives in a delusional hope.  It lives in a delusional Hope that Mason Trump will actually right the ship.  Folks, the Ship is already half sunk and there is not much left to save.  America will be attacked by Russia and the Communist plan of taking over the West will nearly be completed.  I say nearly because at the last second God will intervene.   

Americans had better turn to Our Lady and pray the Rosary if they seek to make it through these times as she has asked.   

But no.  Rather than turn to Our Lady She is now being called demonic (Fatima) by heretics who do not have the truth in them.  America will fall and hard and for good reason.  And I do not feel sorry for this country which has adopted so many errors and has been killing the innocent and protecting fags for quite some time.  It needs to happen.  But what can fall get up a second time in Love’s mercy.  Worldwide Socialism/Communism will not prevail as these demons seem to think.

We get stronger as we suffer.  These Luciferian freaks want us to suffer and yet this is a Christian’s motto. As we suffer more, we grow spiritually more, in union, with Our Lord Jesus Christ.  In their blindness they do not realize this.  For they are dumb animals.  They can dump chemtrail poisons on us.  They can poison our food and water supply but what does this have to do with our soul?  They want to get rid of us from this world which is great because how else will Christians get to the “real world” in which Christ awaits for us?   

The more they try to take away from us the more we gain in Christ because HE IS OUR SUPPLY!  

What wonderful opportunities these blind devils give us.  The Cross is our way.  A Cross which they run from.  A Cross which those nasty Jews said to Christ “Come down off from”.  The Jews hate the Cross because they love themselves.  They love money, riches, honor and all that is involved with this passing world.  They are the arch enemies of Our Lord Jesus Christ and they will eventually see His power coming from on high.  Why do we fear suffering like the Jews?  For when we do we are no better than they.

We are not playing into their hands.  I can just see them now laughing thinking we are oblivious to their agendas and plan.  Yet, we are laughing right back at them.  We are not playing into their hands because they are already in God’s. God could squeeze the life out of them at this very moment but He chooses not to.  He will await for that appointed time to do so for the sake of converting some of these godless, self loving “animals”.   For those of you who haven’t studied Communism I suggest that you do because it is essentially Jewish in nature.  Read Dr. Duke’s book, “The Secret of Communism” and get educated.  “Anti-semitism” is simply a Communist/Jewish propagandist buzz word and the Jews (Judaism or Khazarian/Synagogue of Satan)  aren’t the “good guys”.  The same goes for Zionism.   

The Jews are accursed up unto the very end (when they shall convert to Catholicism) Scripture says except for in heretical Protestant circles apparently.   

Do these idiots not realize they are literally aiding the Antichrist’s construct for this new world?  Perhaps some do but many have been promised positions of power in this new godless world order to come so they "play the game" with the Jews.  This crime stained earth which has chosen to reject Catholic truth will shake rattle and roll all throughout the Tribulation but God is still in control.


In the end, we live in an evil world but this evil does not have a Higher Seat than Truth.  Perhaps, they have never heard Our Lord’s Word, which says, the gates of hell will not prevail against His Catholic Church?  They currently think they have us “trapped” but an angry God will soon claim the victory through the Blessed Mother which He has sent out before the nations (at Fatima and LaSalette) in an attempt to warn humanity of these Luciferian freaks.  Make no mistake, God will preserve His own and where the new world odor goes wrong is in their thinking that they will control us on every level when God already has them in His clenched hands.

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  1. Mr. Gajewski said,
    "They currently think they have us “trapped” but an angry God will soon claim the victory through the Blessed Mother"

    Actually, St. Pius X defeated them. When a person takes an oath to God, they ask God to send down his rathe upon them should they fail to do what they promised to do in the oath they took. The modernists promised to keep the precepts of “Pacendi" in the “Oath against Modernism,” but at Vatican II, they put an end to the precepts of Pacendi, thus the rathe of God will come upon them before they succeed in their handy work, simply because they asked God to send His rathe! God’s just going to do what they asked Him to do!

    1. I guess this is how God "laughs His enemies to scorn," as it says in the bible!