"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, January 27, 2018

What the Dramatic Increase in Pornhub Views During the Hawaii “Crisis” Teaches Us

What the Dramatic Increase in Pornhub Views During the Hawaii “Crisis” Teaches Us
By:  Eric Gajewski
Our Lady of Fatima, The sins which cause most souls to go to Hell are the sins of the flesh"

A few weeks ago, Hawaii was seemingly under attack.  There was an emergency ballistic missile attack warning sent out to the public.  Oh no!  Within a matter of minutes there was a dramatic drop off in overall Pornhub viewership in that state (-77 %) but it sadly did not last very long.  Once Hawaii was given the “all clear” about 30 minutes later Pornhub viewership from that country spiked once again to nearly +50 percent (from the normal rate of viewership).  (http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2018/01/18/pornhub-usage-spiked-in-hawaii-after-false-ballistic-missile-alert.html) Fortunately, no lives were lost in this apparent false flag blunder but how many already fell in mortal sin?  Furthermore, what can we learn from this example?  What if there was no warning and Hawaii “got smoked” without anyone getting the opportunity to repent?  What does it say about these souls who jumped right back into viewing porn just minutes after the “all- clear”? Do these souls really fear God?  Do they really love God.  The answer is obviously no and is a perfect example of the “culture of self”  we live in.

Abuse in God’s mercy.  We have all abused God’s mercy in some form or fashion.  And this was the perfect example to demonstrate just how strong the hold self-love has on society in general.  Granted, it was just Hawaii but should we expect the situation to be different in Florida, California or Massachusetts?  No, in fact it probably would have been worse statistically speaking.  Throughout the decades Our Lady and Lord have been warning (through various holy persons) about this abuse of mercy.  It seems to me that we are not learning.  Therefore, how much longer can God hold back His all-out Wrath?  Recently, the New Madrid, Yellowstone and West Coast has picked back up in terms of earthquake activity.   

God just might strike in the middle of the night without warning.   

Maybe after a long night of Pornhub viewing.  Souls, must learn to do battle with the self NOW if they have any hopes of salvation in the future.  The world is becoming way too volatile.  Between the earth changes, epidemics and threat of revolution and war, the world is hanging on by a thread and yet porn is still be viewing quite readily.  We have no way to know how many of those souls in Hawaii were actually Christian but my point is still fair.  Christ has long forewarned about this abuse of His mercy but c’mon Hawaii….jumping right back onto Pornhub just minutes after the all clear!!  

Are we really seeking repentance or is it all lip service?  We all must ask this question.  We will all have to stand before God and although man might be a good “reader of the lips” God is the ultimate “reader of hearts”.  This example of Hawaii shows how so many are quick to “jump back on sin’s highway” after “fixing the flat.”  Ah !  All is clear now….When we read the Interior Castle we read how the vast majority of souls in a state of grace are in the lower levels (meaning they are very weak in love).  They are too worldly and still seek pleasures and comforts in this life.  They don’t want to advance spiritually but go in and out of this Castle habitually due to mortal sin.  They are playing Russian Roulette with their salvation to say the least.  

They have one eye on Jesus within the Castle and one eye looking “outside the window” at the naked woman/man passing by (and then will act upon it).   

They are torn and they have not learned to overcome the self consistently enough to put this sin behind them.  Indeed, this battle with self is the hardest battle any man can face but if we lose these battles consistently we stand no chance of staying in a state of grace let alone advancing in the Way of Selfless Love.

Do not give the devil an inch!  Be ready for battle upon waking each morning for the battle is renewed every morning.  There are no “time outs” nor us sitting on the bench to say “this is not my war”.  Yes, it is if you dare to call yourself a Christian!  The battle with the flesh is one of the cruelest but most necessary if we are to truly become a “Vessel” that God can use.  Temptations are allowed to prove our love for God.  It is a litmus test.  

If you give the devil an inch in this area assuredly he will tempt you to take a “whole yard”.   

Thus, you fall into greater and greater sins without realizing it.  You must remain consciously resolved to please God and not self every second of the day.  You must be firm like a true Soldier of Jesus and Mary and say be gone O’ wicked one!  We are fighters not pacifists.  Lest we all forget it is not how we start in the spiritual life but how we finish.  Make no mistake, the devil takes great joy in seeing a Christian become a “prisoner of the flesh”.  He enjoys seeing an eagle “clip his own wings” on purpose and become grounded. 

O’ how many have started the marathon well but died of “exhaustion” due to self-love never reaching the finish line as St. Paul did!  Therefore, be resolved, be resolute and say NO.  No more sins under any circumstance and hold yourself accountable.  Surround yourself with those who will support you rather than lead you into occasions of sin.  Do not become your own “Hawaii” and abuse God’s mercy. We must remain consistent in the denial of the self if we have any hopes of advancing in the Way of Selfless Love.  We must allow God’s Fire and Light to purify our souls without recourse to the groanings of the self.   

Just as a weightlifter will make no progress in “muscle gains” if he skips out on a month of weight training so too it is with a Christian.   

How can the Christian “grow” if he does not pray?  If He does not deny the self?  If he is not willing to carry his Cross?  If he is not willing to listen to the Voice of Jesus?  Having said all of this may God have mercy on us all because anyone of us can fall off this Divine Ladder.  Remember what the Scripture says, "Watch ye, and pray that ye enter not into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh weak." Matthew 26:41 Be careful what you ask for and be careful of all the movements of your heart.  In the end, what does this Hawaiian example teach us?  That we are not ready to see God face to face (generally speaking) but we would rather masturbate and stab Christ in the Heart (yet again) just minutes after “feeling secure” from potential nuclear annihilation.  Do not abuse God’s mercy and grace.  Take custody of your senses by obeying reason rather than the passions and thus you can further break free from the bonds of self-love, amen

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