"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Jesus Reminds Us Not Everyone Will Like Us

Jesus Reminds Us Not Everyone Will Like Us
Have we forgotten?  "If the world hate you, know ye, that it hath hated me before you." [John 15:18]
By:  Eric Gajewski

Another problem which “resistant” minded Catholics are facing today is the reality that we are not only not embraced by the world but by the false traditionalists of our hour.  I know I wasn’t invited to the pseudo trad party (BOO-HOO) so don’t expect yourself to be.  Bishop Fellay made a comment within the past few years in relation to us nasty “resistant” minded Catholics wherein he said “we thought we were the only just men left on the earth”.  It was merely used car salesmen talk to get people to buy into his new position of Vatican II being able to “be understood in Light of Tradition”.  That position, still remains, today, by the way, and is enough from my perspective to keep you out of such compromised churches.  Yet, this statement of his did not fool clear thinking Catholics.  

Furthermore, the question remains on the level of doctrine, of which, we see, the false traditionalists, in the very least, compromising the Faith.  We see certain false trad apologists and websites pretending to be a “friend of Archbishop Lefebvre” whilst embracing those prelates he stood against.  They remove our comments and ultimately they will remove you.  You are not invited to the pseudo trad party!  But be of good cheer you are not compromisers like they are!  In my last blog I covered how the false trads are “fence sitters” but in this blog I want to discuss the sin of human respect and fearing God rather than man.

Fear God not man.  Some of you have been emailing me saying they are removing your comments from their pages in relation to what Archbishop Lefebvre had said or even Fr. Gruner at this point (that Benedict XVI is the true Pope).  Get used to it friends it is why I started various groups and websites in the first place.  The majority who claim to be “traditionalist’s really are not in the end and it will only be through the Hand of God which “levels the playing field”.  You are to keep pressing on resisting this Revolution wholesale (which they do not) and fear the God you will stand before in the end not any of these pretenders.  It is the goal of every soul to move away from self-love and wholly be absorbed in Selfless Love, that is, into the bosom of the Sacred Heart Itself.  We should not be distraught by "feeling" we are outsiders?  Outsider to what?  Outsider to compromise and heresy is the answer.   

We don’t try to speak up against the Council then try to pat the back of revolutionaries like Cardinal Burke.   

It only goes to show you these men and websites are not the real deal.  They claim they are “calling a spade a spade” but unfortunately, they have dug their own ditch in the garden of compromise.  So, my advice is get over it in Jesus name.  Keep the interior life number one and when you feel you are an "outsider" be reminded there is a reason why God must soon act Himself!  He has had enough of the money first compromiser’s playing pretend. If the aforementioned does not work reflect upon this, “Is the false trad party really where you want to be anyways”?

Did the Arians (who called themselves Catholic) like Catholics back then?  Do the modernist’s of the Conciliar Church like Catholics of today?  This is another thought provoking question we must reflect upon.  Why are we even looking for people to like us to begin with?  Again, we go back to the issue of self-esteem and self-love.  Be free today in Jesus name and do not care what others think about you!  Be of good cheer to be called a heretic or an outsider for you are only building up treasures for you in heaven.  

In the spiritual process of moving away from self we must not only be freed from sin but we must also be detached, as eagles, from all things.   

If you find yourself all alone this must be seen as a good thing because now you can focus solely on the real world within you.  You do not answer to man but rather God and if we keep this truth that Vatican II is not of our Faith then we are certainly pleasing God. 

Accept this teaching of God now.  In the future not only will we be hated by the world but the New World Order will seek to put us to death.  If we try to save our reputations and bodies now how will we be able to stand when they come for our heads in the future?   

Many have compromised this Faith due to economics but Scripture reassures us that in the Day of Wrath economics is removed out of the equation.   

Thank God.  Have a sense of humor and do not fear the labels.  I have been labeled many things over the years.  It amuses me.  It is good popcorn time.  Keep crusading and stay fearless but charitable.  Truth and charity go hand in hand thus if we keep silent or stop fighting then we are not being charitable.  We are essentially saying our reputation is more important than pointing out the “obvious” at this point.

The Antidote?  Rosary and the Eucharist (Sacraments).  Again, we must grow in the Fire and Light until we become One with Him.  We will not do this by spending endless hours trying to debate everyone.  Any holy man or Saint would tell you this.  We ought to be staying inward in prayer continuously (as best we can) and praying to Our Lady and Lord.  Be familiar with them and not those who you fear would speak ill of you.  Utilize your time more wisely.  

If you are booted out of the false trad “club” realize you shouldn’t have been there in the first place. 

It is heaven sent.  Do what Our Lord says deny thy self, take up thy Cross and go follow Him”.  For some of you bearing a “bad name” will be a heavy Cross but be reminded it is His name which is the only Name that matters!  Who cares what the blind have to say!  In the end, Jesus reminds us that not everyone will like us but too many “resistant” minded folk seem to make it a goal to be liked by everybody.  Stop it in Christ’s Name and be free of self-love!  Nay, we see this problem in the Conciliar Church itself with the false ecumenical movement which has obviously flowed over into the various false traditionalist websites/apologists.

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  1. Every single member of my family thinks I’m crazy. Except maybe my father, but he has dementia.

  2. It bears keeping in mind the words of St. Anthony the Great: "There will come a day when people will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will mock him saying: 'You are mad, you are not like us.'"

  3. When we focus on the interior life and our relationship with Our Lord and Our Lady what others think of us will melt away.