"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, January 15, 2018

Planet X/Nibiru Binary System Effecting Earth in 2018, See the Signs

Planet X/Nibiru Binary System Effecting Earth in 2018, See the Signs

Often, Human’s prefer to have the easy answer. The lie-laced  fluffy answer that won’t harm our deluded perspective on the world. But as many are beginning to realize, the world is not as it seems. Earth is changing. Nature is unbalanced. Climate is changing,and shifting and the pace of major events has spiked dramatically, as has mankind’s weather manipulation. Our skies are sprayed with heavymetal-laced chemicals on an almost daily basis, animals and trees perish, yet few if any in mainstream society search for a reason why, for the truth and answers.

Here is an alternative point a view. Cause and Effect. Absurd I know. Something is changing our planet. There I said it. Something. The TV wants you programmed to believe that useless eaters, yes us Humans, are causing the dramatic changes seen around our world. Certainly Human kind has been treating earth like its own personal litter box for near two centuries now, and our specie’s leadership shows this plain as day. Society is quickly approaching the cut off date for debt fueled consumerism. We can’t keep on polluting the water, the soil and air without sharp repercussions to our health and longevity. Already American life spans are in decline. Earth must be respected if our species is to survive on it. But that is simple logic and widely tabooed in corporate circles.
Changing Climate:
Earthquakes have spiked dramatically since the 1990′s, as the chart below clearly shows,

Human’s can cause earthquakes with technology and fracking for natural gas, yet the upward trend is dramatic enough to suggest an external factor is causing the spike in global earthquakes. Such agencies like USGS have been caught time and time again censoring earthquakes information, downgrading quakes, changing the seismicity and under-reporting quakes worldwide. Is this a coincidence or do they wish to cover up the increase in global earthquake activity?
Just this past week there has been powerful 7.6 earthquakes off of Honduras, a 6.0 in Myanmar and now, today, a 7.1 in Peru.
It almost seems like something is effecting the earth causing increased seismicity. What could cause increased earthquakes activity around the planet?
Volcanoes too are erupting at an unprecedented rate, exploding and spewing out CO2 and pollutants that in the previous years have effected flight paths and weather patterns and caused mass evacuations as we recently saw in Bali Indonesia. Mount Agung is still erupting and almost daily another volcano around the ring of fire explodes. Today, the Philippines is alerted to Mt Mayon erupting and Papa New Guineans flee a new eruption.
What could set off the volcanoes around the world and cause the spike in recent volcanic activity?

The upward trend in Volcanic eruptions is not widely talked about as this sort of climate change is DEFINITELY not caused by Humans. They do not want people connecting the dots. Despite the lack of updated graphs from mainstream sources eruptions continue at a heightened rate. Hell, it’s almost as if something external is effecting the planet. The question no one wants answered is, what could that external factor be? What sort of energetic/magnetic signature could effect the earth enough to set off so many volcanoes? The mainstream may be desensitized to erupting volcanoes, to villages being evacuated, to south pole mountains blowing up under the ice, but people must ask why? Why are the volcanoes erupting now? What is effecting them?
Why? This is a question they don’t want asked. But the answer can be applies elsewhere too.
Why are animals dying at an unprecedented rate?
In the past weeks of 2018 the die offs of sea creatures and animals alike has been profound. Something is happening under our feet to the earth, to the environment and the corrupted mainstream does not want to tell you about it.
Thousands of Starfish wash ashore in the UK http://strangesounds.org/2018/01/thousands-of-starfish-wash-up-on-portobello-beach-in-edinburgh-and-gibraltar-point-skegness-in-less-than-one-week-and-they-blame-strong-winds.html
Bats are dying in Australia http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/01/09/hundreds-flying-foxes-die-australia-searing-heatwave/
Dolphins are washing ashore in Brazil https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2018/01/gray-dolphins-dead-brazil-mystery-illness-spd/
This is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amount of die-offs happening around the world. Things are intensifying globally, more and more creatures are succumbing to the altered climate, the heatwaves, wildfires, bomb-cyclones and de-oxygenated oceans. Could Humans be responsible for all these die-offs? Or is there another external factor, so far unaccounted for that could be effecting the planet and its inhabitants?
What if that external factor were in space? Would we see increased storms on other planets? Would we notice changes to the solar system? The answer is likely yes, and we are noticing changes. Just recently stunning imagery came from Jupiter of epic storm systems crisscrossing the planet. What was never asked is what is the cause of the storms?

It’s not just Jupiter either, Mars has been undergoing huge dust storms and unpredictable conditions for several years now. It’s almost as if something was effecting it’s climate too.
The Mystery of Massive dust-storm on Mars
Plus they are calling for epic planet wide dust storms on Mars this years. Why?
Giant Storms cause palpitations in Saturn’s atmospheric hearbeat
You rememeber that huge hexagonal storm on Saturn last year?

Do you suppose it was caused by nothing, or could an external factor be influencing Saturn’s climate?
So, something seems to be effecting the climate of other planets in the solar system, and has been causing huge storms on Mars,Jupiter and Saturn in the past months. Is it Humanity’s fault too?
Warning Signs:
The mainstream does not want to delve too deeply into this tabooed subject and discover the truth. The mainstream is about distraction, programming and entertainment, yet even so they have been forced to prepare the Human herd for a rough year ahead.
In 2018, we are told by the mainstream experts, to expect:
1) An upsurge in huge earthquakes: (for no apparent reason wink wink)
2) A slowing of the Earth’s rotation: (For no external reason wink wink)
3) A Mini Ice Age (for no apparent reason)
4) An upsurge in Near Earth asteroids (For no reason)
5) An Increase in Extreme Weather
6) War/Martial Law (if you had a bug-out bunker like these elite bastards, with years of supplies and booze, would you want to put up with traffic at the airport and highway from us peasants on the last days of the world? The clampdown and curfews will mean conflict, yes perhaps, but will also mean your rich lords as scampering to their hideouts)
The recent Hawaiian false alarm is likely due to a much deeper purpose
The March to war-the ultimate distraction from an imploding paradigm
7) Sloshing Oceans and absurd high and low temperatures suggest a tilt or wobble
So the earth’s rotation is slowing, earthquakes will increase dramatically, weather will continue to become more extreme and we’re to expect more close calls from asteroids buzzing earth, a possible mini ice age and this is just what they’re predicting!  Notice as well, in most of these articles, they fail to give a reason why all this stuff is happening now. They never answer the simple question of why? Why is earth being effected? What has changed? What could be effecting the solar system and environment?
Don’t answer those evil questions. Just blame Humanity for everything. What’s worse, half of the species buys such lies from the media hook line and sinker.
Cause and Effect. Perhaps it’s better off not knowing, for many still asleep, sure!  But to the truthers out there I I say to you, look up. Why this civilization has been racing toward a wall, polluting mother earth and living so recklessly may be because some of the Elitist cabals knew about Nemesis, and its prophesied return to the solar system for decades and have been preparing accordingly.
 Once one can see past the geo-engineered skies and look upon the tell tale signs of the true culprit, it’s logical to answer why all these things are happening with a reason like a Planet X/Nibiru Binary System is here, and it’s visible for those with eyes to see it.
Life will change for many, and we awakened Humans must change with it, or ride this society into the ashes.

Planet X Incoming: Birth Pangs (December 2017) 



  1. Comet 2016 R2
    Inbound near mars
    Has 7 planetary bodies maybe more
    Rich in C O gasses causing comet to change direction
    Have not seen a comet like this since 1962

    I will keep you posted
    This could be it
    Remember the olympic games finish at the end of
    february the world economy will collaspe

  2. Malachi Martin said there's no comet..when you start to see these changes know they're not caused by nature or by God. It is man!

  3. Since the universe and sun are electric, maybe it is just the sun causing all this. WHat do all the planets have in common? The Sun.

  4. It is said that before Christs second coming the moon will not give its own light the powers of hraven will be shaken ...if we see these extra phenomenom in the skies these are the l warning from Heaven after the desolation and abomination in the temple of God. All skies winders which the world are witnessing now are untouchable signs so man cannot fake it...bloodmoons, eclipses and supermoon they are unreachable stars. Gods hands works on them...so does the earthquakes. Natures fury is Gods anger. A little chastisement.

  5. Nibiru is the ancient name for Jupiter. Although it is a brown dwarf, its relationship with our sun is apparently only regulatory as the periodicity of its orbit (dance-barycenter) directly corresponds with the solar cycle. A better candidate is Hercolubus-The Red Planet/Comet, also a brown dwarf said to be six times the size of Jupiter. It is mentioned in the Kolbrin Book as "The Destroyer" that returns to our solar system with periodic precision. It is alos likely the "great motor that renews the centuries" revealed by Nostradamus. The Cosmic Cycle circumscribes yet another revolution. Nothing new under the sun.