"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, January 1, 2018

Novus Ordo: Obscene dance at Australian ‘Catholic’ Youth Festival

Novus Ordo: Obscene dance at Australian ‘Catholic’ Youth Festival 
Warning: Sensitive Material

Two weeks ago, we posted some pictures of the Prelates leading youth astray at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival, held December 7-9, 2017. Today, we expose the obscenity that was promoted at the festival, in which young women dressed in transparent attire danced immorally onstage. Pictured above is one of these young women, who performed a barefoot “interpretive dance” solo onstage, accompanied by the music of Salve Regina

Any sane Catholic who looks at these photos is rightly outraged: not only was there a complete absence of Catholic modesty, but, worse, the young woman performed her sensual dance for tens of thousands of people, including Prelates, who were complacently watching the erotic show from their front-row seats. The whole sexually provocative show at the sound of Salve Regina borders on blasphemy.

Prelates may argue: “Well, we must encourage the youth to pursue art. They glorify God in this way.” We can hardly call this art, let alone Catholic. There is nothing in these pictures that brings us to contemplate or glorify God – these dances seek to glorify the flesh and all the vices that come with it. 

Once again, we have indisputable proof that Conciliar authorities are destroying all Catholicity in the souls of young people. Instead, they instill a progressivist “joy” where sensuality reigns supreme.

As we have mentioned before, prostitute in French translates to fille de joie, literally meaning “girl of joy,”. Such an infamous joy of the prostitution houses seems to be not too different from the “joy” the Prelates are teaching Catholic young people today.

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  1. Abomination! But it is amazing how many Catholics would just say that they were lovely graceful young women. I have always been uncomfortable with women who show their legs, pelvis and backsides in such a display.

  2. As a young Catholic man I can tell you I can't even look at the photos. How priests/prelates can sit by placidly and enjoy the show is simply disgusting. Not so hard to believe the stories coming from the Vatican with examples like this.

  3. It’s truly unbelievable the depths to which the church has sunk. This spectacle is horrifying.

  4. They are under demonic influence.

  5. So sad , no one to stand up to be a voice , be an example of how wrong it was. Unfortunately the parents of these young girls are in need of prayers. Satan truly must be laughing and on he goes ....

  6. Putrid. It just show us prelates in Australia do not uphold morals and decency in the church. It is a violation of the sacred, a betrayal to the church, therefore to Jesus

  7. And even if it gets worse which it will because this pseudo "Catholic Church " is self destructing itself - the poor misled "Catholics will continue to wonder what is going on. When will you ever realise that this conciliar church is non catholic and is an abomination that calls down the holy wrath of God upon it!! "Come out of her my people ....". Return to the traditional Catholic Church! Mostholyfamilymonastery.com

  8. I think a smart salesman would start trying to sell "dancing poles," to Catholic churches.

    1. That's so true it's sad, anonymous